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Welcome to the Special Collections Division


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Published in: Education
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Welcome to the Special Collections Division

  1. 1. The Special Collections Division offers rich primary sources—documents produced at the time events occurred, usually by eyewitnesses—that enable students to conduct original research pertaining tomany topics, including the history of North Carolina, communism and socialism, southern literature,military history worldwide, the work of Christian missionaries around the world, the tobacco industry,and maritime history. Click through this presentation to learn more about Special Collections at ECU.
  2. 2. Click here to be taken directly to the University Archives webpage.
  3. 3. Old photographs, such as this view of the dining hall kitchen (1915), depict campus life at a simpler time. For more information: Campus publications, including the Buccaneer, provide important information about student Universityactivities and organizations. For more information: Archives
  4. 4. Minutes such as these, which discuss budget cuts during the Great Depression, document many aspects of life at East Carolina. For more information: triumphant football team celebrates ECU’s Peach Bowl victory in 1992. For more information:
  5. 5. Click here to be taken directly to the North Carolina Collection webpage.
  6. 6. Broadsides such as this one from around Hundreds of newspapers on microfilm 1901 were posted to communicate from the 1700s to the present reveal much important information. about local and state history. For more information: For more information:
  7. 7. The Roberts Collection includes works of fiction set in North Carolina, including this, the first children’s book written by a North Carolinian. For more information: maps capture many aspects of the state’s past at a moment in time. For more information:
  8. 8. Click here to be taken directly to the Manuscripts and Rare Books webpage.
  9. 9. Manuscripts, including this letter from the founder of Pepsi-Cola, providefirst-hand information about people,businesses, and institutions. For more information: The papers of military officers often include maps or plans related to actions in which they participated. This plan belonged to Vice Admiral Robert Lee Ghormley, who initially was in charge of the naval campaign at Guadalcanal. For more information:
  10. 10. Rare books are available from 1574 to the present and augment manuscript sources. The Hoover Collection on International The General History of the Pyrates (1724),Communism includes books, pamphlets, thought to have been written by Danielperiodicals, and tracts pertaining to the DeFoe, includes the first depiction ofAmerican labor movement as well as to Blackbeard. communism and socialism. For more information: For more information:
  11. 11. Click here to be taken directly to Digital Collections
  12. 12. Primary Sources: Digital Collections Members of the Class of 1917 are seated on the grounds of East Carolina Teacher Training School. Old Austin and Wilson Dormitory are in the background. For more information: March 26, 1969 a group of students confronts Dr. Leo Jenkins at his home. The students were protesting continued race-based inequality on campus. For more information:
  13. 13. Primary Sources: Digital Collections East Carolina student celebrate graduation with props, signs, and cheers. These 1992 graduates received their diplomas in Dowdy- Ficklen Stadium. For more information: Members of the 1943 East Carolina YWCA organization enjoy the water at their leadership retreat. The YWCA was among the first student organizations at ECU. For more information:
  14. 14. Want to know more? Ready to start searching?Visit us in Joyner Library: Or click the links below to be taken to our Special Collections: Fourth Floor University Archives Third Floor North Carolina Collection Fourth Floor Manuscripts and Rare Books Online Digital Collections