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Constructing Searches

  1. 1. Constructing Searches using The Library Catalog
  2. 2. Searching the library catalog will find items housed in ECU Libraries.
  3. 3. There are 2 ways to access items in the catalog: Library Catalog Through OneSearch
  4. 4. The Library Catalog will provide the most options for searching. To access the Library Catalog, click on the Library Catalog link on the main search box of the library homepage.
  5. 5. Search the Catalog by: Title Author Journal Title Subject
  6. 6. subject search | subject headings examples: • Crisis Intervention • Crisis Counseling • School Crisis Management • Disasters -- Psychological Aspects
  7. 7. Subject Headings Defined Subject headings are controlled keywords selected from the Library of Congress Subject Headings master list. Subject headings take the guesswork out of searching by using a single term to describe a subject. It is similar to tagging photos of your friends in Facebook.
  8. 8. How to find a specific book Use the Title Search
  9. 9. Try word or phrase searches. Examples: terrorism AND crisis intervention health AND crisis intervention Separate words with AND, OR, and NOT.
  10. 10.  Select "match all" to require all fields.  Select "match any" to find at least one field. Search Tips:  Use "+" before a term to make it required. (Otherwise results matching only some of your terms may be included).  Use "-" before a word or phrase to exclude.  Use quotation marks to search as a phrase.  Truncation and wildcards are not supported - word- stemming is done automatically.
  11. 11. Using Limiters Use the accordion boxes at the left side of the Library Catalog screen in order to find specific types of items. Options include searching by a date range, the type of material, genre, and more.
  12. 12. A Book in Spanish for your Foreign Language class Found using “Language” limiter A DVD & Study Guide for your Film Studies class Found using “Format Type” limiter
  13. 13. To learn about searching with AND, OR, and NOT, visit the “Finding Articles” page.
  14. 14. For assistance, please contact a librarian at the Research and Instructional Services Desk.