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Asbp Summit V


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Asbp Summit V

  1. 1. SUMMIT V BEST PRACTICES 866.396.7050 Experience real Case Studies that can help your dealership LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES immediately. Tuesday and Wednesday, November 7th and 8th 2006, at the Venetian Resort and Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Dean Evans David Kain David Chip Perry Ralph Paglia Dale Pollak Phil Sura Vice President, Field President, Kain Automotive Thomas CEO and President, CRM/eBusiness Director, Courtesy Chevrolet Co-founder and Chairman, VP of Automotive Division, Dealers & Managers Only! Marketing, The Cobalt Inc. Internet & BDC Training Owner, Subaru of Dallas mPower Auto UnityWorks Media Group Specialist Case Study: How Courtesy You will learn: You will learn: Case Study: How I lowered my advertising expense and Internet Advertising Best Practices Chevrolet’s business and CRM teams grew to over Gamble in Vegas, don’t gamble with your used car You will learn: - About the repositioning of Two days of intense - Internet Marketing that generates high-quality leads - Mapping out the best Internet sales process increased my market share You will learn: 400 vehicle sales per month You will learn: inventory automotive advertising - How the traditional 50 year learning. Dramatically - Maximizing lead generation from your Web - E-mail templates for the best short and long-term You will learn: - About ‘Mooch Marketing’ - How’s top performing dealers get their - How to grow your CRM and Internet teams You will learn: - How to improve your approach to advertising is changing, and where it is improve your results. site communication - Ways to advertise for free outstanding results - What to measure, and used vehicle volume, gross heading - Maximizing third-party - Phone script elements that -Low-cost marketing ideas - Take home examples of how to collect the data... and age - How video content makes automotive sites - Metrics that matter: Focus turn leads into appointments - Recruiting, hiring and that get noticed - How to run events that get effective merchandising you can put to Performance metrics that matter - How to improve everyday decisions that affect your it easier for the Internet team to “harvest Web site leads” Limited Seats, on return on investment compensating for results you noticed - How to generate car immediate use - Create a true CRM Profit Center - Manage your own SEM volume, gross and age - How to understand the - The opportunities available with video streaming Register Today! Wow! I was hoping to gain at least five new ideas to take our Internet sales to the next level. I had more reviews in your local paper and online ad campaigns changes responsible for than five the very first day. - Use your BDC as a safety profit margin pressures net for the Internet sales team Case studies from The thing I liked best was the people. The sharing of information during breakfast and lunch was just as helpful as the quality presentations. Great people who work hard and play hard...after all it was Las successful dealerships Vegas. I enjoyed the casual and professional environment and the opportunity to visit with 15 vendors in between speakers. across the country. “What happens in Vegas goes back to Texas.” I met with my Internet team of 10 professionals and started to implement ideas on Saturday afternoon. This was my first Summit and I hope I can come again in November! Classroom style seating Great Show....Fabulous Ideas!!! Thanks. only $595. Special Joe Healy, Internet Director at Lawrence Marshall Dealerships 979-826-7103 Venetian room rates for Sean Roy Reutter Scott Joseph Mark Tewart Tony Rimas Mike Parsons Robert Basha $209 per night, while Wolfington Owner, Sheehy Auto Stores President & CEO, J&L Marketing, Inc. President, Tewart Enterprises Red McCombs Director of eCommerce, Asbury Automotive Group, Co-founder, Auction123, Inc. they last. Case Study: Case Study: Grow your Southest Region Case Study: New You will learn: Case Study: How Case Study: How to use increases leads from 400 Internet department through Speakers and times subject to change marketing strategy focuses - How to engage customers - 2400 per month Auction123 rolled out a BDC/Internet departments on steady long term growth. intelligently while learning a defined process, efficient Growing your sales or how traditional “meet and new thinking in Internet to sell 100 - 500 extra cars Dealership’s market share staffing, and strategic yourself: Understanding the You will learn: greet” strategies can management and re- a month. increases from 8% to 32% advertising “why” is more important than - How to increase leads reduce sales marketing. Streamline your and grows net profits from the “how.” and sales volume without - How to increase inventory, 3rd party lead You will learn: $170,000 to over 2.2 million You will learn: professionalism, write-ups generating sites, eBay, - How to set up a successful increasing lead expense - How to structure and staff in just two years and sales by eliminating BDC/Internet department - Improve sales and reduced and your Web site into one “Deal Killer” questions low volume or high volume - Use the Web to promote cost per sale at the same time You will learn: - How to define and management solution dealership locations all your profit centers - Improve profitability by - A growth strategy to grow implement 5 universal laws - Create a process to support - Use the Web to drive improving the quality of leads your profit a minimum of that increase sales You will learn: your customers and staff through your own site 33% per year - How to improve gross - How to simplify all of showroom & phone traffic efficiently - Increase closing ratios and - New promotions strategy profits by implementing your Internet re-marketing - Sell old stock, vehicles & - Increase ROI through better proposals parts inventory average gross profit with using personalized Web outlets into one Web based - How to reduce customer inventory selection and lead - Use e-mail marketing to profit improvement pages and direct mail management software conflict and increase sales allocation drive more traffic for zero - Sell old stock units via - How to increase your floor and gross profit through - Maximizing eBay Motors’ - Streamline online cost the Web traffic during your slowest better handling of price, potential with a seamless advertising to maximize Web days of the week payment and negative equity solution objections site conversion - A new outlook on marketing your vehicles online Call today to register. Seating is limited. toll free: 866.396.7050 web:
  2. 2. SUMMIT V BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Tuesday and Wednesday, The AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit V tickets are now available. To register, please fill out completely the following information and fax toll free, November 7th and 8th 866.665.7936. If you would wish to pay by check, please mail this form and 2006, at the Venetian Resort check to: AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245. and Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Please Print. Dealers & Managers Only! Name: _______________________________________________________ Two days of intense Title: _______________________________________________________ learning. Dramatically Dealership: ___________________________________________________ improve your results. Address: _____________________________________________________ Limited Seats, City/State: ____________________________________________________ Register Today! Phone: _______________________________________________________ Fax: _________________________________________________________ Case studies from successful dealerships across the Email: _______________________________________________________ country. Number of Attendees: ___________________________________________ Classroom styles seating Names of Attendees: ____________________________________________ only $595. Special Venetian _____________________________________________________________ room rates for $209 per _____________________________________________________________ night. How did you hear about the Summit? _______________________________ Speakers and times subject to change Are you a paid subscriber to AutoSuccess Magazine? Yes No Have you attended a Best Practices Summit before? Yes No If yes, which one(s) have you attended: _____________________________ Method of payment: MC Visa Amex Check Card Number: _________________________________________________ EXP Date: ____________________________________________________ Call today to register. Seating is limited. toll free: 866.396.7050 web: