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Mobile marketing thtutruheme

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Theme Kirsty Sinclair, Nathan Whitworth, Ashleigh Winter, Kim (Waiman) Yau
  2. 2. story - BB10 to Launch End of January Next YearTo launch new blackberry smart phone,‘To launch end of January next year’ means they aremissing out on a key opportunity of sales before Christmas.‘Wide selection of apps, through the range of incentives’Becoming more like the iPhone.Blackberry 10 hopes to change the past few rough monthson the mobile supermarket.Staff at Blackberry have been working to create the mostup-to-date features with a rich app eco system, a fastbrowser and cutting-edge multi-media capabilities.
  3. 3. 2nd Story- Mobile phone theft increases 25% in the past three yearsA massive increase in the number of smartphone robberyin three years.264 phones were reported each day in the first 8months of2012- 7% increase from 2011.17% had their phone stolen for their pocket or bag, mainlyon the streets.59% of people do not have password security which meantthe robbers could access their bank details on apps.Due to the large market of smartphones the theft rate willcontinue to increase in 2013.
  4. 4. Square goes live for Starbucks• Starbucks have teamed up with the Square Wallet application in order to allow customers to purchase drinks and goodies in all 7000 stores in operation in the US.• Square Wallet is a mobile payment application for Android and iOS smartphones that includes a directory of nearby stores using locations services, and also uses photo recognition at checkouts to confirm your identity to prevent fraud. Users can also pay hands free by enabling ‘Hands-Free Checkout’.• The move is good for Starbucks as it has allowed them to delve into potential new customer base that use Square Wallet due to the convenience of their stores using the location services. Starbucks have their own loyalty card allowing customers to pay via rewards and pre-loaded money but this move gives customers new options in how they want to pay along with the convenience of having one portal for payment in numerous stores.• Square Wallet also benefit from the collaboration as they will gain a percentage of revenue through sales of Starbucks paid for with the application.
  5. 5. The role of mobile on election night.• Voters were able to watch the election take place live on the night, using dual screening through; mobile, tablets and online. They could track how their party leader was doing in terms of leading the poll.• Independent business analyst and social media expert Mike Randazzo said that once more information about election night’s media coverage is available, it will become clear that mobile devices were one of the most crucial pieces of information transmission (
  6. 6. • Smartphone stats• Recent sales stats (UK and mainland Europe):• IDC say 27.4 million smartphones sold in Western Europe in Q2 2012. Samsungs share is 43.6%, followed by Apple at 19%.• A May 2012 YouGov survey found 47% of UK mobile phone users now have a smartphone. They expect that number to hit over 55% by the same time next year.• comScore reckon there were just over 28 million UK smartphone users by May 2012 (3-month average), a year-on-year increase of 38%.• The same company put combined smartphone ownership for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK at 44% of mobile users as of December 2011 (104 million users).• Figures quoted in the FT put UK smartphone ownership at 46% as of August 2011.• According to Bitkom, 11.8 million smartphones were sold in 2011 in Germany, an increase of 31% over 2010. This represents 43% of the total number of mobile phones sold that year.• statistics.htm#smartphones
  7. 7. Near field communication is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establishradio communication and bring them all together.Being used by iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Sony, Royal Phillips Electronics.Proximity Marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content.It is being used by distributions of media at concerts, information, gaming and social applications, and advertisingApp Development - Internet, Dreamweaver,
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  9. 9. • iAds – Nissan Leaf iAd Men+ Care
  10. 10. Smartphone Apps• Instagram – editing photos, form of social networking, use of hashtags.• Daily Mail- Up to date with news, Relevant information, Comments.• Twitter- On the Go, Follow news celebs and football teams, Trends, Always tweeting, Discussion,