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Podcast Launch Fundamentals


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Not sure where to host your podcast? Stuck wondering if your website host’s claim of “unlimited bandwidth” really means unlimited? (Spoiler — it doesn’t). Don’t know which media hosting company is right for you and your show? Then this is the talk for you! Join Kyle Bondo, founder of Gagglepod, and the host of the Merchants of Dirt Podcast to learn how to get your podcast from that file on your hard drive to inside the ears of your audience. You’ll learn all the steps you need to have a stable RSS feed, what the differences are in media hosts, and why you need show notes with each episode.

What will you learn?
-- Learn what you need to launch a podcast
-- Understand why you need a hosting company
-- Understand what makes a good hosting company
-- Learn all the elements that go into getting your podcast heard
-- Understand the importance of a podcast website
-- Understand the importance of show notes

The Gagglepod Advantage
Coming to a Gagglepod Meetup comes with the added advantage of being able to ask any question you have about podcasting! Even if you’re already podcasting, Gagglepod is all about building a community of podcasters. Come for the talks, stay for the Q&A!

Find more Gagglepod events at or the Gagglepod Meetup site!

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Podcast Launch Fundamentals

  1. 1. July 17, 2017
  2. 2. Podcast Launch Fundamentals Kyle Bondo PODCAST LAUNCH FUNDAMENTALS Gagglepod How to take your Podcast from File to Found
  3. 3. Tonight's Goals: Gagglepod Process Hosting Publishing Registering PODCAST LAUNCH FUNDAMENTALS Launching Investing Reviewing Support
  4. 4. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS Gagglepod Process A Podcast Development Approach
  5. 5. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS EXPERTISE IDEA BUILD MICTOOLS LAUNCH The Gagglepod Process DEV 1. Something you’re good at 2. Have an idea 3. Develop your show 4. Get some tools 5. Use a good microphone 6. Launch it 7. Build an Audience
  6. 6. GAGGLEPOD PROCESS EXPERTISE IDEA BUILD MICTOOLS LAUNCH The Gagglepod Process DEV 1. Something you’re good at 2. Have an idea 3. Develop your show 4. Get some tools 5. Use a good microphone 6. Launch it 7. Build an Audience
  9. 9. “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain SELECTING A HOST Hosting Where does my podcast live?
  10. 10. Why have a Podcast Host? • Stable RSS Feed Target • Files external to your website • Solves bandwidth limitation • Launch without a website • Focuses on Platform, Not Tool SELECTING A HOST
  11. 11. What do you look for in a Podcast Host? • Does not change my *.mp3 file • Unlimited back catalog (unlimited storage) • No limit to audience size (unlimited bandwidth) • Easy to leave if I choose to • Provides Support • Profitable business model • Provides accurate stats SELECTING A HOST
  12. 12. Paid Podcast Hosting Benefits • Generates an valid RSS Feed • Better Bandwidth Management • Download Statistics • Responds to Tech Changes • Provides Support SELECTING A HOST * Full disclosure: I use libsyn for my podcasts.
  13. 13. What does hosting cost? • Media Hosting Account ($) Weekly Show - $15/mo. Bi-Monthly Show - $7/mo. • Provides Good Stats Downloads per Episode Downloads per Day • RSS Feed Target SELECTING A HOST
  14. 14. What’s wrong with free hosting? • FeedBurner Google RSS feed management service Google started shutdown in 2010 • SoundCloud Free Hosting for Music and Podcasts Laid off of 40% of staff in 2017 • Websites-as-a-Service companies SELECTING A HOST
  15. 15. When does hosting get expensive? • Indy vs. Commercial pricing • When you host multiple shows • When your show becomes popular Surge in downloads • When you exceed 2,000-5,000 dpe Attractive to Advertisers SELECTING A HOST
  16. 16. Takeaway #1 Choose the host… The best fits you and your podcast! SELECTING A HOST
  17. 17. “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” – Richard Branson PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST Publishing How do I prepare and release my podcast?
  18. 18. Uploading to your Media Host • Upload your episode file Final *.mp3 • Add episode metadata Title, Description, Art • Social Media add-ons • Publish your episode PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  19. 19. Preparing Your Episode • Upload your episode file Final *.mp3 • Add episode metadata Title Subtitle • Description Show Notes (?) PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  20. 20. Preparing Your Episode • Show/Episode Art *.PNG or *.JPG 1,400 x 1,400 pixels • Extra RSS Metadata Category Tags/Keywords Permalink PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  21. 21. Preparing Your Episode • Social Media Facebook Status Tweet (Twitter) LinkedIn Status • Schedule Release • Update ID3 Tags PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  22. 22. RSS Feed IS your podcast • Real Simple Syndication (RSS) XML-based syntax • Feed generated by Media Host Hand-code RSS Feed Generator Apps • Single most important file RSS Feed Link PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  23. 23. Preparing Your Episode • Publish • Not Automatic • RSS Propagation Delay • New vs. Replaced Files “The Internet writes in ink.” PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST
  24. 24. If you have a RSS Feed with one episode in it… You now have a podcast! PUBLISHING YOUR PODCAST Takeaway #2
  25. 25. “The battle is all over except the 'shouting'...” – Napoleon Hill REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST Registering How do people find my show?
  26. 26. Who do you send you RSS feed to? • Podcasting Media Platforms List your show More connections are better • Not all are equal 75% Downloads from iTunes 13% From Blogs/Social Media 7% From OEM Apps REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST
  27. 27. Your first RSS submission • iTunes is still King 75% Downloads from iTunes • Takes time to upload Episode Zero strategy • Consistency matters Content Categories Settings (Language) REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST
  28. 28. REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST Apple Podcast Connect • Requires an Apple ID • Need to Create an ID • Use your own ID • Maintain Control
  29. 29. REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST Submitting your Podcast RSS Feed URL Validate Add
  30. 30. REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST Apple Podcast Submission • Takes hours to days • Up to 2-weeks • Given a Mirror URL • No Stats
  31. 31. Finding your Podcast • Title of your episode • Episode numbering • Episode Sub-title • Show Description REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST
  32. 32. Your podcast… Is now LIVE! But only on Apple Podcasts… REGISTERING YOUR PODCAST Takeaway #3
  33. 33. “The battle is all over except the 'shouting'...” – Napoleon Hill LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST Launching How do people discover my show?
  34. 34. Should already have: • Podcast Name [podcast-name] • Designed a logo for brand [show-artwork] • Have one complete Podcast Episode Episode Zero or Episode #1 Strategy LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  35. 35. Secure your Podcast Identity • Website URL (Namecheap) ($) [podcastname].com • Gmail Email Account [podcastname] • Social Media Presence[podcastname] LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  36. 36. Build your Website • Podcast Details Host Contact Info Archive of Episodes Subscription Links • Searchable Search Engines SEO Juice Easy to Share LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  37. 37. Website Requirement #1 • Multiple ways to play With or without an app • Play Options Player on your site Offline/Download MP3 Links to RSS Feed • Make it easy to play LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  38. 38. Website Requirement #2 • Show Notes Highlights of each episode • Links to Guest Information Promotions and Sponsors • Calls to Action Links Mentioned LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  39. 39. Soft Launch Strategies • Launch with at least one episode Episode Zero or #1 • Record # of episodes before launch Batch Recordings (4-7) • Announce yourself on social media • Ask Friends and Family to Subscribe LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  40. 40. Active Launch Strategies • Find your audience Go to Events/Conferences Review current media • Hand out business cards Potential listeners or interviews • Follow up Collect information LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST
  41. 41. Your podcast… Is now LIVE everywhere! Now for episodes #2… #10… #100… LAUNCHING YOUR PODCAST Takeaway #4
  42. 42. “It’s not about the microphone.” – Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting INVESTING IN YOUR PODCAST Investing How will people continue to find new episodes?
  43. 43. Podcasting after Episode #1 • Plan another episode • Practice, Practice, Practice • Record another episode • Make Improvements • Find Your Voice INVESTING IN YOUR PODCAST
  44. 44. Podcasting after Episode #10 • Review your themes and topics • Build a schedule • Plan out your year out • Have predictable releases • Review your format INVESTING IN YOUR PODCAST
  45. 45. Podcasting after Episode #100 • Marathon not a Sprint Build your audience over time Build an email list • Downloads Per Episode (DPE) Number of Listeners (?) • Discover your Best Episodes Revisit/Update Best Topics INVESTING IN YOUR PODCAST
  46. 46. “It’s not about the microphone.” – Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting GROWING YOUR PODCAST Growing How do I increase my podcast skills?
  47. 47. Learn from the Top Podcasters • Go to Podcasting Conferences • Listen to Podcasts about Podcasting • Join social media groups on Podcasting • Analyze to other shows • Experiment GROWING YOUR PODCAST
  48. 48. Change Topics or Start Over • First Podcasts were Practice • In search of other audiences • Passion for other interests • Discovery something overlooked • Niche down (Riches in the Niches) GROWING YOUR PODCAST
  49. 49. Produce Other Products and Services • Build a blog from your podcast • Create Books or eBooks • Create webinars or audio courses • Produce a Live Podcast • Build a Podcast Network GROWING YOUR PODCAST
  50. 50. Your podcast… Is not set in stone. It is a recipe! SCHEDULING YOUR PODCAST Takeaway #5
  51. 51. PODCASTING SUPPORT Support Where can I get help? “Learning is not done to you. Learning is something you choose to do.” – Seth Godin
  52. 52. PODCASTING SUPPORT Podcasts about Podcasting • School of Podcasting – • Ask the Podcast Coach – • Audacity to Podcast – • The Podcasters Studio – • Podcasters’ Roundtable – • Podcast Answerman –
  53. 53. Local Connections Merchants of Dirt @MerchantsofDirt Gagglepod Podcasters Meetup Get Lost Racing @MerchantsofDirt PODCASTING SUPPORT
  54. 54. THANK YOU Kyle Bondo @MerchantsofDirt