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Chocolate Sensation Small Business Idea


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Small Business Idea BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Business Administration

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Chocolate Sensation Small Business Idea

  1. 1. For our business we are going to set up a stall where we would sellcupcakes, cookies and hot chocolate. We are going to have avariety of flavours of cupcakes and cookies. The name of ourbusiness is Chocolate Sensation.We are also going to have gift boxes if the customers wants tobuy anything for their friends as gifts.We would also give out a questionnaire to find out what customerslike most, the price we would be selling at and the best time ofday to sell.We will be selling these in the street at college.
  2. 2. 024681012141618Female MaleNuberofPeopleWhat is your Gender?We surveyed both sexes but morefemales than males .
  3. 3. 0246810121416Under 16 17-19 20-39 40-64 Over 65Number AGE?We surveyed a range of different peopleand the majority age type were 17-19 .And people over 65 was the least .
  4. 4. 024681012Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry DarkchocolateWhitechocolateMilkchocolateNumbersWhat flavour cupcakes would you prefer?The two most popular cupcakes flavourswere Vanilla and Chocolate and the leastwas dark chocolate . We would producemore vanilla and chocolate and less darkchocolate.
  5. 5. 0246810121416Milk chocolatechipDoublechocolate chipWhite chocolatechipSmartiesNumbersWhat cookies do you prefer?Double chip chocolate was the mostfavourite flavour and smarties was theleast. So we would produce moredouble chocolate chip. And fewersmarties.
  6. 6. 02468101275p 80p 90p £1NumbersHow much are you willing to pay or cupcakes?The most popular prices was 75p and £1we are going to charge around 85p. Inthe middle of these two prices.
  7. 7. 024681012141675p 80p 90p £1NumbersHow much are you willing to pay for a cookie?75p was what most people wanted to pay for acookie so that would be the price we would use.
  8. 8. 13.413.613.81414.214.414.614.815Yes NoNumbersWould you buy your cupcakes in a giftbox, as a gift?More people wanted a gift box so we would providethese as well.
  9. 9. 02468101214161820Yes NoNumbersWould you purchase a hot chocolate with youcupcake and cookie?19 people said they would purchase hotchocolate with cupcakes and cookies. Sowe would offer hot chocolate.
  10. 10. 024681012Morning break Lunchtime Afternoon break Home timeNumbersWhen would you like to be able to purchase ourproducts in the foyer?Most people would want to purchase ourproducts in morning and lunchtime so thatwould be what time we would choose.
  11. 11. TargetMarketOur target market is for everyone. Anyone canhave a cupcake or cookie, however, we are mostlytargeting young people because we will bestudying in college and they will be more likelyto purchase a cookie, cupcake and hot chocolate.We will be probably be selling are products toyoung people rather than staff because thestudents will generally take a break well as staffwould work through their break.
  12. 12. Sources of financeEveryone in the company will invest£70,which will come from theirpersonal savings and parent’s loan.
  13. 13. Resources needed forsmall businessEquipment we need• Kitchen• Oven• Tray• Mixing bowl• Measuring cup• Whisk• Spoon• Stall• Spatula• Gift boxes• Paper bags• Bun tin• Bun cases• Icing piping bag and nozzlesIngredientsFlour, eggs, white chocolate, dark chocolate, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips, milk, foodcolouring, butter, coco powder, icing sugar, salt, bicarbonate soda, smarties, coffee powder, milkpanhot plate and disposable cups.
  14. 14. How much the resourcescostTray price £1.29x3Cupcake cases £1.49x3Mixing bowl £5.99x2Measuring cups £5.00x1Measuring spoon £4.99x1Whisk £1.99x2Spatula £7.99x1Cupcake Box for 2 £3.25x10Cupcake box for 4 £4.95x10Cupcake box for 1 £4.60x10Bun tin £4.79x2Bun cases Pack of 250 £5.99x1Icing piping bag and nozzles £5.95x1Paper bags of 105 £2.86x1Milk Pan £9.11Hot plate £12.95Disposable cups x 25 £2.95Total £219.67Websites used to find this information: Amazon and Robert Dyas.
  15. 15. Ingredients costPlain Flour ( 1packed) £0.40Eggs(30) £3.10White chocolate (10 packed) £1.00Dark chocolate (10 packed) £1.00Sugar (2packed) £0.88Chocolate chips ( 2 packed) £1.00Milk ( One Milk a week) £1.00Food colouring (red and pink) £1.29Butter(1) £1.25Coco powder(1) £1.00Icing sugar(2) £1.08Salt(1) £0.85Bicarbonate soda(2) £1.09Smarties(2) £1.00Strawberry(1) £1.00Total: £41.00Total cost for everything will be: £260.64Websites used to find this information: ASDA
  16. 16. Total Cost• Ingredients = £41• Resources = £219.67• Total = £260.67
  17. 17. What our selling pricewill be and why?We did some research online and going to localbakeries, such as Greggs and in the college canteento judge how much we should charge for our goods.In the survey, we asked how much people would bewilling to pay for our products.Hot Chocolate £1.00Cupcakes 85pCookies 75p
  18. 18. Promotional flyerWe will promote ourflyer by giving it out toeveryone , puttingflyers on cars, throughletterboxes and classrooms. Advertisingover the intranet .