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Take Another Look Around

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Take Another Look Around

  1. TakeAnother Look AroundYouLearning to Learn in a New World Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  2. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educational Consultant
  3. If you’re not feeling a little bit. NOT paying Attention Will Richardson then you are education right now teacher or being in about being a Uncomfortable
  4. Our World and is not changing back! has Changed
  5. The “Leave it to Beaver” Days are Gone...
  6. Generations Generation X Generation Y Generation Alpha Silent Generation
  7. Digital Footprint before Birth
  8. Swiping Generation
  9. In- BetweenGeneration Their World & School Life is Different
  10. Stephen Duncombe We live in a world where people can Bookstalk backto their “ “
  11. Whatwillour Grandchildrennotknow?
  12. “We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD."Arthur Sulzberger Jr
  13. 2012: After 244 Years, Encyclopedia Britannica Stops the Presses
  14. ReadingHabits
  15. What About Privacy?
  16. What About Friends?
  17. Connectedness Instant
  18. ExponentialTimes
  19. Abundance
  20. Today Yesterday Easily copied Making copies takes time, effort and money Instantly Shared Sharing is complicated Easily Edited Edits are cumbersome Worldwide Audience Audience of One adapted from:
  21. , Eric Shinseki even less irrelevance you are going to like If you don’t like change
  22. Shifts in Culture, Affecting Education
  23. Choices Who do We go to for Information?
  24. Where do We Learn? Choices
  25. Let’s Talk About Learningnot technology...
  26. Tomorrow’silliterate the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn Herbert Gerjuoy will not be
  27. Changed? Learning Has
  28. Has Learning Changed?
  29. Learning Let’sStarttoThink DifferentlyAbout
  30. Learn Reflect Share
  31. Learn self- motivated self- directed
  32. Willingness to Reflect
  33. Willingness to AMplify
  34. “What Year are you preparing your students for?” Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  35. mean to be Educated What does it
  36. Literate? What does it mean to be
  37. Digital What does it mean to be Literate?
  38. AreTraditionalNotions of Literacy sufficient for a 21st Century Education?
  39. 3 Starting Points for Thinking Will Richardson Talk to Strangers Be Transparent Thin the Walls of Your Classroom1 2 3 Differently About Learning
  40. Let’s Talk About Learningand a little bit about technology...
  41. Literacy has always been defined by Technology Nichole Pinkard
  42. Digital Fluent? What is our Personal Responsibility to be
  43. Digital Age?Is it a for LeArning? Threator New Means
  44. The changewe are in the middle of isn’t minorand it isn’t optionalClay Shirky
  45. WHat happens When we Choose to be Illiterate?
  46. Baby StepsCan we Afford ?
  47. Relevance
  48. Urgency
  49. not a Program Shift is a Process,
  50. Shift is Happening Faster than ever before
  51. Sharing& Remixing arepartoftheProcess
  52. It isn’t the Answer anymore... ... It is the QuestionBill Sheskey
  53. The Conversation Happens online
  54. How does this impact your own Learning ?Ignacio Leonardi-
  55. You First based on Steve Hargadon
  56. Learning to Learn
  57. a Mindset Pre-requisitefor aNEducatortothrive of a Learner
  58. Pre-requisiteforaSchooltothrive a Mindset ofaLearningCommunity
  59. Don’t Wait for the next Professional DevelopmentDay
  60. Fluencies Key Communicate Collaborate Connect Create Critical Thinking Network Global Information Media Citizenship ReadingWriting
  61. Digital Fluency Evaluating, Modeling & Managing Consuming, Producing & Sharing Communicating, Connecting & Collaborating Alec Couros-
  62. Digital Fluency “read” capture evaluate curate create effortlessly unconsciously savelearn reflect share manage amplify disseminateconnect communicate collaborate publish
  63. Ann Davis digital spaces” “ transferring It is notJust a Matter of classroom writing into
  64. It is not knowing about this tool or that tool The Full of Ready to meet a specific Task that you have a thing Is important opportunities toolbox Michael Fisher
  65. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Educational Consultant