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Blog phrasal verbs


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phrasal verbs english

Published in: Education
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Blog phrasal verbs

  1. 1. Jenny Marcela Rojas
  2. 2. When something mechanical is not working. Example: Yesterday, I was driving my car until it broke down.
  3. 3. When somebody report and sign in in a hotel or an airport. Example: I made my check at the hotel
  4. 4. When somebody order and clean a place. Example: Gabriela, clean up your bedroom!
  5. 5. When something collapse or break down. Example: My vase fall apart because my son was playing with a ball
  6. 6. When somebody bump into or decline. Example: I fall down in a hole.
  7. 7. When somebody go on vacation. Example: I get away with my family to hawai.
  8. 8. When somebody mend or overcome a bad situation Example: Juanita get over the cancer.
  9. 9. When somebody stay or wait. Example: Can you please hold on, I am speaking to my husband.
  10. 10. When somebody take care of other person. Example: My babysitter look after my children
  11. 11. When somebody combine and connect something. Example: Put the puzzle together.