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Efidondenadietelleva Jd Ppt

  1. 1. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  2. 2. Case Scenario • Mitsubishi had this problem: – The launching of the all new Mitsubishi Lancer, due on November 2007 has been postponed until May of 2008. – Dealers are not happy with this, since it´s a volume model. – Mitsubishi must do something to compensate their dealers and boost end of the years sales for the rest of the range. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  3. 3. The quest
  4. 4. The quest • Marketing Goals: – Stimulate sales in all the rest of the range, specially 4x4. – Motivate the official dealerships and compensate them for the Lancer units lost. – Increment Mitsubishi´s brand awareness among the target. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  5. 5. The quest • Comunication Goals: – Increment Mitsubishi´s brand notoriety and position it on top of mind for short term buyers. – Generate traffic to microsite Generate traffic to dealership Generate Test Drives – Generate qualified leads. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  6. 6. The work
  7. 7. The work – The first consideration we made was if it was relevant enough for the target audience to communicate another test drive promotion for Mitsubishi. The answer was NO. – The Agency worked on a much more relevant stimulus for the target audience. We found a benefit that was relevant to their core target and very prone to be found online: The world of online vacational trips. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  8. 8. The Job • Our strategy. – After analyzing the online travel world we found a niche that could be developed: Impossible vacation destinations. – Instead of promoting a Car Brand we promoted an Impossible Travel Agency, which was much more relevant for our target under the URL www.wherenobodyleadsyou.com. • Watch the Aurora Borealis in Iceland. • Watch a solar eclipse in Greeland. • The full moon weekend party in the island of Phi Phi (Thailand) • A trip in the cloud train in Tibet • Excursion through Irian Jaya in Papúa, New Guinee • Experiment the defrosting of the Perito Moreno glacier (Argentina). www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  9. 9. The Job. – The campaign claim was: “Nobody Leads you where a Mitsubishi does”. We made a 360º campaign(TV*, Magazines*, Internet, E-Mailing ,PLV) that converged in www.wherenobodyleadsyou.com. * En TV y Revistas solo se hacia alusión a la campaña con un pequeño logotipo www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  10. 10. Creative Strategy
  11. 11. logo
  12. 12. Microsite logo www.dondenadietelleva.com
  13. 13. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  14. 14. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  15. 15. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  16. 16. OnLine Format
  17. 17. Formato online www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  18. 18. e-mail mk
  19. 19. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  20. 20. site Mitsubishi
  21. 21. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  22. 22. PLV
  23. 23. www.dondenadietelleva.co m
  24. 24. • Results – 139.430 Total Investment – 6.754 qualified leads generated – 1.411 test drives. – 225 sales – 5.500.000 Euros total revenue for Mitsubishi www.dondenadietelleva.co m