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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Holidays in USA, UK and Spain -
  2. 2. Common Holidays
  3. 3. Christmas December 25
  4. 4. New Year´s Eve
  5. 5. New Year´s Day
  6. 6. EasterSpring Holiday (after Lent on a Sunday)
  7. 7. Holidays in the United Kingdom
  8. 8. May DayCelebrated the 1st of May, May Day is areligious holiday in the United Kingdom.
  9. 9. Boxing DayBoxing Day is celebrated on December 26, the day after Christmas.
  10. 10. Late Summer and Spring Bank HolidaysThe last day of May and the lastday of August are holidays in the United Kingdom.
  11. 11. Saint Patrick´s DayIs an Irish holiday. It is celebrated in the UK and in the United States on March 17.
  12. 12. Holidays in the United States
  13. 13. Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCelebrates the Civil Rights Movement every third Monday of January.
  14. 14. President´s Day• Third Monday in February. Celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  15. 15. Valentine´s Day (February 14th)
  16. 16. Memorial Day• Last Monday in May• Honors the soldiers who have died in American wars.
  17. 17. Independence Day (4th of July)Celebrates the indenpendence of the United States from Great Britain.
  18. 18. Labor Day• First Monday in September• Celebrates the acheivements of workers.
  19. 19. Columbus Day
  20. 20. Veteran´s Day
  21. 21. Halloween(October 31)
  22. 22. On Halloween you trick-or-treat with your friends!!
  23. 23. Thanksgiving Celebrated on the last Thursday of November. It celebrates the fall harvest, the first settlers of the United States and the Indians who helped them survive.On Thanksgiving, youeat lots of food withyour family! Turkey,sweet potatos, corn,and apple pie!!!
  24. 24. THE END