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Getting started with GoSoapBox


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Getting started with GoSoapBox

  1. 1. Get Started WithGoSoapBox In 3 Minutes
  2. 2. GoSoapBox is digital space where you and your students can interact. We call each space an ‘Event’. 2E = MC
  3. 3. We suggest creating a different ‘Event’ for each class or period that you teach.Event 1 Event 2 Event 3Period 1 Period 2 Period 3
  4. 4. You can create these ‘Events’ from your Account Dashboard.
  5. 5. Here’s what your Event will look like after you create it
  6. 6. Your students will join your Event by using an ‘Access Code’. Click on “Manage Event”to find your access code
  7. 7. Your Access Code will be listed at the top of your ‘Manage’ page.
  8. 8. Tell your students to enter the access code at
  9. 9. By default, your students will be asked to enter their name upon joining your event.
  10. 10. After entering their name, the student will joinyour event and can begin interacting. Each student will see their name at the top of their page. If your students are sharing devices they can click on the name to edit or change it.
  11. 11. Your Event is made up of 5 core featuresConfusion Barometer Quizzes Polling DiscussionsAudience Questions
  12. 12. Audience QuestionsStudents can submit, reply,and vote for questions thatthey’d like to have addressedThe questions with the mostvotes automatically rise to thetop of the sectionTeachers know at all times,the most pressing issuesamong their students
  13. 13. DiscussionsTeachers create open-endedor short answer questions fortheir students to respond toStudents reply with theirthoughts or opinionsSince all interaction isanonymous among students,teachers will hear insight fromstudents that they neverwould have otherwise
  14. 14. PollingTeachers can poll students ona question or topicStudent responses are displayedgraphically and update in realtimePoll results can be exported to aspreadsheet for assessmentpurposes
  15. 15. Confusion Barometer Student POV Teacher POV Students can indicate The number of confusedconfusion with the touch of students is represented a button graphically on the teacher’s page, updating in real time
  16. 16. QuizzesQuizzes are a series ofmultiple choice or shortanswer questionsStudents select theiranswers to each quizquestion, and receive theirscore upon completion ofthe quizQuiz results can be exported toa spreadsheet for assessmentpurposes
  17. 17. Data ExportTeachers can export aspreadsheet containing thedata from their eventThe spreadsheet containsthe results from pollquestions and quizzes, aswell as a list of thequestions that eachstudent askedThe spreadsheet can beused for powerfulassessment, leveragingdata that was never beforeobtainable
  18. 18. Each feature can be enabled or disabled in real time according to your preference.
  19. 19. When a feature is disabled, it will not appear onyour event page, and your students will not be able to interact with it. Discussions Enabled Discussions Disabled
  20. 20. You can use GoSoapBox in real time during class, or asynchronously. Your event can be accessed 24/7 allowing you to continue the interaction outside of the physical classroom
  21. 21. Is student participation anonymous? ?While teachers are able to identify student responses by name, all interaction is anonymous among students.
  22. 22. What kind of computers and devices work with GoSoapBox?We’ve optimized GoSoapBox for all browsers and mobile devices. It should work as well on your laptop as it does on you tablet or smartphone