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PlumChoice: 2015 Consumer Electronics Spotlight Market Perspective


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Published in: Technology
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PlumChoice: 2015 Consumer Electronics Spotlight Market Perspective

  1. 1. Consumer Electronics Spotlight: 2015 Market Perspective
  2. 2. PlumChoice: 2015 Market Perspective © PLUMCHOICE, INC. 20152 As always, the International Consumer Electronics Show gave us a glimpse of future technologies. While some may be far off, others are already available – and thing makers, thing sellers and service providers need to plan how they’ll secure adoption and usage of these devices in their customer’s complex technology environments. Even with the overwhelming volume of new devices introduced at CES 2015, the PlumChoice Technology Team spotted five key trends. 1. Connected Home grows and new interfaces are emerging – The Connected Home was front and center with its own dedicated show floor: 62 vendors exhibited in Tech West, and others interspersed throughout CES. For the second year running, Connected Home devices were hot, while interfaces also grabbed the spotlight. The first Apple HomeKit-enabled device was announced, as well as new options for controlling devices via voice with our smart phones. Can Specialized Technical Services minimize returns and maximize adoption of these new devices? – Definitely. Customers want their technology environment to work and securely. To deliver on this promise, brands leverage purpose-built Specialized Technical Services to support customers from pre-purchase to adoption through ongoing usage to minimize returns and maximize adoption. President Harvard Business Review, December 31, 2014 IDC predicts the smart connected device market will attain a global market value of $735 Billion by the end of 2015. Market Perspective 1.15 “Connected home technology is impressive, but it leaves us wanting more. The integration of devices is disjointed at best, and as connected “things” venture further toward full home automation, the support gap will only expand. Who will support the IoT? ─Paul Weichselbaum, PlumChoice Executive Vice President, Harvard Business Review, December 31, 2014
  3. 3. PlumChoice market perspective © PLUMCHOICE, INC. 20153 3. Low-power WiFi enables always-on, always-sensing connectivity – Although not as sexy as a driverless car, low-power WiFi solutions snatched honors from the CES Innovation Awards. Several vendors are coming up with low-power WiFi chip sets and platforms to enable long-term connectivity to the Internet of Things ─ enabling customers to add Wi-Fi connectivity to nearly any product. How can IoT brands ensure customer’s expectations are met? – Specialized Technical Services enable consumers to install and use your Connected Home capabilities, and ensure that your technology interoperates with other brands. 2. Connected cars are next – We saw that Google's driverless car prototype is hitting the roadways and BMW showcased a research vehicle that can drop you off at the door and park itself in a parking garage, returning when you summon it with a smart watch. It was evident that more automotive manufactures are preparing our future cars to serve as our second technology home. With new devices hitting the market faster than vehicles are replaced how will manufacturers help drivers incorporate their products in to the car’s existing ecosystem seamlessly? – Wrapping your products and solutions with Specialized Technical Services, simplifies the complexity of your customers’ connected environments. Juniper Research predicts more than 92 million vehicles with Internet connectivity will be on the road by 2016.. NPD In-Stat analysts predict Wi-Fi Chipset Revenue to reach $6.1 Billion in 2015 as the demand for devices with Wi-Fi connectivity grows, and as prices for chipsets decrease, new markets for Wi-Fi are opening in areas traditionally dominated by other wireless connectivity standards. “ ... Consumers need smart home support and they’re willing to pay for it.” ─John Barrett, Parks Associates Market Perspective 1.15
  4. 4. PlumChoice market perspective © PLUMCHOICE, INC. 20154 5. TV technology moves to the next level – TV tech is always big at CES. This year we learned about quantum dot technology, which uses nanocrystals that emit different colors to offer richer colors and better saturation more affordably. And, although 4K TVs were last year's big thing, 2015 focused 4K content delivery with many brands announcing new interfaces and processors to increase ease-of-use and responsiveness. 4. Wearable tech is trending toward health and business applications – In 2014, wearables began to capture the public’s imagination, and at CES 2015 we saw an expansion beyond fitness devices and health-monitoring to business-enabling applications. What was apparent was the sheer volume of companies and devices, and the significant overlap of functionality. With product saturation, we are excited to see how market disruptors expand device functionality into IoT environments and how services and care will play a role in exceeding customer expectations. How can brands secure brand differentiation in a saturated market ? – By wrapping connected/IoT devices with Specialized Technical Services brands can build and leverage customer relationships to extend lifetime value and drive repeat purchases with technical sales, care, support and go-to-market programs throughout the prospect and customer lifecycle. Gartner believes that smart wristband (Jawbone UP, FitBit Flex) sales will fall from 20 million units in 2014 to 17 million this year due to competition from cheap smartwatches, but sales could rebound in 2016 as low-end wristbands and smartwatches converge. A customer is FOUR times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price- vs. product-related. —Bain & Company Market Perspective 1.15 How can brands become a trusted advisor to customers and help deepen brand loyalty? – Technology environments are increasingly complex. You can enable a positive customer experience and maximize revenue by merchandising advanced tech support at both point of sale and point of need. Specialized Technical Services helps brands retain and support customers throughout the customer journey which provides a rich brand experience and set stage for repeat purchases. LG expects the OLED market to surpass one million units sold by 2016.
  5. 5. PlumChoice market perspective © PLUMCHOICE, INC. 20155 PlumChoice is purpose-built to solve complex support needs, forging brand loyalty and increased revenues for our partners. The leading specialized technical services provider, PlumChoice optimizes the benefits people and companies derive from their personal technology experiences. Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, ISPs, telcos, cable providers, and software companies partner with PlumChoice to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences to consumers and SMBs through white-labeled technical support solutions that span the entire technology lifecycle. PlumChoice works with end users to install, configure, connect, enhance and fix both software and hardware products, and integrates numerous products within larger technical and connected home environments. PlumChoice solutions enable business partners to power the increasingly complex and heterogeneous personal technology environments driven by the Internet of Things. To learn more, contact Steve Thompson at: +1 617.668.3228 or The Power of PlumChoice © 2015 PlumChoice, Inc. All rights reserved. PlumChoice is a registered trademark of PlumChoice, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other product and company names and marks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned for identification purposes only. Enable your brand to deliver on the promise of the IoT with Specialized Technical Services. Find out more about what dozens of innovators at CES 2015 discovered by talking with PlumChoice: wrap connected/IoT devices with Specialized Technical Services to increase size-of-basket/ARPU, minimize returns, and drive adoption and usage, all while facilitating a positive customer experience that leads to greater lifetime value. Connect with Market Perspective 1.15