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Measuring the Mobile Experience at SXSW 2016


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Let’s move past obsolete vanity metrics like page hits and visit counts.

Use analytics to find out exactly how your users interact with your website and apps. Master concrete tactics that help you practice the Lean UX ideal of build, measure, and learn.

Actively record touch-points on your UX with Google Analytics to track what buttons, options, and selections your users make on your UI. Use this technique in your native and web apps to accurately report new feature use.

QA, designers, and programmers benefit from device capabilities, geo-location, and O/S info collected passively by the Google Analytics system. Empower everyone on your team to make better choices in their daily work!

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Measuring the Mobile Experience at SXSW 2016

  1. 1. The Analytics of Handheld UX EXPERIENCE MEASURING THE MOBILE KEN TABOR at SXSW 2016
  2. 2. Use analytics to discover how your users are interacting with your native and web apps. @KENTABOR
  3. 3. BUILD! MEASURE|LEARN# @KENTABOR Activate the product development virtuous cycle to empower you.
  5. 5. Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Analytics often favors data visualization to communicate insight. @KENTABOR
  6. 6. @KENTABOR WHY?
  7. 7. how people are using your software. No Analytics? NO IDEA @KENTABOR
  8. 8. START projects validating hypotheses with dashboards. projects with data- driven decisions. FINISH @KENTABOR
  9. 9. Foster a transparent team with shared understanding. Build deep context to informeveryone’s choices. @KENTABOR
  10. 10. Traditional analytics measuring page hits and visitor counts is nearly obsolete for modern, single-page, webapps. VANITY METRICS @KENTABOR
  11. 11. Pages are becoming programs. @KENTABOR
  12. 12. @KENTABOR Pages are becoming programs.
  14. 14. track events as people interact with components on your app’s UI. ACTIVELY @KENTABOR
  15. 15. ACTIVE MEASUREMENT event('ingredient','select','coffee', 3); event('Flight','Add','BigAir', 1024); event('User','Language','spanish'); @KENTABOR
  16. 16. event('ingredient','select','coffee', 3); category(string) action(string) detail(string) detail(number) ACTIVE MEASUREMENT @KENTABOR
  17. 17. var AnalyticsFacade = (function() {
 return {
 init: function() { // SEE: Google docs for the tracking code snippet },
 event: function(category, action, label, value) {
 ga('send', 'event', category, action, label, value);
 })(); = AnalyticsFacade; Tuck analytics into a module. Hide complexity. Future-proof against platform changes. @KENTABOR
  18. 18. function initialize() {;'App', 'Load');
 appView = new TS.view.Application();
 } Your app sets up analytics from the start. @KENTABOR
  19. 19. TS.view.ProgramInfo = Backbone.View.extend({
 events: {
 'click': 'onSelectChoice' }, onSelectChoice: function(event) {
 var parent = $(;
 var cid ='cid');
 var userModel = this.collection.get(cid); var serviceName = userModel.getServiceKey();'Program', 'Select', serviceName);
 } }); @KENTABOR Track an event in the DOM element click handler of your app’s views.
  20. 20. Create custom dashboards reporting your UX events. @KENTABOR
  21. 21. @KENTABOR
  22. 22. Idea Prototype Usability Development Ship It ANALYTICS @KENTABOR
  23. 23. Who on your team benefits from Analytics? EVERYONE! @KENTABOR
  24. 24. TESTERS Decide what devices to use for quality assurance. @KENTABOR
  25. 25. ENGINEERS Decide when to support new system features. @KENTABOR
  26. 26. DESIGNERS Decide at what screen sizes they lay out UI and create art assets. @KENTABOR
  27. 27. PRODUCT MANAGERS Stop guessing at consumer acceptance & engagement. @KENTABOR
  28. 28. Device model, O/S version, screen resolution, geo-location, browser type, visitor behavior. Comes “free” from the analytics system. PASSIVE MEASUREMENT @KENTABOR
  29. 29. The default dashboards can feel like big data overload. @KENTABOR
  30. 30. @KENTABOR
  31. 31. Create custom dashboards reporting the passive data. @KENTABOR
  32. 32. @KENTABOR
  33. 33. Get my mobile firstdashboard. uid=iLTPIL89SP-RVF-A59HhWA @KENTABOR
  35. 35. <script src=" analytics.js" type="text/javascript"></script> @KENTABOR WEB SDK collection/analyticsjs
  36. 36. Native app SDKs available for iOS& Android @KENTABOR collection/ios/v3 collection/android/v4
  37. 37. Hybrid App JavaScript App + Cordova Lib + Plugin + [iOS, Android] SDK @KENTABOR
  38. 38. POST {payload data} RESTful API collection/protocol/v1 @KENTABOR
  39. 39. Google Tag Manager let’s anybody define track events in a dashboard UI after your tech team adds a snippet. Missing Coders? @KENTABOR
  40. 40. Takeaways @KENTABOR
  41. 41. Report outcomes. Invest time & talent into underperforming features. IMPROVE OR REMOVE @KENTABOR
  42. 42. Talk with people. Let analytics increase your reach as you grow. SCALE UP &LISTEN @KENTABOR
  43. 43. Ensure everyone understands the debate and speaks to the numbers. DATA WINS ARGUMENTS @KENTABOR
  44. 44. @KenTabor My projects, blog, slides, and more Tweets on code, UX, and leadership Reach out to me with an email
  45. 45. I wrote this book for designers who have accidentally (on purpose) become developers. They are talented and tenacious, but not well equipped to code, test, and debug responsive and mobile-first sites. An entire history of tools exists stuck in the domain of software engineers. My book collects them into a single box of awesome within your reach. @KENTABOR Get My Book