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Hospitality Leadership: Welcome!


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Published in: Education, Business
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Hospitality Leadership: Welcome!

  1. 1. Willkommen! Aloha! Eguahé porá Bienvenuto! Fàilte Welkom… Welcome to the Hospitality Leadership research guide. The following presentationserves as an introduction to key information that will be learned in this information literacy module.
  2. 2. Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individualsto "recognize when information is needed and have theability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the neededinformation."Definition from American Libraries Association Information Literacy Competency Standards
  3. 3. Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. Itenables learners to master content and extend theirinvestigations, become more self-directed, and assumegreater control over their own learning. An informationliterate individual is able to:• Determine the extent of information needed• Access the needed information effectively and efficiently• Evaluate information and its sources critically• Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base• Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose• Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally Cited from American Libraries Association Information Literacy Competencies
  4. 4. Students should be able to…Define Evidence Based LeadershipAsk an “Answerable Question”
  5. 5. Students should be able to… Evaluate Sources objectives:Compare and contrast credible v. non-credible web sourcesDifferentiate between popular, scholarly, and trade publications.
  6. 6. Students should be able to…
  7. 7. Students should be able to…search for books objectives:Formulate searches in ECUs library catalog
  8. 8. Objectives:Define a trade journal andwhat can be found in one. Identify 3 trade journals in the Hospitality field.Recognize attributes of trade journals and their authors. Students should be able to… Use Trade Journals
  9. 9. Students should be able to… Locate & Analyze Statistics and Business InformationObjectives:Recognize sources of statistical information.Discover library databases for finding national and internationalbusiness information to apply to Hospitality Leadership-related analyses
  10. 10. Objectives: Define plagiarismIdentify APA citations for books, journal articles,newspapers, and websites.
  11. 11. Students should be able to…
  12. 12. To use this guide, please click the tabs across the top in order to complete each of the learning objectives.