Louisa Rodgers Meek Allen


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Louisa Rodgers Meek Allen (1839-1904)

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Louisa Rodgers Meek Allen

  1. 1. Louisa Rodgers Meek Allen (1839-1904) Louisa Rodgers Birth 14 August 1839, Castling, Pike, Lea, Herefordshire, England Death: 11 October 1904, Charleston, Wasatch, Utah, United States Became a member of LDS Church during 1853 PARENTS Father: John Rogers 1809-1856) Mother: Harriet Wilkes Rogers (1811-1888) LEA (St. John), a parish, in the union of Ross, hundred of Greytree, county of Hereford, 4½ miles (E. S. E.) from Ross. This parish is situated on the road from Gloucester to Ross. Her Father, John Rogers, passed away 26 January 1856, Weston Under Penyard, Herefordshire, England Her Mother, Harriet Wilkes Rogers (1811-1888) MARRIED George Meek (1834-1883) On 11 October 1857 at Weston Under Penyard, Herefordshire, England George Meek is a brother of Benjamin Enniss Meek
  2. 2. Louisa Rodgers MARRIED Benjamin Enniss Meek 14 October 1860, Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire, England Benjamin Enniss Meek Birth: 6 December 1837, Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire, England Death: 21 Jul 1866, On Plains - West Of Wyoming, Neb on the way to Utah Became a member of LDS Church during 1861 PARENTS of Benjamin Enniss Meek Father: Thomas Meek Birth: 27 September 1807, Weston, Herefordshire, England Death: 6 Jul 1891, Kaysville, Davis, Utah Became a member of LDS Church during 1841 Mother: Ann Enniss Birth: 25 February 1808, Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire, England Death:14 Oct 1885 Kaysville, Davis, Utah Became a member of LDS Church during 1843 Louisa Rodgers & Benjamin Enniss Meek CHILDREN: Born in England William Meek (1860-1865) Died in England Ann Meek (1861-1913) Immigrated to Utah with Parents & Meek Grandparents Charles Meek (1864-1965) Died in England During 1866 Benjamin & Louisa Rodgers Meek and child, Ann, plus Benjamin’s parents made their way to Liverpool, England and along with 764 LDS Church members board the immigrant chartered ship “John Bright” http://mormonmigration.lib.byu.edu/Search/showDetails/db:MM_MII/t:voyage/id:193/keywords:Meek Ship Name “John Bright” Departure: Liverpool, England 30 Apr 1866 from Liverpool Arrival: New York, new York 6 Jun 1866 at New York PASSENGERS • BenjaminMeek, Father Age 28 • Mother Age 27Meek, Louisa • aughter Age 5Meek, Ann D • sMeek, Thoma Father – Father-in-Law Age 58 • other – Mother-in-Law Age 58Meek, Ann M Passengers arrived at Castel Garden Immigration Receiving Center at New York, New York
  3. 3. After arrival at New York the immigrants boarded riverboats and trains which headed for the wagon trains staging area at Wyoming, Nebraska. The following excerpts summarize the travels from New York to Wyoming, Nebraska during 1866 Diary of Caroline Hopkins Clark – A 12 day riverboat & train trip June 7--We were taken into Castle Garden today about twelve o'clock. We had to stay there until twelve o'clock at night. … At ten o'clock we had to [p. 3] walk about two miles to a steamboat. The lame, old, and children had to have cars, so we fell in with that number. We had to sit in the boat all night, so you guess how comfortable we were. June 8--We rode all night. (To Albany, New York) . At break of day we were hurried out (of the steamboat) to go to the train. We rode all day. It is a pleasing country. It is impossible to describe the acres of land that lays uncultivated. Riding in the train is very tiresome. It shakes very much June 9--We still are riding by rail. We went through British Canada. We also went through Toronto and Montreal. We were stopped on the road and searched by soldiers; thinking we wore firearms. We had to change trains at Montreal. …. The houses are mostly built of wood. They look well. The people dress fine about here.
  4. 4. June 10--Still continue on by rail…. Soldiers are stationed every short distance along the road. We are riding day and night. June 11--We are still journey by railway. We had to change cars and drop over a river into the United States. There we got refreshments, and started again on our journey. June 12--Still continue by rail. It is very tedious, riding by rail so long. The country looks well. We have passed by nice villages. It is very hot in the day time… June 13--Still going by rail. Very sad news to tell of today's journeying. Mr. Cox was taken worse during the night and remained so until about nine o'clock, then he died. The name of the place was called Michigan. He was taken on to Chicago. We then bought a coffin and had him buried at a cemetery about four miles from Chicago. We stayed there during the night…. June 14--Today's journey is a sad one to us, on account of the death of our dear baby. It grieved us much. She died at the place where Mr. Cox was buried. We then left Chicago, and proceeded by train to Quincy. We changed trains, and crossed the river. June 15--Then we took the train and proceeded to St. Joseph. We stayed all day and night there. June 16--Then we took a (riverboat) boat, and went up the Missouri River. The water is very dirty with undercurrents. We saw Indians on the bank… June 17--We still keep going up the river, we have to be on top deck. We can lie and see the moon and stars shining upon us. We do not fear being exposed to the air, because we are getting used to it. June 18--We are still on the river. It remains very hot. The water keeps very muddy all the way. June 19--Arrived in Wyoming [Nebraska] very early in the morning. The heat is very oppressive. You should see the children, they are blistered with the sun. Little Frank's arm is very bad. We can see something like sparks of fire. They are small insects. There are not many houses. The teams came to the river for our luggage and took it on to the grove. The Meek’s family, traveling with different group, would have arrived a few days earlier but had similar travel experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The outfitting post at Wyoming, Nebraska (the west bank of the Missouri River about 40 miles south of. Omaha). Thomas E. Ricks Company The Meek’s Family became part of the THOMAS E. RICKS COMPANY DEPARTURE Wyoming, Nebraska 6-10 July 1866 ARRIVAL: Salt Lake City, Utah, 29 August 1866 NUMBER IN COMPANY 46 Wagons 256 Immigrants in the total Company of 272 Meek, Benjamin Age 28 Meek, Louisa Rodgers Age 28 Listed as Louisa Rogers in Company roster Meek, Ann Age 5 Meek, Ann Ennis Age 58 Meek, Thomas Age 58
  5. 5. 1866 - During travel with Thomas E. Ricks Wagon Co. Benjamin Enniss Meek, became ill and died 21 July 1866 and was buried along the trail. Trail Reports place the THOMAS E. RICKS COMPANY at Cottonwood, Neb on 20 July 1866. That is along the Platte River & Mormon Trail about 100 miles West from Kearney, Nebraska. Today the town of North Platte, Nebraska (not present in 1866) is about 100 miles west of Kearney, Neb. A short time after arrival at Salt Lake City the family settled at Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah Louisa Rodgers son, Benjamin Rodgers Meek, was born 7 September 1866 at Kaysville 12 April 1869 Louisa MARRIED: Andrew Jackson Allen at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah The family home was at Draper, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Andrew Jackson Allen previously married to Delilah Emaline Andrews, they have 11 children. Delilah Emaline Andrews passed away 5 Dec 1869, Draper, Utah Louisa Rodgers & Andrew Jackson Allen CHILDREN: Jackson Rial Allen 1869-1943 John Wilford Allen 1871-1950 Thomas Warren Allen 1874-1946 Edwin Lewis Allen 1877-1879 Arthur Pratt Allen 1879-1955 Louisa’s Mother , Harriet Rogers Meek, came to Utah aboard the steamship “Idaho” during 1870. She and husband, George Meek and his parents, lived at Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah. Andrew Jackson Allen Died: 18 July 1884, Draper, Salt Lake, Utah At some time. Louisa’s Mother, Harriet Wilkes, Rogers Meek, came to Draper, and lived with Louisa. Harriet’s husband, George, died during 1883 and was buried at Kaysville, Utah Harriet Meek died 14 Sept 1888 and was buried in Draper, Utah During 1900 U.S. Census, Louisa Rodgers is living with her son, Jackson Rial Allen, and his family at Draper, Utah. Louisa Rodgers Allen Died: 11 October 1904 Charleston, Wasatch, Utah (Near Draper, Utah) probably living with one of her children.
  6. 6. Louisa Rodgers Meek Allen Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=9553594 Louisa R. Allen Draper City Cemetery Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah Plot: A-37-8 Benjamin Enniss Meek – Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=118700539 Andrew Jackson Allen – Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=13425781 Prepared by J.E. Anderson for Aunt Jane Matilda Allen (1903-1974) Grand Daughter of: Andrew Jackson Allen (1818-1884) AND Louisa Rogers (1839-1904)