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How Tech Professionals Engage with Content


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Check out our Infographic to discover:
- New stats about the technology community’s desire for data-driven, educational content.
- Why technology professionals consume more content on LinkedIn, compared to their peers in other industries.
- Why technology professionals share heavily and show source appreciation in subtle ways.
- The role employers, brands, and peers play in providing tech professionals useful information.
- Tips and strategies to ensure you’re providing the tech audience engaging, relevant content at scale.

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How Tech Professionals Engage with Content

  1. 1. Companies and brands that understand the nuances of today’s technology professionals will succeed, inspire, and attract them to their products. 41% feel inspired by companies that produce content they enjoy — and are also more interested in working for that company as a result! We may know a lot about tech professionals and their purchasing habits, but we don’t know: How might content specifically inform their behavior? Where do these individuals go to stay informed? How does social media shape their decision journey? We surveyed 1,472 members of the tech community and pooled data-driven, fresh insights into the infographic below! consume content on LinkedIn every week 45% 35%80% consume content (e.g., posts, articles, or people’s profiles) on LinkedIn at least once per week consume content on LinkedIn every day But tech professionals are private and selective: Tech-minded individuals engage more heavily in events than their non-tech counterparts in other industries. Given that the technology space hosts many events, it’s important to build trust, loyalty, and fandom from year to year. FUN FACT: rely on LinkedIn to keep up with industry trends, news, events, and peer activity 81% 63%56% engage with companies or brands (41% are more inclined to trust a company if they see posts from its employees) lean heavily on LinkedIn for developing and marketing their businesses When technology professionals consume and interact with content, what sources reign supreme? more likely to engage with content from their own company 27% 10% of technology professionals follow an expert or influencer on LinkedIn more likely to engage with content from brands They leverage and look to their employers, brands, and peers for useful information: OF TAPPING INTO THE MINDS TECHPROFESSIONALS TODAY’S How Tech Professionals Engage with ContentPART 01 Technology professionals love content — consuming the lion’s share of content on LinkedIn, and more so than professionals in other industries: Post thoughtful content at least weekly to LinkedIn. The tech pro audience is active and engaged — reinforcing the need for a thoughtful, always-on content strategy. TIP Tech pros share heavily and show appreciation in subtle ways: They “like” content 5% more often than their non-tech counterparts. They share content 9% more often than their non-tech counterparts. They spend longer periods of time consuming content, often reading posts and articles to the very end. 69% of them at least sometimes click through content for more info. Seize the time and attention tech professionals will give you by making sure your content is relevant, interesting, and informative! TIP 69% Build employee advocacy and internal thought leadership now. Leverage LinkedIn Elevate to cultivate brand champions, subject matter experts, or peer influencers at your company. TIP They are 6% less likely to share personal info and 9% less likely to comment on content Don’t sweat the small stuff — marketers tend to obsess over every metric or piece of customer data. With tech pros, focus on being a strategic, thought-provoking partner. TIP LinkedIn company pages are still important — make sure your company has one and you are posting content regularly to stay top-of-mind with that tech audience. TIP View Part 2: What Content Do Tech Professionals Prefer? or subscribe to our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog for more insights.