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Mulberry Elementary School Spiral-bound Notebooks


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I've got to say that this Mulberry Meerkat Elementary School logo's cute...and I'm a guy. Good job to whomever the designer was.

We will be glad to provide free samples of our line of custom-made premium spiral-bound notebooks. Please contact us at or 678-386-4694.

Thanks, John

P.S. For schools, businesses, clubs, and other organizations that are seriously considering buying notebooks, ask about our free six-pack. Send us your graphics, logos, crests, text, and photos and we'll make a free six-pack of spiral-bound notebooks for you with no obligation whatsoever.

This is at least a $30 value when labor and free shipping are accounted for as well as the notebooks. And please remember that all work is satisfaction guaranteed or we replace the offenders at our cost.

Reach us at and 678-386-4694. We anticipate helping you get what you want.

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Mulberry Elementary School Spiral-bound Notebooks

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