Crossing the Line into Patron-Driven Acquisitions in the Arts?


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presented as part of the "Hot Off the List: Current Issues on ARLIS-L" session at the ARLIS/NA Conference in Toronto (2012)

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Crossing the Line into Patron-Driven Acquisitions in the Arts?

  1. 1. "Crossing the Line into PatronDriven Acquisitions in the Arts?" Janine Henri Architecture, Design and Digital Services Librarian and Interim Resource Librarian for Urban Planning UCLA Arts Library March 2012
  2. 2. Based on chapter titles from: Patron-Driven Acquisitions: History and Best Practices, edited by David A. Swords. Boston: De Gruyter Saur, 2011. (Current topics in library and information practice)
  3. 3. Based on article titles from: Collection Management, Volume 35, Issue 3-4, 2010. Special Issue: “Patron-Driven Acquisitions: Current Successes and Future Directions.”
  4. 4. Patron-Driven Acquisitions as participatory librarianship? “Participatory librarians approach their work as facilitators of conversation. Be it in practice, policies, programs and/or tools, participatory librarians seek to enrich, capture, store and disseminate the conversations of their communities.” -- Dr. David Lankes quoted by Buffy Hamilton at COMO 2010 (Georgia Library/media conference)
  5. 5. “You are not a user, you are not a customer, or consumer - you are a participant in control of your world and able to shape your own learning and environment... So are those we seek to serve.” Dr. David Lankes, Reinventing Library Services And Librarians In The Digital Age.
  6. 6. “Patron Choice” Patron-Driven Acquisitions Pilot at UCLA •Began loading records into catalog on April 5, 2010 •Over 3,000 records loaded by April 30, 2010 •First selection input May 7, 2010 •Over 3,800 records in catalog by July 20, 2010 •178 titles selected between May 7-July 18 2010 ($6,600) •Over 10,500 titles in the catalog by July 5, 2011 •654 titles selected by end of 2010/11 ($45,560) •As of last week $78,300 has been spent this fiscal year (in all subjects)
  7. 7. Sample UCLA PDA catalog record
  8. 8. PDA in Arts Subjects •Titles loaded in to Catalog in FY 2010/2011: •Arts US: 793 (7.5% of total) •Arts UK: 22 (.2% of total) •Arts Titles ordered in FY 2010/2011: 9 •Arts Titles ordered in FY 2011/2012: 105 (as of March 27, 2012)
  9. 9. Issues limiting interest in PDA selection in design disciplines •PDA catalog records are still only as good as catalog records get: •Designers use catalog records to locate a section of the library where they can browse •Designers needs specific kinds of visuals: the fact that the book is „ill.‟ or has „plans‟ is not enough information. •Designers surround themselves with a wide range of visuals during their projects
  10. 10. On a more philosophical note • If we do away entirely with subject expert collection development (librarians/selectors/bibliographers) might that mean that our users would only ask the library to purchase the titles they know about on the topics/designers/artists/architects they know about? • If so, what would that mean as far as their exposure to other ideas/works/precedents? (Especially in academic libraries that support students‟ education.
  11. 11. On a more practical note: • When faculty at academic institutions are not necessarily on tenure track (or if they are not planning to stay at one institution long-term), the faculty may be less invested in insuring that the library develop collections that will benefit students or even their own research. • When a new course is taught, if we have not purchased titles that support the course we get to spend a lot more money and time filling in gaps than than if we‟d bought the books when they were first published. • Are we ignoring the importance of exposing our students to visual content just when we‟re exploring issues related to visual literacy instruction?
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