Take Another Look Around


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Learning to learn in a changing world.

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Take Another Look Around

  1. TakeAnotherLookAroundYouLearning to Learn in a New WorldSilvia Rosenthal Tolisano
  2. Silvia RosenthalTolisanoEducational ConsultantLangwitches.org/blog
  3. If you’re notfeeling a little bit.NOT payingAttentionWill Richardsonthen you areeducation right nowteacher or being inabout being aUncomfortable
  4. Our Worldand is not changing back!has Changed
  5. The “Leave it to Beaver”Days are Gone...
  6. GenerationsGeneration XGeneration YGeneration AlphaSilent Generation
  7. Digital Footprintbefore Birth
  8. SwipingGeneration
  9. In-BetweenGenerationTheir World& School Life isDifferent
  10. Stephen DuncombeWe live in aworld where people canBookstalk backto their““
  11. WhatwillourGrandchildrennotknow?
  12. “We will stop printingthe New York Timessometime in the future,date TBD."Arthur Sulzberger Jrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/bdewey/3374674246
  13. http://www.flickr.com/photos/selago/360411472012:After 244 Years,Encyclopedia BritannicaStops the Presses
  14. ReadingHabits
  15. What About Privacy?
  16. What About Friends?
  17. ConnectednessInstant
  18. ExponentialTimes
  19. Abundance
  20. Today YesterdayEasily copied Making copies takes time,effort and moneyInstantly Shared Sharing is complicatedEasily Edited Edits are cumbersomeWorldwide Audience Audience of Oneadapted from: http://www.slideshare.net/courosa/digital-citizenship-symposium
  21. ,Eric Shinsekieven lessirrelevanceyou are going to likeIf you don’t likechange
  22. Shifts in Culture, AffectingEducation
  23. ChoicesWho do We go to forInformation?
  24. Where do We Learn?Choices
  25. Let’s Talk AboutLearningnot technology...
  26. Tomorrow’silliteratethe man who can’t read;he will bethe manwho hasnot learned how to learnHerbert Gerjuoywillnot be
  27. Changed?LearningHas
  28. Has Learning Changed?
  29. LearningLet’sStarttoThinkDifferentlyAbout
  30. LearnReflectShare
  31. Learnself- motivatedself- directed
  32. Willingness to Reflect
  33. Willingness to AMplify
  34. “What Yearare you preparingyour students for?”Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  35. mean to beEducatedWhat does it
  36. Literate?What does it meanto be
  37. DigitalWhat does it meanto beLiterate?
  38. AreTraditionalNotionsof Literacysufficientfor a 21st CenturyEducation?
  39. 3 Starting Points for ThinkingWill Richardsonhttp://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/25/guest-post-three-starting-points-for-thinking-differently-about-learning/Talk to StrangersBe TransparentThin the Walls of Your Classroom123Differently AboutLearning
  40. Let’s Talk AboutLearningand a little bit about technology...
  41. Literacy has always been definedby TechnologyNichole Pinkardhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdueiwUaNRA
  42. Digital Fluent?What is our Personal Responsibilityto be
  43. DigitalAge?Is it afor LeArning?ThreatorNew Meanshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/digimist/5698782655/
  44. The changewe are in themiddle of isn’t minorand itisn’t optionalClay Shirky
  45. WHat happens When we Choose to beIlliterate?
  46. Baby StepsCan we Afford ?
  47. Relevance
  48. Urgency
  49. not a ProgramShift is a Process,
  50. Shift is Happening Faster thanever before
  51. Sharing& RemixingarepartoftheProcess
  52. It isn’t the Answer anymore...... It is the QuestionBill Sheskey
  53. The Conversation Happensonline
  54. How does this impact your ownLearning ?Ignacio Leonardi- ignacioleonardi.com.ar
  55. You Firstbased on Steve Hargadon
  56. Learning toLearn
  57. a MindsetPre-requisiteforaNEducatortothriveof a Learner
  58. Pre-requisiteforaSchooltothrivea MindsetofaLearningCommunityhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/2577006675/
  59. Don’t Wait forthe nextProfessionalDevelopmentDay
  60. FluenciesKeyCommunicate Collaborate ConnectCreate CriticalThinkingNetworkGlobal InformationMediaCitizenshipReadingWriting
  61. Digital FluencyEvaluating,Modeling & ManagingConsuming,Producing & SharingCommunicating,Connecting & CollaboratingAlec Couros- http://www.slideshare.net/courosa/towards-digital-fluency
  62. Digital Fluency“read”captureevaluate curatecreateeffortlesslyunconsciouslysavelearn reflect sharemanageamplifydisseminateconnect communicatecollaboratepublish
  63. http://anne.teachesme.com/2007/01/17/rationale-for-educational-blogging/Ann Davisdigital spaces”“transferringIt isnotJust a Matter ofclassroom writing intohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/axeldeviaje/312166488/
  64. It is not knowing about this tool or that toolTheFull ofReady to meeta specific Taskthat youhave athing IsimportantopportunitiestoolboxMichael Fisher
  65. Silvia RosenthalTolisanoEducational ConsultantLangwitches.org/blog