Study Skills Handbook Tour
Jan. 25, 2021

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Study Skills Handbook Tour

  1. A Tour of the ELES Online Study Skills Handbook for Secondary Schools. This site will help you become a more efficient student, improve your results at school and achieve greater academic success.
  2. Click on the login button and enter the user name and password for your school. You ALWAYS login with the school details (some schools set up an automatic link).
  3. This is the home page that you will see when you log in.
  4. To access the units of work students can click on any of the 50 unit links on the home page.
  5. One of the first things you should do is to click on the “USING THIS SITE” link and read the info and take the tours.
  6. Then click on the “TRACKING SYSTEM” icon on the home page.
  7. Choose a user name and password and this will allow you to save the results of your end of unit quizzes and modules. You will still use the main school login to enter the site, but this tracking system login will be just for your results. You can come back to the TRACKING SYSTEM at any time to check your progress by entering your user name and password.
  8. On the TRACKING SYSTEM page you can view your scores for the end of unit quizzes. You can re-take a quiz every 3 days and it will only save the results of the quizzes if you get a higher score next time (ie. it will not replace your result with a lower score).
  9. Scroll underneath on the same page to see which modules you have completed.
  10. Once you have signed up for the tracking system you should start working through the units on the home page. Your teacher may direct you to particular units or you may browse through the units as needed.
  11. When you enter one of the units you will see the list of topics in the section to work through and worksheets you can use with the unit. The core concepts are an overview of the unit.
  12. Scrolling down under the topic you’ll see a game, two assessments (a quiz and a module), a summary sheet and student FAQs.
  13. Underneath these are some extra activities. You might like to vote in the poll or take the check-up quiz before you start the unit!
  14. In each unit you follow the instructions of things to do, watch the video files and explore the techniques:
  15. There are videos of students, parents and teachers throughout the handbook and you will also be asked for your opinion on different areas related to study skills.
  16. And of course there are games too!
  17. You will find all sorts of useful info and examples in the units. These audio buttons will read the content to you. These audio buttons are recordings of students etc.
  18. For example, the unit on Summarising takes a comprehensive look at the important skill of making study notes.
  19. You will find that certain areas, for example, Research Skills, will be particularly useful when you need to do an assignment.
  20. If you have trouble managing your time, a number of units look at this topic and will teach you skills like good diary use.
  21. At the end of each unit there is a quiz, sometimes multiple choice, sometimes True/False or fill in the missing words etc. Save the results of your quiz by entering your username and password for the tracking system before you take the quiz.
  22. Each unit also has a “module” where at the end of the unit you can see if you are able to apply your knowledge to practical situations. When you have completed all 6 scenarios a PDF file of your answers will be created. You can view this digital portfolio through the tracking system.
  23. There are a number of extra features on MORE menu on the home page, In particular the HIGHLIGHTS page is useful:
  24. On the questions page you can get help on all sorts of school related issues, see what other people have asked or ask your own question.
  25. The student favourites page has links direct to lots of the fun stuff in the site, videos, games etc. This is my favourite, students send in photos of what their pets are doing while they are at school.
  26. So start improving your study skills today! School username: School password: