Neils Christian Jorgensen


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History of
Neils Christian Jorgensen (1833 -1911) &
Kjeistina Erickson (1821 – 1894) &
Martha Febble (1841 – 1907)

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Neils Christian Jorgensen

  1. 1. Neils Christian Jorgensen (1833 -1911) & Kjeistina Erickson Jorgensen (1821 – 1894) & Martha Febble (1841 – 1907) Neils Christian Jorgensen (1833 -1911) and Kjeistina Erickson Jorgensen (1821 – 1894) and their daughter Petrea emigrated from Denmark during 1873 Svendborg, Denmark Niels Christian Jorgensen (1833 – 1911) Emigration 1873 Birth: 28 February 1833 Espe, Svenborg, Denmark Death: 28 November 1911 Fountian Green, Utah, Burial: Fountain Green, Sanpete Co. Utah MARRIED 16 November 1853 Of, Espe, Svenborg, Denmark Kjeistina Ericksen (1821 – 1894) Emigration 1873 Birth: 29 November 1821 Nybolle, Svendborg, Denmark Death: 5 January 1894 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah Burial: 7 January 1894 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah MARRIED 6 March 1895 Martha Febble (1841-1907) Birth: 16 October 1841 Bristol, Glouchester, England Death: 13 June 1907 Scipio, Millard, Utah Burial: Fountain Green, Sanpete Co. Utah CHILDREN: Lars Christian Jorgensen (1853-1892) Emigration 1872 Petrea Jorgensen (1856-1936) Emigration 1873 Hans Peter Jorgensen (1856-1936) Emigration 1872 Eric Christian Jorgensen (1860-1910) Emigration 1872 Fredrick Christian Jorgensen (1863-1867) Died before Emigration Wilhelm Christian Jorgensen (1867-1869) Died before Emigration
  2. 2. Denmark is geographically the southernmost of the Nordic nations, which also include Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Its land mass includes Jutland, a peninsula extending north from Germany, and more than 480 islands. Denmark consists of 16,630 square miles (43,094 sq. km.). With the exception of its 42-mile southern border with Germany, Denmark is surrounded by water. Sweden lies to the east across the Oresund, a narrow body of water that links the North and Baltic Seas; Norway lies to the north; and the North Sea to the west. Denmark has nearly 4,500 miles of coastline, and no part of the nation is more than 30 miles from the sea. Denmark also possesses Greenland, the world's largest island, and the Faeroe Islands, both of which are semiautonomous. Denmark means "field of the Danes." The Danish national flag, the oldest national banner in the world, is a white cross on a red field. Legend has it that the banner, called Dannebrog, descended from the heavens in the midst of a battle between the Danes and the Estonians on June 15, 1219. Although the smallest of the Nordic countries in terms of land mass, Denmark, with 5.2 million people, is second in population after Sweden. The Danish people are among the most homogeneous in the world. Almost all Danes are of Nordic stock, and most are members of the Lutheran church. Because of the ancient practice called patronymics, whereby Peter, the son of Jens, became Peter Jensen, many Danes have the same surname. Although a government decree in 1856 ended patronymics, some 60 percent of all present day Danish names end in "sen" with Jensen and Nielsen being the most common. Approximately one out of every four Danes lives in the capital of Copenhagen ( K ø benhavn ) and its suburbs on the eastern island of Sealand. Other major cities include Århus, Odense, and Ålborg. The country's official language is Danish, but many Danes, especially the young, also speak English and German. Between 1820 and 1850, about 60 Danes got established each year in the United States. However, they soon totaled to more than 375,000 Danes between 1820 and 1990; a vast majority of whom emigrated between 1860 and 1930. The largest arrival year for Danish emigration in United States was 1882, when 11.618 new Danes settled in the country. The first significant wave of Danish immigrants to America consisted mainly of converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), who settled in United States in 1850. They settled down in the newly acquired state of Utah, which had been under Mexican control until 1848. There were about 17,000 such immigrants. Many of these Danes settled in the small farming communities of Sanpete and Sevier counties. These continue to be the counties in the United States with second and fifth largest percentages of Danish Americans today, respectively.
  3. 3. Son’s Hans Peter Jorgensen (1856-1936) at the age of 16, emigrated from Denmark during 1872 with two brother, Lars Christian and Eric Christian. Hans Peter Jorgensen (1856 – 1936) Settled at Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., Utah Lars Christian Jorgensen (1853-1892) settled at Emery, Emery Co., Utah Eric Christian Jorgensen (1860-1910) settled at Colonial Diaz, Chihuahua, Mexico Neils Christen Jorgenses & Kjeistina Ericksen Jorgensen and & daughter Petrea emigration during 1873 Copenhagen, Denmark to Hull, England on the Pacific (27 Jun 1873) Copenhagen to Hull on the Pacific (27 Jun 1873) gensen PASSENGER LIST aboard Pacific • sen, Niels Chr.Jørgen Father; Jørgensen, Kirsten Mother; Jørgensen, Petrea Daughter Liverpool, England to New York on the Wisconsin (2 Jul 1873 - 15 Jul 1873) M8vU-Q0WSo Ship Name Wisconsin Departure 2 Jul 1873 from Liverpool Arrival 15 Jul 1873 at New York Source BMR, Book #1041, pp. 276-280 (FHL #025,692); Customs #714 (FHL #175,734); SMR, 1873 (FHL #025,696); Deseret News vol.22 (July 30, 1873), p.404 PASSENGER LIST aboard Wisconsin GRANDFATHER Neils Christain Jorgensen • sen, Neils C.Jorgen 1933; Jorgensen, Kirsten 1921; Jorgensen, Peter “Petrea” 1856 Jorgensen, Neils C. (Age 40) = Born 1833 Additional family members on this voyage: Jorgensen, Kirsten (Age: 50) = 1823 Born: 1821 Jorgensen, Peter (Petrea) (Age: 16) = 1857 Born: 1856
  4. 4. A Compilation of General Voyage Notes “Wisconsin” "July. Wed. 2. [1873] -- The steamship Wisconsin sailed from Liverpool, England, with 976 Saints, in charge of David O. Calder. The company arrived at New York July 15th, and at Salt Lake City, July 24, 1873 ." CC, p.90 ". . . A company of Scandinavian Saints emigrating to Zion (870 souls) sailed from Copenhagen on the steamers 'Pacific' and 'Milo' June 27, 1873, Apostle Erastus Snow, President Canute Peterson and Elders Peter F. Madsen and Paul Dehlin returned to their homes in Zion with this company of emigrants. The 'Pacific,' which left Copenhagen at 12:30 p.m. and on which Apostle Snow had charge of the Saints, arrived at Hull, England, on the 30th, at 8:30 p.m. A child was born on this voyage. The same day the company went by train to Liverpool, where they immediately embarked on the steamship 'Wisconsin.' The 'Milo,' on which Elder Canute Peterson had charge of the Saints, left Copenhagen three hours later than the 'Pacific' and arrived at Hull on the 1st day of July, 24 hours later than the other ship. At 9 p.m. this company arrived in Liverpool and also embarked on the ocean steamer 'Wisconsin' which sailed from Liverpool July 2nd 1873 with 976 souls (immigrating LDS members) on board, in charge of Elder David O. Calder, assisted by Elders Canute Peterson, Peter F. Madsen, S. S. Jones and Paul Dehlin. Of the emigrants 104 were English. After a successful voyage the 'Wisconsin' arrived safely in New York, July 15th 1873. The number of the passengers had increased, one child being born on board, and decreased by the loss of two, as a Brother Knud Mortensen was missed at Liverpool and a child was killed by accident. From New York the journey westward was resumed by railway, and the company arrived in Salt Lake City on July 24th 1873 . . . ." HSM, p.216 "ZIONWARD. -- One of the largest companies of the Saints that have ever set sail from this or any other port, left Liverpool for New York on Wednesday, the 2nd instant, in the steamship Wisconsin, Captain T. W. Freeman. This is the second company of emigrants this season who have left their native lands for Utah, and number 104 English and 872 Scandinavians, making a total of 976 souls. The Saints are in the charge of Elder David O. Calder, who is assisted by Elders K. Petersen, S. S. Jones, P. F. Madsen and Paul Dehlin. These brethren are returning home, to Utah, after having faithfully and diligently performed their missions in Europe. Elders Calder and Jones arrived in this country a year ago, the former laboring in Scotland and the latter principally in the Sheffield Conference. Elder Petersen arrived here two years ago, and has presided over the Scandinavian Mission during the period. Elder Madsen has labored in the same Mission for three years past, while Elder Dehlin has labored two years there. Brother Calder's son, David G., who accompanied his father on his mission, returns also with this company. May the Lord bless and prosper all on board, and land them safely at their destination." MS, 35:27 (July 8, 1873), p.425 ==================================================================================
  5. 5. Niels Christian Jorgensen (1833 – 1911) Kjeistina Ericksen (1821 – 1894) After arrival in Utah the family settled in Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., Utah Niels Christian Jorgensen (1833 – 1911) MARRIED 6 March 1895 Martha Fablier (1841-1907) a.k.a. Martha Fablier Plair Birth: 16 October 1841 Bristol, Glouchester, England Death: 13 June 1907 Scipio, Millard, Utah Burial: Fountain Green, Sanpete Co. Utah a.k.a. Martha Fablier Plair, Martha Febble (tombstone) Daughter: Petrea Jorgensen (1856 – 1936) Settled at Fountain Green, Sanpete Co,, Utah MARRIED 3 November 1873 Andrew Marquis Barentsen Birth: 22 January 1833 Grimstrup, Ribe (Rovsthoje), Denmark Death: 9 January 1915 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah, USA HISTORIES OF FOUNTAIN GREEN, UTAH Fountain Green was founded in 1859 by George W. Johnson, and his three sons, Amos P., Horace and Oliver. In 1860 Robert Lewis Johnson and his wife Polly Ann Guymon Johnson were sent by Brigham Young to help with the settling of the town. He was appointed the first bishop in 1861, holding the office for twenty-three years. He built a house in 1863, which not only provided living quarters for his family but also was used as the first hotel. General Authorities stayed there as well as other travelers through the area. One room was used as a store, the first established in the town. In the spring of 1860, aspen logs were obtained from the mountains and a meetinghouse was built. It also served as the first schoolhouse. The monument is situated on the lot where the old tithing office was built in 1907. It was used to store tithes of produce, eggs, meat, flour, etc. Twice a week these articles were hauled to Eureka and sold at the mining camps around that area. In this way the produce, which had been given for tithing, was converted into money for church use. Over the years the tithing office has served the Relief Society, been used for auxiliary meetings and a bishop's office. It was finally turned over to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, who renovated the building, landscaped the grounds and use it as a meeting place and relic hall. The old Fountain Green school bell was placed on top of the white brick monument. As each new schoolhouse was built, the bell was transferred, tolling time, fire and curfew for a period of eighty-eight years. The marker was dedicated in 1976.
  6. 6. Niels C. Jorgensen’s wife Kjeistina Erickson Jorgensen passed away 5 January 1894 at Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah "Utah, Marriages, 1887-1966" N.C. Jorgensen and Martha Fablier Plair Marriage 06 Mar 1895 groom's name: N.C. Jorgensen groom's birth date: 1835 groom's age: 60 bride's name: Martha Fablier Plair bride's birth date: 1845 bride's age: 50 marriage date: 06 Mar 1895 marriage place: Manti City, Sanpete, Utah CENSUS 1910 "United States Census” Niels C Jorgensen, Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah name: Niels C Jorgensen birthplace: Denmark relationship to head of household: Self residence: Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah marital status: Married race : White gender: Male immigration year: 1873 father's birthplace: Denmark mother's birthplace: Denmark Household Gender Age Birthplace self Niels C Jorgensen M 77y Denmark wife Mary Jorgensen F 62y England ================================================================ Your tombstone stands neglected and alone. The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone. It reaches out to all who care. It is too late to mourn. You did not know that I exist. You died and I was born. Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our heart contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor, the place you filled so many years ago. Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so. I wonder as you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew That someday I would find this spot and come to visit you. Author Unknown
  7. 7. Fountain Green Cemetary, Fountain Green, Utah Neils Christian Jorgensen (1833 – 1911) Birth: Feb. 28, 1833, Denmark Death: Nov. 28, 1911, Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., Utah Burial: Fountain Green Cemetery , Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., Utah. Plot: Sec 11 Lot 10 Father: Jorgen NIELSEN , Mother: Pernille PEDERSEN Family links: Spouses Kjersten Ericksen Jorgensen (1821 - 1894)* Spouse: Martha Febble Jorgensen (1842 - 1907)* Neils Christian Jorgensen (1833 – 1911) N.C. JORGENSEN BORN Feb 28, 1833 FYEN DENMARK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kjersten Ericksen Jorgensen (1821 - 1894) Martha Febble Jorgensen (1842 – 1907) KJERSTEN MA Fablier RTHA ERECKSEN FEBBLE Wife of Wife of N.C. N.C. JORGENSEN JORGENSEN BORN BORN Dec. 11 1822 Oct 16, 1843 FYEN BRISTOL DENMARK ENGLAND DIED DIED Jan. 6 1894 June 14 1907 FT. GREEN SCIPIO
  8. 8. Funen or Fyn = FYEN on the tombstone Funen (Danish: Fyn, pronounced [ˈfyːˀn]), with an area of 2,984 km² (1152 sq. miles), is the third-largest island of Denmark, Fyn Google Satellite Map Funen , is the whole Island. Svenborg is the city. Fyen OR Fyn OR Funen is the whole island. Like a County in a State. Svenborg is a city in Fyen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Martha Febble: Born: Bristol, England, U.K. OR Bridport, England, U.K.