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Lesson plan 2nd meeting


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Lesson plan 2nd meeting

  1. 1. LESSON PLANLevel : Junior High SchoolSubject : MathematicsClass : IXSemester : ITopic : StatisticsTime Allocation : 2 x 40 minutesStandard CompetenceOrganizing and presenting dataBasic CompetenceDetermine mean, median, and mode of single data and penafsirannyaIndicators1. Ordering the single data2. Determine the biggest and the smallest data3. Determine Q1, Q2, and Q3 of dataLearning Objectives1. Given example about ordering the single data, students are supposed tobe able to understand the example so they can do the other problemsabout ordering data by their selves.2. Given a data, students are supposed to be able to determine the biggestand the smallest data.3. Given a data, students are supposed to be able to determine Q1, Q2, andQ3 of data
  2. 2. Learning ModelLearning Model : Direct InstructionLearning Method : Lecture MethodLearning SourcesStudent HandbookPowerPoint PresentationLearning Activities IntroductionPhase 1. Provide objectives and establish seto Teacher leads students to recall the lesson that had been learnt inthe previous meeting.o Motivation: Here, teacher may give information that if theyunderstand about ordering data, they will also be able tounderstand the next material that still related with material in thismeeting.o Teacher communicates the learning objective.o Teacher prepares the material and sets students ready to learn. Main ActivitiesPhase 2. Demonstrate knowledge or skillo Teacher demonstrates how to order the single data anddetermine the biggest and the smallest data.o Teacher informs to students how to determine Q1, Q2, and Q3 ofdataPhase 3. Provide guided practiceo Teacher gives some problems dealing with ordering data anddetermining the biggest, smallest, and the jangkauan of data.o Teacher gives times to students to solve the problems. Afterthat, teacher asks several students randomly to solve theproblem in front of the class.
  3. 3. o Teacher guides students who perform to solve the problemscorrectly.Phase 4. Check understanding and provide feedbacko Teacher asks the other students to check whether the answersperformed in the front are right or not to check studentunderstanding. Teacher then responds to their answers. Teachercan emphasize praise on correct performance.Phase 5. Provide extended practice and transfero At the end of the lesson, teacher gives several problems dealingwith ordering data and asks students to take them as homework. Closureo Teacher leads students to review the lesson has been learnt.o Teacher asks students whether they have questions about thelesson or not.AssessmentThe assessment can be done by assessing the homework handed out by thestudents. In assessing the homework, teacher also gives feedback for each student.