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The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia: Connecting a circle of research and dissemination by connecting readers and editors with libraries and publishers. Big ideas to turn Wikipedia into the starting point for deep research while exposing the rich collections of libraries and archives.

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Future libraries london

  1. 1. Librarypedia The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia @JakeOrlowitz, User:Ocaasi
  2. 2. The Library Connection WP only as good as our sources Libraries have the best sources Wikipedia has the most eyeballs Connect a circle of research and dissemination WP as starting point for deeper learning
  3. 3. The Wikipedia Library Gain access to paywalled sources Facilitate research for editors Connect to libraries Lead to free and local sources Promote open access
  4. 4. Access partnerships Incorporate closed access sources Donations for mutual benefit Top editors Volunteer distributed High impact metrics
  5. 5. 2000 editors 3000 accounts $1.2 million 14 partners 22% non-english Impact
  6. 6. Thinking big What if every publisher donated free access to the 1000 most active Wikipedians in that subject area?
  7. 7. Movement motivation “Experienced editors repeatedly tell us how happy they are with receiving access: that they 'need' it and go through 'withdrawal' without it. Whereas major WMF initiatives (Visual Editor, Flow, MediaViewer) sometimes frustrate experienced editors because that investment focuses on audiences such as new-editors and readers, Wikipedia Library access to reliable sources directly supports super/top/power editors, helping them recognize how the Foundation's efforts support their own interests.”
  8. 8. Wikipedia Visiting Scholars Academic tradition Research affiliates Unpaid, remote Full access to collections Liason to Wikipedia’s community
  9. 9. Successful pilot 25 articles each 4 schools 5 scholars Exposing collections Impact
  10. 10. Thinking big What if every library or research institution had one Wikipedia on staff to access their collections and build the encyclopedia?
  11. 11. Satellite branches Locally run Centrally supported Modular services Language resources Community driven
  12. 12. Impact Arabic Chinese Spanish German Meta kit for Your Community...
  13. 13. Thinking big What if every language version of Wikipedia had its own branch of The Wikipedia Library?
  14. 14. Full text reference tool OCLC Pilot IP affiliation Proxy Resolver Open URL University initiative
  15. 15. Impact Alpha version Tool labs Wikimedia Labs Local links
  16. 16. Thinking big What if every reference in a Wikipedia article had the link to the full text source next to it?
  17. 17. Resource exchange WP:RX Fair use Academic sharing Global OA Button
  18. 18. Thinking big What if any editor anywhere in the world could be given a fair-use, full-text copy of the source they need?
  19. 19. Building tech Expose collections Connect to reference experts Remix metadata Demonstrate impact
  20. 20. Thinking big What if every language version of Wikipedia had its own branch of The Wikipedia Library?
  21. 21. OA signalling
  22. 22. Thinking big What if every reference in a Wikipedia article tagged whether it was free to read or reuse?
  23. 23. Thinking bigger University Partner... Powered by Oxford? Integrated Search... Online Catalogue? Research Desk... How-to reference help? Citation Tech... Bibliography management? Library Outreach... Quarterly editathons? Subject guides... Collaborative resource handbooks? Library interns... Student participation program? Finding Aids... Archival exposure project?
  24. 24. Community coordination Organizing Ocaasi Sadads The Interior Accounts Nikkimaria Chris Gualtieri Outreach Merrilee Tech Madman Johnuniq Nischanyn Global Abbad Aschmidt AddisWang
  25. 25. Next steps More partners visiting scholars global satellites tech tools coordinators outreach
  26. 26. Wikipedia, Libraries = natural allies Wikipedia is the starting point for research We lead readers back to sources at libraries So they can think critically about subjects
  27. 27. Questions? Jake Orlowitz User:Ocaasi jorlowitz@gmail.com @JakeOrlowitz TWL - http://enwp.org/WP:TWL