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Tread Not On Me


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A federal bureaucracy is slowly usurping The United States Constitution and has been doing so for years. Does this part (that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;) of The Oath of Allegiance still apply?

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Tread Not On Me

  1. 1. Tread Not On MePeace be to you, peace be to me, I hear what you spew, but you don’t believe in freedom to love, freedom to live, the freedom that only God can give The mass graves of your disease can be found in world history Destroy my will, for power you kill With your chains of deceit, you live to shackle me Our rivers and streams bleed over their banks, from these crimson waters we give thanks To the heroes and brave, fallen and maimed To squander their blood is your aim Train your guns on me, string me up in the square The cost of liberty is the thousand yard stare Slay this body of mine, there’s a few million you missed When you dream tonight, hear our hiss Tread not on me or her or him We’re not looking for war but the weak we’ll defend As you walk the oaks, from seeds sown moons ago Hear the whispers from the least of us and know We want freedom from your tyranny Our blood feeds the roots of liberty You can strike me dead and turn a deaf ear Your toll is the one thing that I fear My country has been stripped and stolen Can’t see through these lids that are now swollen Bruised and beaten, dragged and whipped You’ll soon feel the fangs of this venomous pit From the compilation Our Barren Bounty by John Robert Conley Vagabond’s Rose, Copyright 2010