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Mobile Innovation Companies Sweden Show

  1. Swedish Mobile Innovation June 7, 2009 Selection of Swedish Mobile Innovation companies at Mobile World Congress Web: Contact: [email_address]
  2. Agency9 <ul><li>Agency9 develops and sell software technology for real-time 3D visualisation in web and mobile phones. The company offers 3DMaps EX, a web-based 3D map application allowing for integration of Ads and statistical systems in on-line mapping. 3DMaps EX is launched at , Swedens largest on-line directory. We are currently looking for partners to launch our coming product 3DMaps EX Mobile. 3DMaps EX Mobile is based on Java Mobile Edition and covers a broad range of mid-end to high-end brands. Agency9 also delivers a 3D messaging application, Madlix 3DGreetings. It is currently available through several content portals such as SonyEricssons Fun & Downloads and TeliaSoneras Surfport. We are looking for content portals to launch the 3DGreetings application. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Khashayar Farmanbar – CEO Mobile: +46709532168
  3. Alcosystems <ul><li>Alcosystems offers a vertical mobile application, with a large potential to generate new revenues in the mobile industry. Alcosystems mobile health solution enables people to keep balance between health and alcohol consumption. This is enabled with the iBAC solution, a unique high quality solution measuring a persons blood alcohol content level. The iBAC solution consists of three main components: -A portable personal gadget measuring a persons BAC level via the air -An application running in a mobile or stationary device for analysis, calculation and visualization of the measurement -A web community portal for support, information, FAQ and software updates </li></ul><ul><li>Looking for: Funding, partners, clients </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Tomas Hedqvist – CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46706578933 http://
  4. Appello <ul><li>About Appello and Wisepilot </li></ul><ul><li>Appello is a leading provider of mobile GPS navigation services and offers turn-key solutions to mobile network operators and business customers. Appello has developed WISEPILOT® a unique and award-winning navigation platform for mobile devices providing applications to the automotive and telecom industries. Appellos customers include some of Europes largest mobile network operators, telecom distributors, web portals, directory service providers, mobile phone manufacturers and telecom system integrators. Appello has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Leif Sundström – VP and General Sales Director [email_address] Mobile: + 46706155146 ,
  5. Bambuser <ul><li>Bambuser was founded in March 2007 by young entrepreneurs Måns Adler and Jonas Vig. The Company offers a service that gives the user the opportunity to stream live video from a mobile phone or web-cam to the web by using 3G or WiFi network. The simplicity of the application and the unlimited mobility gives you the opportunity to instantly share your experiences with your viewers and interact through the web-to-mobile chat. To add even more context to the live-stream, we´ve added Real-time Geo-tagging that is enabled via cell-id or PS. Bambuser has users in more than 100 nations. </li></ul><ul><li>In the end of July 2008, Norwegian Kistefos Venture capital invested 1,5 MEUR in the company. The fundings are being used to secure the Bambuser live streaming service as a market pioneer and to boost international expansion. </li></ul><ul><li>Looking for Funding, partners, co-operations </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Jonas Vig – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46 735067657
  6. The Bearing Group <ul><li>Bearing Group helps telecom, IT, media and online content companies who are reinventing themselves or growing to capitalize on new opportunities on the ever expanding global market. We are an organisation of senior experts, many who have previously been CEO´s or top level executives. We build upon our experiences and contact networks to help our clients with their growth related challenges. We have offices in London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Johannesburg, and we also work with clients in the United States. We can help in the fields of strategy and strategic alignment, go-to-market development, alliance building, business development and corporate finance. To learn more about us, please take a look at our home pages and, or call Sven-Göran Elveborg on +46-705-702 2663 to book a meeting. Companies we are working with and represent include: • Wawo Technology AB develops algorithms, technology and solutions for high performance Face Recognition. The company was founded in 2008 and is privately owned by the founders and researchers. During the summer of 2008, Wawo Technology released the new algoritm DCH807 which was a significant breakthrough in face recognition performance. • Nordictra AB develops state-of-the-art software platforms for innovative financial products to companies in the financial, e-gaming and media markets. The Nordictra Finance product is an innovative, high technology platform, where prices and odds on stock prices updated in real time makes it possible for a person with an interest in the stock market to make money in a new and exciting way. • Dreampark AB develops IPTV applications. The company has been working within the &quot;living room environment&quot; for many years, building experience of end-users demands and needs. The main product is the software suite Dreamgallery™, providing the functionality required by operators wanting to offer IPTV services over IP networks and/or different </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Sven-Göran Elveborg [email_address] Mobile: + 46705702663 http://
  7. Creandum <ul><li>Early-stage venture capital firm investing in innovative technology companies in Scandinavia. Portfolio companies include Spotify (internet music service), Jays (mobile accessories), Xtract (social media & advertising intelligence), and Edgeware (infrastructure for IPTV). </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Daniel Blomquist – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46 705322350 http://
  8. Enea Software AB <ul><li>Enea is a global software and services company with 750+ employees. The companys products include the OSE RTOS family, Netbricks telecom protocols, ELEMENT Services Availability Middleware, dSPEED management platform for dataplane clusters and the Optima Tools Suite. Eneas run-time software was deployed in approximately 350 million mobile phones in 2008. Major customers in the mobile phone market include Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Infineon and ZTE. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Marcus Hjortsberg – VP [email_address] Mobile: +46 709714571
  9. Idevio <ul><li>Idevio delivers Mapping, Geocoding and Routing software based on RaveGeo - the award-winning compression and streaming technology. Tools from Idevio empower Defence, Mobile and Internet applications on workstations, mobile phones and handheld computers. Idevio also produces Locago, a very popular (+250 000 users) free mobile map browser with an open interface to third party content. To try, visit with mobile phone or with computer. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Patric Nordström – CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46708197436 http://
  10. Ikivo <ul><li>More than 350 million mass-market and open OS mobile phones are featuring IKIVO Rich Media Client software. This makes IKIVO the leading supplier of mobile rich media software based on open web standards such as SVG Tiny, scripting, mobile AJAX and html. IKIVO is proud to have commercial licensing agreements with all tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers, as well as leading cellular operators like Vodafone and TMN. The IKIVO client software empowers these companies to provide compelling and innovative mobile services such as mobile user interfaces, mobile widgets, mobile TV, on-device portals and mobile advertising. In addition, the IKIVO software is found in TV set top boxes, printers and other consumer electronic products. IKIVO is also proud to be working with some of the worlds largest Network Equipment Providers and Service providers like Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei and Ericsson. Amongst our esteemed partners we also count Sun, Samsung Semi-Conductors, Intel, Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, Intel, and Infineon. At the core of the IKIVO Rich Media Client software is a world class graphics engine, enabling IKIVO’s customers to provide mobile client software with state-of-the art visual effects, placing them at the very frontline of mobile user experience. The IKIVO software enables user interface features like zooming, panning, transitions and innovative 2D/3D effects at blistering speed using software or hardware acceleration. We are dedicated to developing our software using open, industry web standards which ensure we can provide our customers with future-proof solutions without the risk of vendor lock-in. At the 2009 Mobile World Congress show, IKIVO will be demonstrating a wide range of exciting new developments: - Extraordinary mobile phone user interfaces - Addictive mobile widget frameworks - Compelling mobile TV and On-Device Portal solutions </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Huw W. Hampson-Jones – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46 703052520 (Jonas Adolfsson)
  11. Mighty Systems <ul><li>The LOOP - Putting key and wallet in mobile phone Problem description: There are too many PIN-codes, users and passwords to remember and to handle for a normal person. This gives problem with security and customer relations but also a huge volume of lost business due to the fact that the customer could not remember the PIN code or did not manage to connect. Lack of trust in the payment system is another problem. Opportunity: Handling of authentication for entering bank on internet, internet games and similar is a potential a Billion USD market. There is no available solution that has proven success for internet access, door entries and retail payment. Solution: The LOOP has the potential to solve this problem. It uses the mobile phone for authentication which is done in few steps: 1. At login the service provider sends a one-time-code to the users mobile phone. 2. The code is transferred over Bluetooth, NFC or other short radio to the PC 3. The code is transferred from the PC back up to the Service Provider which closes the loop By this it is verified that the Mobile Phone including the SIM card is close to the PC Other applications: The same solution can be applied for opening of doors and for retail payment IPR Patent for the LOOP solution has been approved in Sweden, EU and South Korea. Patents are pending in USA, Japan, China and India Action: Contact with innovative company is requested for further implementation of the concept is requested. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Mikael Willgert – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46 46706295656
  12. Mobenga <ul><li>Mobenga is a mobile enabler specialized in taking betting and gaming companies as well as sports content and information companies business to the mobile media. We build tailor made applications for our customers allowing them to offer betting and live betting combined with sports information, content and marketing possibilities. Our solutions allow the customers to promote their brands and creating their own unique look & feel, supporting their vision of the mobile media. The award winning platform enables instant communication to the end user, updating odds, results and news in real time. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Christian Rajter - CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46734335551 http://
  13. Mobile Labs Sweden <ul><li>Mobile Labs Sweden AB is specializing in embedded software for mobile devices. The company’s focus is language- and text-related products. We offer a number of products in our v-rocs product suite, aimed at providing advanced text output of complex (and other) scripts for mobile devices. The v-rocs products suite consists of v-rocs Core (the core component for handling language logic, bitmap fonts etc), v-rocs Outline (a very efficient renderer of TrueType/OpenType outline fonts), v-rocs Bi-di (supporting Urdu, Arabic etc), v-rocs Layout (providing editing functions), language modules and fonts. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Anders Borg – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46705227644 http:// /
  14. mm3 Mobile Channel <ul><li>Our services help your company promote itself through your customers' mobile phones. </li></ul><ul><li>We provide and take responsibility for the technical solution. You, or your agency, design the message and the content in the campaign. </li></ul><ul><li>We offer professional advice about the possibilities with mobile marketing. </li></ul><ul><li>To quickly aid you in your mobile campaigns we have developed a suite of off-the-shelf services. On top of this we are always open to the requirements from our customers and gladly discuss your specific requirements. </li></ul><ul><li>The packaged services are designed for response-based marketing. E.g. via advertizing in broad media consumers are encouraged to text in a message to participate in a contest or to ask for more information about the advertized products or services. </li></ul><ul><li>By offering the possibility to send in a response to an advertizement directly from a mobile phone, the threshold is lowered for the consumer. The consumer doesn't have to surf to a home page via a PC or be at a specific place to get more information, and he or she doesn't have to wait for office hours and that you've opened your switchboard. To give a response or ask for more information only a simple SMS is needed. There are more than 8 million SMS's sent per day in Sweden. Let some of those SMS's be responses to your campaigns! </li></ul><ul><li>Through our customer portal you are able to follow the response to your campaign in real time. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Anders Borg – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46705227644 http:// /
  15. Mobispine <ul><li>Mobispine is the market leader in delivering PC-to-mobile solutions, mobile content and Mobile media to mobile service providers and mobile handset manufacturer. Since 2001 Mobispine has delivered its eSMS solution to more than 30 mobile operators throughout the world. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Dusyant Patel, CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46763414212 http://
  16. Mobizoft <ul><li>Mobizoft is a product development company offering Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Content Management Systems (CMS) high quality mobile streaming and media solutions. Content providers using a Mobizoft enabled CDN, powered by Mobizoft, can extend their web streaming solution with mobile streaming solutions with just a &quot;click on </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Maria Christensen, CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46705758917
  17. MyWidz <ul><li>MyWidz is a community service that takes user generated content to the mobile phone by making development, sharing and collection of widgets (small web aware applications) easier then ever before. As easy it is to create and publish a video clip on YouTube or make a page on Facebook, as easy is it to create a Widget and get it delivered to a phone. MyWidz make it possible for worldwide users to develop, share and collect widgets in their mobiles. </li></ul><ul><li>Create: Widgets can be developed by anyone with simple step-by-step widget wizards and then get them sent to their mobile phone. The advanced user can use MyWidz unique script language to write their widgets from scratch, or use other users widgets as templates. </li></ul><ul><li>Collect: There will be thousands of widgets in MyWidz thanks to the simple creation wizards. Mywidz make it possible to choose and collect their own unique combination of widgets in their mobile. </li></ul><ul><li>Share: MyWidz make sharing of widgets possible, to friends and and the rest of the MyWidz worldwide community. Sharing is possible both within the community but also to friends not in the community yet thus inviting them to start using the service. The key to MyWidz success lies in the easy solution for users to create their own content, together with the built in functionality to spread it to friends. This creates a virtuous circle, where every user becomes both creator of and marketer of MyWidz, which in turn give a large amount of widgets and a width of the functionality of these widgets. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Jonas Löfgren - CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46707273936 http://
  18. Nanoradio June 7, 2009 Carl Elgh – VP Marketing [email_address] Mobile: + 46733941400 http://
  19. Neava <ul><li>Mobile terminal SW is the main business area. We are working with network signaling SW (L1-L3), MM and DC functionality as well as applications for terminals supporting the 3G/WCDMA and 4G/LTE standards. Other knowledge areas are network and service monitoring through log-points in the mobile terminal software (platform SW as well as mobile phone vendor application SW) as well as SW support for execution platforms including operating systems, device dri8vers, file systems etc. We are currently developing end-user applications for B2B and B2C purposes. The company started 2001 and employs 40 persons today. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Staffan Johansson – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46703659718 http:// /
  20. Oricane <ul><li>Company Description: Oricane is a pioneer in green software technology that will make the future growth and evolution of tomorrow’s Internet become more environmentally friendly. Because the fact remains, Internet today uses more than 5% of the total electric power production in the world and has a yearly growth of 50-60%. Oricane’s technology is based on patented energy saving algorithms that makes decision processes in software, for example packet classification and packet forwarding, more efficient. Oricane’s flagship product, BioCAM, is an innovative solution to well known addressing scalability issues in the core Internet. Internet infrastructure is rationalized, bringing significant lowered costs and reduced power consumption by 75-95% depending on application. BioCAM is also available in a mobile edition, which is an energy saving IT-security software solution designed for tomorrow’s mobile surfers that request not only a firewall when surfing but also an environmentally engaged operator and increased battery life time in the mobile device. Oricane has also developed two offline applications for mobile phones, a contact database storing over 200 million names and numbers, and a caller id application that translates a phone number into a name, enabling the user to see who is calling. The applications are built on Oricane’s BioDEXmobile, a patented solution for compressing, storing and searching information in mobile phones and other small devices. Whereas BioCAM addresses energy efficiency issues when transporting information through the network, BioDEX addresses energy efficiency when information is stored and searched, for example in data centers where considerable power consumption issues, both in terms of costs and technical problems, exists today. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Fredrik Kallioniemi – Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer [email_address] Mobile: +46705447749
  21. Penny <ul><li>Penny has developed the Penny Interactive Glasses that includes an array of new innovative patent pending technologies such as a transparent retinal projection display, facial muscle detection and head movement traction for hands free use. The first 0-serie (BM10) has been introduced to the market and the company is preparing for a worldwide introduction during 2009. The system is designed to be connected to mobile systems such as a: Pocket PC, Black Berry, Mobile Phones etc. Users of Penny Interactive Glasses are able to work in a complete hands free environment and the transparent interface creates complete new opportunities to work with a primary task (with the hands) in the same time as receiving, sending, sharing data and to interact with the mobile system interface. Penny’s markets are: Industrial systems, Rescue Service & Special Healthcare, Military Systems & Secret Service and finally Entertainment. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Erik Lundström – CEO [email_address] Mobile: +46702397501
  22. Provider Venture Partners <ul><li>Venture Capital Firm with portfolio with Swedish, US and UK technology Companies as The Cloud (WiFi network services), Seven (SW RIM &quot;copy), Mobilaris (LBS platform and services), Cross (communication solutions for base industry. Chair man of Teracom and Boxer (Swedish Terrestrial digital broadcast network and Swedish and Danish Pay TV in DTT) </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Åsa Sundberg - Partner/chairman [email_address] Mobile: + 46706307282 http://
  23. Popcatcher <ul><li>PopCatcher technology records from any traditional radio stream and saves the songs as separate mp3 files without commercials, dj-talk or jingles. There will be no duplicates and only the most popular songs will be recorded. You will always have a fresh Toplist from your favourite radio stations in your phone! </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Per Ek [email_address] Mobile: +46709357753 http://
  24. Senceboard <ul><li>The revolutionary Senseboard(R) Gesture Recognition Technology is a method of capturing, analyzing, and interpreting finger and hand movements. The Senseboard(R) Gesture Recognition Technology enables the Senseboard(R) Wearable Data Entry Platform to produce typed letters and numbers, provide mouse functions, and enable movements, gestures, and controls to be defined by industry, application and form factor. Using small form factor units worn on the palms of ones hands, this data entry technology enables its user to input data without the physical limitations of the keyboard and mouse, or the requirements of a flat surface, or any surface. The Senseboard(R) devices operate with the same natural movements that users already know and use in their daily lives. Senseboard(R) products minimize the risk of incurring Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that can be caused by extensive computer use. Entertainment Platform The Senseboard(R) Gesture Recognition Technology makes it suitable for gaming applications as a new type of controller that utilizes natural hand and arm movements to control game actions. Multiple sensors can be worn by the game player to provide multiple entry points based on body movements (hands, head, knees, and feet). The Senseboard(R) device is the future controller for IDTV leaving the keyboard to the past. Business Platform The Senseboard(R) Virtual Keyboard application makes it possible for the businessman on the move to easily input data into his/her smart phone or handheld computer without the need of physical keys or even images of keys. The same device can then be used in the presentation situation to easily change slides just by making a gesture. A first 0-series of the Senseboard(R) Gesture Recognition Technology has been introduced and can be tested at MWC. A demo video is available for download on </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Gunilla Alsiö – CEO & Founder [email_address] Mobile: +46707193143
  25. Sponslink <ul><li>SponsLink is an innovative provider of next generation mobile advertising solutions. The patent pending technology is based on recent advances in artificial intelligence and complex dynamical systems. The unique technology gives SponsLink’s solutions a precision in the targeting of advertisements that has never been achieved before. SponsLink’s solutions include user-friendly interfaces which allows for SMB customers to buy and manage advertisement campaigns and pay using SMS or credit card. SponsLink’s customers include leading mobile phone operators and media companies. SponsLink has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Johan Attby – VP Business Development [email_address] Mobile: +46708688010
  26. Valimo Wireless <ul><li>Valimo turns mobile phones into digital identification cards. The new breed of Mobile ID replaces the need for a multitude of passwords and tokens. With Valimo technology, mobile phone users can securely authenticate themselves and legally sign documents, just by using their mobile phone and a simple PIN code. Based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, Valimo Mobile ID works in every mobile phone with a SIM card inside. </li></ul><ul><li>Valimos mobile signature solutions are global market leaders in terms of installation base and number of active users. Valimo solutions are used by mobile operators, banks, corporations, governments, public sector and other service providers. Founded in 2000, Valimo Wireless is privately held and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and Sales office in Sweden. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Johan Tullberg [email_address] Mobile: + 46733343454 http://
  27. Visiarc <ul><li>VISIARC incorporated 2002, an Independent Software Vendor headquartered in Sweden, focused on mobile software applications and services. MOBILE DOCUMENTS™ — closing the gap between the desktop and the mobile experience — is an award-winning mobile application (in private beta) targeting business professionals and enterprises. MOBILE DOCUMENTS offers: 1. Push Mail - Push Mail & Attachment Viewer – Notification and instant mobile viewing of Mail attachments and reading Mails without bulky downloads. Slick and fast remote viewing with zoom and pan features of images, Office (the real thing as on your PC) and PDF documents. Often the attachment is the message! 2. Push Doc - Mobile Document Management – My archive and shared archives, perfect secure spaces with notification enabling teamwork and collaboration. Preview, view, publish and share documents securely from your mobile, PC or web browser. Or download if you want to. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Peter Lindgren – CEO & Co-Founder Mobile: +46708343003
  28. Visibilly <ul><li>Visibilly provides location data and associated applications for the scandinavian region. We reach 100% of the mobile population without the need for any GPS or client software. Friend finders, geo-blogging, find-nearest and other services all rely on Visibillys stable and secure positioning platform. Looking for partners to enable best of breed location services. </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Kajsa Lundfall, CEO [email_address] Mobile: + 46705895525 http://
  29. Zi Corporation/Decuma <ul><li>Zi Corporations (NASDAQ: ZICA) suite of award-winning products offers innovative ways for mobile industry players to showcase new services and content to their subscribers, while encouraging users to get the most out of their communication devices. Increased device usage can help mobile industry players drive additional revenues and lead to improved customer retention. Zi products are featured on more than 1000 handset models and implemented across most technology platforms in the market today. Zi is a software company committed exclusively to evolving its innovative product family in support of its licensees worldwide. The current value proposition portfolio consists of: Qix - Mobile phone search and discovery technology eZiText - Predictive text input eZiType - Professional text composition with auto-correction Decuma - Multilingual handwriting recognition </li></ul>June 7, 2009 Fredrik Ehrenstråle [email_address] Mobile: +46709596317 http://