Destructive & constructive forces of nature


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My son had to do another powerpoint in science class in 5th grade on Destructive & Constructive forces of nature. I helped him with this one and also shared it with my 5th grade students at the time. Students using technology.

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Destructive & constructive forces of nature

  1. 1. Destructive & Constructive Forces of Nature Students erupting a volcano By: J.C.- with baking soda andMs. Hernandez (5th grade) vinegar!
  2. 2. Volcano: a mountainformed by lava and ash.
  3. 3. Lava is magma that reaches the Earth’ssurface. Volcanoes push up new rich soil to the surface.
  4. 4. They form on the plates in the Pacific Ocean
  5. 5. Tornadoes: a spiralshaped wind storm
  6. 6. Tornadoes are common in the middle of the U.S.
  7. 7. Tornadoes are like spinning tops. DestroySpiral shaped cones buildings/homes
  8. 8. Hurricanes occur in the oceans. The eye is in the center of a hurricane.
  9. 9. Hurricanes bring about tropical storms. Heavy rains causingStrong winds floods.
  10. 10. Earthquakes: shaking of the ground.Japan recently had 3 Fault: crack in the earthquakes. Earth’s crust.
  11. 11. EarthquakesCalifornia gets a lot of Fault: a crack in the earthquakes. Earth’s crust.
  12. 12. Seismograph (instrument) Richter scale measures the magnitude or strength of an earthquake
  13. 13. Tsunami: a HUGE wave
  14. 14. Thunderstorms:thunder, lightning & rain
  15. 15. Lightning is Electricity! A man struck byDouble Trouble! lightning!
  16. 16. Wildfires: forest fires out of control.Forest fires: killing Firefighters risk their our trees= our lives. oxygen.
  17. 17. Wild Forest FiresSmokey the Bearhelps to educate Humans / campfires about fires.
  18. 18. In danger of burning thisbeautiful home in the mt.
  19. 19. Trying to prevent Flooding.Building a barricade. Filling in sand bags.
  20. 20. Floods:destroy roads/ homes. Getting out andCars stuck. staying in a shelter.
  21. 21. Mass Movement- Mudslides can bury homes, cars, and people.
  22. 22. A mudslide is a downhill movement of rock & soil because of gravity.
  23. 23. BOULDER: a huge rock
  24. 24. Acid Rain: polluted water withchemicals that destroy statues.
  25. 25. Water erosion: rocks over time become round and smooth.
  26. 26. Weathering & ErosionWaves crashing A big chuck departed.against rocks.
  27. 27. Weathering & ErosionShape new Beautiful artlandforms. landforms.
  28. 28. Weathering: water freezes (ice)expands and breaks down rocks.
  29. 29. Water ErosionThe beach house- Water eroded the soilwaves eroded the leaving the roots soil. exposed.
  30. 30. Deposition: moving sediment into a NEW LOCATION.Sediment moving down the river and pouring into the delta- mouth of the river.
  31. 31. Changes to the Earth’s surface create new landforms.
  32. 32. By: J. C. (Jacob RyanCabrera) Ms.Hernandez’s -- 5th grade Science class