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Social media to do list


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Key "to do" items for health services researchers using social media as professionals. Created for the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation

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Social media to do list

  1. 1. Social Media To-Do List for U-M health researchers 1. If you haven’t yet claimed a Twitter handle for yourself, and/or added a good photo, a short bio and a link to your online profile, do it. 2. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in at least 3 months, do it. 3. If you’re a physician, medical student, NP or PA and haven’t yet claimed your Doximity profile, or updated it recently, do it. 4. If you haven’t established a ResearchGate presence and posted links to your most recent paper(s), do it. 5. If you haven’t followed Michigan Health Lab, your school/college/center and your professional societies on all the platforms you both belong to, do it. 6. Every time you publish or present new work, or are featured in an article, share it on all the social platforms you’re on. On Twitter, share 3 times. 7. For every conference you go to, find the Twitter hashtag in advance and use it to tell people you’re going, follow the action, find new people to follow, share in advance where your poster/talk is, and share key points from your poster/talk and those of others whose work you admire. 8. If you have slides that you’re comfortable having in the public domain, share them on (connects to your LinkedIn profile). 9. When you see a solid news story about a topic you are knowledgeable about, share it to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers & LinkedIn contacts – “be the expert” in your circle, even in your personal social media space. 10. If a colleague shares their work on social media, don’t just like it, share it and add a pat on the back or other comment. They could do the same for you! 11. Explore. Find one new LinkedIn group to join, Twitter list to subscribe to, or tweetchat to take part in.