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Cadbury Oreo


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Marketing plan for Cadbury Oreo- 4P's, STP, Marketing Models

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Cadbury Oreo

  1. 1. Marketing Head: Kirk Coutinho
  2. 2. Survey Analysis
  3. 3. Do You Like Cadbury Oreo? 90% 10% Yes No
  4. 4. Favourite Flavour of Oreo 22% 22% 22% 34% Oreo Plain (Vanilla) Oreo Choco Creme Oreo Strawberry Creme All of the above
  5. 5. Interested In Buying New Flavours of Oreo? 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No Maybe Yes No Maybe
  6. 6. New Flavours of Oreo, one would like to see? 33.33% 33.33% 33.33% Mango Orange Pistachio
  7. 7. Product Introducing Three New Flavours: 1) Oreo Mango 2) Oreo Orange 3) Oreo Pistachio And Introducing Two New Packs: 1. Triple Oreo Pack 2. Oreo For Two
  8. 8. Oreo Mango “Mango never tasted so chocolaty”  Most Indians like mango & most like chocolate, so why not give a combination of both?  Oreo Mango is the first mango & chocolate biscuit.  The same chocolaty biscuit but with a mango-filled creamy centre.
  9. 9. Oreo Orange “See the Chocolate, taste an Orange”  Another fruit loved in this country is Orange.  Oreo Orange gives a wonderful combination of two much loved flavours in a biscuit.  Oreo Orange gives you the same chocolaty biscuit with a new creamy orange centre.
  10. 10. Oreo Pistachio “Chocolate aur Pista khao, ek naya rishta banao”  Cadbury is introducing Oreo Pistachio which has real pistachio flavour.  Oreo Pistachio is the world’s first chocolate & pistachio biscuit.  Taste the Oreo biscuit with an all-new pistachio centre.
  11. 11. Triple Oreo Pack  The triple Oreo pack will contain 3 different types of Oreos.  The first Triple Oreo pack will be the Oreo Tiranga, which will contain Oreo Orange, Oreo Plain(Vanilla) & Oreo Pistachio. “Oreo Tiranga, Made For India”
  12. 12. Triple Oreo Pack  The other Triple Oreo pack will be the Oreo MVP Oreo MVP will contain Oreo Mango, Oreo Plain(Vanilla) & Oreo Pistachio. “The MVP of Snacks”
  13. 13. Oreo For Two  This pack will be a specially made pack of Two Oreo biscuits.  It will be available for all flavours.  It is made to share with your ‘best friend’ or a ‘loved one’ or ‘your sibling’. “Share the best biscuit in the world with your best person in the world”
  14. 14. Price  Oreo Mango, Oreo Orange & Oreo Pistachio will be Rs.30 for the 125gms pack & Rs.10 for the 60gms pack.  Triple Oreo Pack will be Rs. 33 & will include 5 biscuits of each flavour.  Oreo For Two will be Rs.4 & each pack will contain 2 Oreos.
  15. 15. Place  Metro Cities  Sub-Metro Cities
  16. 16. Promotion Schemes  Buy 2 (125 gms) packs of any new Oreo flavour & get 1 free.  Buy 3 Triple Oreo packs for just Rs. 90  Distribute free ‘Oreo For Two’ packs to: a) Schools- Friendship Day & Children’s Day b) Colleges- Friendship Day & Valentine’s Day
  17. 17. Targeting  Kids & Youth  Targeting kids & youth because kids have always loved eating Oreos with milk as a snack & the youth i.e. college students like Oreos because it’s a good snack to eat between lectures.
  18. 18. Segmentation  Demographic  Because we’ll be targeting kids between the ages of 3-14 & youth between the ages of 15-25.
  19. 19. Distribution
  20. 20. Advertising Television: Cartoon Network, Pogo & Nickelodeon (7-9 am & 3-6 pm) & Comedy Central, Vh1 & Channel V (8- 11 pm) Online: Facebook ads & promotional tweets on Twitter Outdoor: Hoardings near schools & colleges
  21. 21. Orientation  Product & Marketing Orientations  Focussing on making & believing that Oreo is the World’s #1 biscuit.  Focussing on making good quality biscuits & also on packaging to do better than competitors.
  22. 22. Consumer Behaviour  Focussing on Objective Of Purchase  As the survey has shown that kids & youth like it because it’s ‘chocolaty’ & ‘yummy’. Why buy Oreo? Simple, because it’s the World’s #1 Biscuit!
  23. 23. SWOT Analysis Strengths: • World’s #1 Biscuit • Low Cost • Good Quality & Packaging Weaknesses: • Limited Target Audience • Still needs proper recognition in some sub-metro cities Opportunities: • Launch of new flavours • Tie-Up with Mad Over Donuts & McDonalds Threats: • Competition from Britannia & Sunfeast • Threat from other snack segments like Lays, Bingo etc. • Threat from other chocolate manufacturers like Nestle & Amul
  24. 24. TOWS Matrix Internal Factors External Factors Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities • Establish as a proper snack (promote MOD & McDonalds products that include Oreo) • Promotional Activities on various holidays • More advertising in sub-metro cities • Try to attract a larger audience with introduction of new flavours Threats • Use low cost & good quality to minimize competition • Open an Oreo outlet (that sell only Oreo-based products)
  25. 25. DONT FORGET TO....