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Innovation burst kick off slides


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Innovation burst kick off slides

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Innovation burst kick off slides

  1. 1. Innovation Burst Improving ambulance services with frontline staff and patients 26th and 27th September 2018
  2. 2. Agenda • Check in: who is taking part?……..Eurovision • Our challenge for the next two days? • Our approach to the two days • Next steps • Go – be creative…………
  3. 3. the collective brilliance of people who work in ambulance services (with the help of a few critical friends)
  4. 4. Changes we can make locally that could be actioned across the whole country to make a big difference
  5. 5. 12 ideas to be tested in the “innovation burst” 1. Exploring alternative responses to mental health calls 2. Using technology to improve care 3. Engagement and communication approach with communities and the public 4. Review of high volume (or low volume high resource impact) patient groups and potential for direct access approaches 5. Optimal strategy and approaches for staff wellbeing 6. Extending “make ready” teams to other ambulance services 7. Fast tracking ambulance staff with health issues into NHS services 8. Improving and standardising the handover process 9. Improving the response to patient falls 10.The “Productive Ambulance: Releasing time to care" 11.Rotation of paramedic roles 12.A directory of "quick wins" based on the ideas for small scale changes that were submitted to the ideas platform
  6. 6. Who is doing what? 7 East of England London North East South East Coast South West West Midlands Yorkshire South Central North West East Midlands Scotland Wales NI Mental health responses Technology Public engagement High volume patient groups Staff wellbeing Make ready teams Fast track for carers Improvementsin handover An improved response to falls Productive ambulance Rotation Directory of quick wins
  7. 7. Help and support - coaches 8 Idea Coach Idea Coach 1 - Mental health response Ian Baines - 07702411420 Angela Boyle - 07730391592 7 - Fast track care for ambulance staff Horizons 2 - Use of technology Dominic Cushnan 07590288865 8 - Improving handover Kate Pound 07990667121 3 - Engaging our community Catherine Wilton 07866610200 Beverley Taylor- 07702411012 Carol Munt - 07881911429 Kathryn Perera - 07730374749 9 - Our response to falls Diane Ketley 07775730538 4 - Meeting needs of high volume patient groups Sasha Karakusevic 07825522319 10 - Releasing time to care Bev Mathews 07717345798 Helen Bevan 07766443625 5 - Improving staff wellbeing Rosanna Hunt - 07770704056 11 - Rotation Jude Goddard 07786518644 6 - Make ready teams Zoe Lord - 07721761744 12 - Quick wins Helen Bevan 07766443625 Bev Mathews
  8. 8. Overplanning kills magic
  9. 9. Some advice DO DON’T • Follow the questions in the design brief • Work out collectively what you need to do as a nationwide team and what you do locally • Make good use of your coach • Use templates if helpful • Try to cover the design brief by the end of 27th Sept • Tweet your progress • Capture your work • Follow the process slavishly • Start with “what” or “how” rather than “why” • Worry if you run into problems • Overcomplicate things • Try to run a pilot rather than a test • Think there are “right” and “wrong” answers
  10. 10. Source: Bromford P (2015) What’s the difference between a test and a pilot?
  11. 11. Think two steps down • If you think it will take a month to test something, what can we do in one day? • If it’s likely to take four weeks, what can we do in four hours? Years Months Weeks Days Hours Mins Source: Paul Plsek
  12. 12. Tapping into the powerful tacit knowledge in our system Explicit knowledge Tacit knowledge Codified knowledge Found in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies, toolkits, quality standards Essential for quality, safety, compliance and transfer of knowledge Untaught knowledge and know-how Rooted in local settings, experience, practice and values Hard to communicate Most valuable kind of knowledge for innovation and improvement Most likely to lead to breakthroughs
  13. 13. Nationwide teams and local teams Each idea has a design brief………… Start by getting together virtually with the other teams that are working on the same idea and with your coach to decide: • how you will tackle this and what you will do locally and nationally • When you will come together as a nationwide team
  14. 14. Coaches and critical friends • Coordinate • Support • Suggest • Connect • Challenge • Curious • Link to teams • Will not • Tell you what to do……. • Tell you if it is right or wrong ….you are the experts • Shout at you!!!
  15. 15. Making connections Remember – you will need to work across the themes, think of the concept of both a local and nationwide team Coaches/Horizons have tools to help • Contact numbers in welcome guide (Coaches and other ambulance services) • Provide conference call numbers • We have SLACK and TRELLO set up……..why not have a go? • Zoom – ambitious but we’ll help you out if you want to try • Don’t wait to be told/suggested ……use initiative
  16. 16. 1. 15 minutes to discuss what you just heard and sort out who is doing what in your team 2. At the scheduled time, get together virtually with your coach and the other teams working on the same idea to collectively agree how you will tackle things over the next two days 3. Where your local team is working on multiple ideas, have different team members go to different briefings
  17. 17. Group conference calls - times 18 Idea Idea 1 Mental health response 10.30am – (0) 20 3695 0088 Meeting ID: 235 436 439 7 Fast track care for ambulance staff Tomorrow – Conference number to set up 2 Use of Technology 10.30am – 02476 627590 Pin 998914 8 Improving handover 11.00 - 02476627573 User 871256 Chair 101029 6 Make ready teams 10.30 – 02476 627587 User 503759 Chair 104832 9 Our response to falls 11.00 – 02476627574 User 471816 Chair 103943 4 Meeting needs of high volume patient groups 10.45 – 02476 62 7585 User 569345 Chair 462905 3 Engaging our community 11.00 – 0800 917 1950 User 33136606# Chair – 38970860 5 Improving staff wellbeing 10.45 – 02476627572 User 272729 Chair 182727 11 Rotation 11.15am – 02476 62 7584 User 643980 Chair 362084 10 Productive Ambulance Releasing time to care 10.45am – 02476627586 User 963214 Chair 192837 12 Quick wins 11.15am – 02476 627581 Pin 653496 Chair 492358
  18. 18. Go burst