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5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Green Nonprofits

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  1. 1. Sustainable   Arlington     Food Recovery Project
  2. 2. Who  We  Are   The  Food  Recovery  Project  was  started  as  a  community  service  project  by  members  of  the   Minuteman  Parent  Associa?on  (MPA)  and  Sustainable  Arlington.       Minuteman  Parent  Associa?on  Inc.   Sustainable  Arlington,  a  chapter  of   the  Massachuse0s  Climate  Ac5on   Network  (MCAN)   •  The parent organization of Minuteman High School, a regional public technical high school, located in Lexington, MA . •  The MPA is a 501(c)3 organization. •  Sustainable Arlington (SA) is a Vision 2020 Environment Task Group Committee of the Town of Arlington. •  MCAN is a 501(c)3 organization.
  3. 3. What  We  Do   Project  Mission   To  support  those  in  need  of  food  by  diver5ng   end-­‐of-­‐day  food  from  local  bakeries,  cafes   and  grocers  and  redistribu5ng  such  food  to   non-­‐profit  organiza5ons  serving  low  income   individuals  and  families  in  need,  including   students,  the  elderly  and  the  physically   challenged  within  local  communi5es.     In  the  12-­‐month  period  ended  September  30,   2013,  9,000+  boxes  (value  es5mate  of   $500,000+)  of  bread,  produce  and  other   perishables  were  distributed  through  the   Food  Recovery  Project  to  local  non-­‐profit   organiza5ons.     0   500   1000   1500   2000   2500   3000   Q2   Q3   Q4   Q1   Q2   Q3   Number  of  Boxes  Collected   4/1/12  -­‐  9/30/13  
  4. 4.   The  Minuteman  Parent  Associa5on  and  Sustainable   Arlington  are    willing  to  assist  other  organiza5ons   implement    a  similar  program  in  their  community.   Loca?on   Partnering  Organiza?ons   Arlington   Trader  Joe’s   Arlington   Whole  Foods  Market   Arlington  Heights   Starbucks   Burlington   Panera  Bread   Cambridge  -­‐  Fresh  Pond   Panera  Bread   Lexington   Panera  Bread   Woburn   Panera  Bread   Donors   Recipient  Organiza?ons  (sampling)   ing  by  Loca?on   Role,  Responsibili?es,  &Opportuni?es:     §  Collec5ng  and  Distribu5ng   •  Collect  end-­‐of-­‐day  food  from  partnering  bakeries,  cafes  and   grocers  (Panera  &  Starbucks  at  night;  Trader  Joe’s  at  7AM)   •  Sort  and,  if  needed,  package  food  for  redistribu5on   •  Deliver  food  to  non-­‐profit  organiza5ons   §  Administra5on   •  Manage  /  direct  program   •  Volunteer  coordina5on   •  Training   •  Outreach  to  donor  and  recipient  organiza5ons   •  Solici5ng  dona5ons  of  supplies   •  General  administra5ve  tasks     •  Form  /  organize  separate  non-­‐profit  en5ty   •  Grant  wri5ng   •  Develop  and  maintain  web  site   Loca?on   Accep?ng  Organiza?ons   Arlington   • Arlington  Boys  &  Girls  Club   • Arlington  Food  Pantry   • Arlington  Housing  Authority   • Arlington  Senior  Center   Belmont   • Belmont  Food  Pantry   Charlestown   • Bunker  Hill  Community  College   (Single  Stop  Program)   Medford   • Medford  Community  Cupboard   Stakeholders  
  5. 5. Contact  Informa5on   Organiza?on   Name   Phone   Email   Minuteman  Parent  Associa5on  /     Sustainable  Arlington                                   DeAnne  Dupont   H:  781-­‐641-­‐0041   M:  781-­‐439-­‐5736                           Minuteman  Parent  Associa5on   Julie  Kremer   M:  781-­‐859-­‐9363                                   For  addi5onal  informa5on,  please  contact  Co-­‐Directors  /  Co-­‐Founders: