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Addiction By Design - Cheryl Hsu


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Toronto Learning Night - July 21, 2016

Published in: Education
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Addiction By Design - Cheryl Hsu

  1. 1. GAMBLING SUSPENDS: 1. Choice. “choosing to continue the zone.” 2. Social exchange. “the exchange wasn’t messy like a human relationship.” 3. Money value. “it’s not about winning, it’s about continuing play.” 4. Time. “I go into a different time frame.”
  2. 2. “The ever more complete penetration of public spaces by attention-getting technologies exploits the orienting response in a way that preempts sociability, directing us away from one another and toward a manufactured reality, the content of which is determined from afar by private parties that have a material interest in doing so.” ― Matthew B. Crawford
  3. 3. Instrumentalism Technology is 
 value-neutral Social Constructivism Society shapes technology 
 & vice-versa
  4. 4. “Are the problems in the product, the user, or the interaction?” MATERIALISTIC 
  5. 5. seamless DELIGHTFUL smooth enchanting
  6. 6. DESIGNER USER • calculative • rational • statistical • experiential • affective • sensory C O L L U S I O N FLOW STATEPROFIT
  7. 7. “user-centred” alignment obscures radically different ends. ASSYMETRIC 
  8. 8. Operant conditioning = AB testing continuous reinforcement fixed interval variable interval variable ratio fixed ratio
  9. 9. “Affective appeals of casino design come palpably to the fore when they conflict with the conscious intentions of the nations attempting to resist.”
  10. 10. “You have no choice but to concentrate on the screen.”
  11. 11. seamful EDUCATIONAL gritty EMPOWERING