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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 14 October 2020


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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 14 October 2020

Published in: Healthcare
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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 14 October 2020

  1. 1. Planning for Winter, preparing our NHS people Virtual Community Meeting 14th October 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople Welcome to our monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  2. 2. Introduce yourself in the chat box Say: • Who you are • Where you are today • Your job role • What are you doing to prepare NHS people for Winter? • Send to “all participants” To join the wellbeing community list, click on the link at #Caring4NHSpeople
  3. 3. Our Wellbeing Community: #Caring4NHSpeople To join the mailing list of people who get the information about this community: #Caring4NHSpeople Staying in touch… To share what you’ve learnt or what’s inspired you during these sessions or even suggest new topics… Get in touch with Zoe!
  4. 4. Planning for Winter, preparing our NHS people Virtual Community Meeting 14th October 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople Welcome to our monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  5. 5. Aims of today’s national health and wellbeing community event… • Offer support, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to those with a role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff • Share the range of wellbeing support activities that are available • Connect with each other and collectively build our community of those who support the health and wellbeing of our staff
  6. 6. Participation and Engagement • 15 community events • 110,000+ views of the sessions and materials • 31,000,000+ #Caring4NHSPeople Twitter impressions • 100,000+ words shared in the chat boxes • 1,900+ #Caring4NHSPeople newsletter subscribers • Health and wellbeing community platform - TRIBE
  7. 7. • Welcome – Zoe Lord & Elizabeth Nyawade • Update on the National Support Offer – Steve Lee • Award winning wellbeing initiative – Raffaela Goodby, Eoin Dore, Mike Blaber • Reflections & discussion – Em Wilkinson-Brice • A national network to support our NHS people to thrive in Winter – Jacqueline Davies • Call to action & closing remarks - Elizabeth Nyawade & Zoe Lord #Caring4NHSpeople
  8. 8. The team today Contributors Zoe Lord Facilitators Elizabeth Nyawade Prof Em Wilkinson-Brice Steve Lee Jacqueline Davies #Caring4NHSpeople Raffaela Goodby Dr Eoin Dore Dr Michael Blabar The team today Chat box facilitators YouTube host Lynsey OgilvieIan Baines Social Media Leigh Kendall Paul Woodley Technical host Karen Dumain Louise Pramas
  9. 9. An update on the National Wellbeing Offer #Caring4NHSpeople Steve Lee Interim Head of Health and Wellbeing People Directorate NHS England and Improvement
  10. 10. 10 |10 | Access and use of HWB offer 149,383 app downloads 7,918 SilverCloud sign- ups 8,065 contacts with our dedicated helplines 310,437 website sessions 277,987 users 2,565 leadership circle 940 common room 1,200 coaching & mentoring participants 3,027 primary care coaching sessions (1,033 further booked) 22,017 website sessions 19,655 users 14,976 webinar views 22m+ Twitter impressions 5,416 Tweets At 7 October 2020
  11. 11. 11 |11 | • 90% satisfied of very satisfied with HWB support guides, 87% would definitely or probably put the guides to use • 95% found the SilverCloud online mental health programmes helpful • Unmind user score 3.9/5, 93% Headspace users indicating a positive experience said it helped them • 92% of respondents to Shout helpline survey found the call helpful • 99% said leadership circles have been beneficial, 90% said they are helpful in generating insights and 96% of respondents would recommend • 98% those having primary care coaching sessions felt listened to and 85% able to move forward as a result High level feedback on HWB support C-19 HWB Programme: Initial evaluation findings
  12. 12. 12 |12 | • The Samaritans helpline has received 5,725 calls. Caller concerns represent primary and secondary stressors. Support has been or is being developed to support with the range of secondary stressors • The Shout text helpline has undertaken 1,152 conversations with 1,507 texters. In addition to C19 concerns, texters report a range of MH issues. We are triangulating data to make sure MH intervention requirements are met • The Hospice UK bereavement helpline has received 188 calls to date. We anticipate the need for this support will continue as it takes longer for staff to process complex bereavement responses. The Royal Foundation is providing funding for an additional year. Support helplines C-19 HWB Programme: Initial evaluation findings
  13. 13. 13 |13 | • Access has been made available to Headspace (meditation and mindfulness) Sleepio (help with sleep), Daylight (help with anxiety), and Unmind (mental wellbeing) aps since March 2020. • 149,383 app sign ups represent over 10% of the NHS workforce • 76% of Headspace and 65% of Sleepio and Daylight users have identified as those in clinical professions, the majority of Sleepio and Daylight users are in AfC bands 5-7 • Apps tools and sessions are being used across the four apps for: general wellbeing support; support with resilience; help with sleep; and help with stress and anxiety • Sleepio reports recovery rates of 43-66% and Daylight 38- 76% - there is some regional variation which may be related to local circumstances Health and wellbeing apps C-19 HWB Programme: Initial evaluation findings
  14. 14. 14 |14 | • At the time of my text I was in turmoil with anxiety and feeling like a failure. I'm normally resilient and are always the person to help colleagues, friends and family if they are struggling. Admitting that I'm struggling is really hard but the volunteer texted back that it was ok to feel how I was and was really positive. Having someone acknowledge how hard working on the frontline has been made me feel reassured that I wasn't failing at my job or in life generally. The volunteer also sent links with further help. Thank you so much for your help on a particular 'wobble day’. • Really appreciative callers who felt calmer and in a better place through just talking and sharing their concerns - Samaritans NHS helpline volunteer • A number of callers in particular have said they they have welcomed the opportunity to talk. One in particular had used the service quite a lot over a few weeks and had said how s/he had felt so well supported each time - Samaritans NHS helpline volunteer • Definitely positive…it was a great help to know we were there although they knew they could call Samaritans this was a line for them and they appreciated the fact that we had thought of them in all of this.” Samaritans NHS helpline volunteer Feedback and testimonials Presentation title
  15. 15. 15 |15 | • We continue to collect and review data on current and new offers and will respond to need • Driving work forward across the whole health and wellbeing agenda, including a pilot on body-worn cameras for ambulance personnel and our work on civility and respect – all we do on health and wellbeing is connected • Additional evaluation activities currently underway include: a deep dive evaluation by the Academic Health Science Networks; an evaluation project with Samaritans volunteers; and data collection directly from users of health and wellbeing offers providing the opportunity to gather personal reflections and develop case studies • We anticipate these activities will provide a greater understanding of the use, value and impact of HWB interventions Next steps C-19 HWB Programme: Initial evaluation findings
  16. 16. Caring for our colleagues, caring for our patients Raffaela Goodby – Director of People and Organisation Development Dr Mike Blaber –Junior Doctor Pastoral Lead Dr Eoin Dore – Chair of Junior Doctor Forum ST3 Anaesthetics
  17. 17. Setting the scene…  2018 NHS Staff Survey: 36% of consultants and 39% of doctors- in-training reported feeling unwell due to work-related stress in the previous 12 months.  47% of doctors considering leaving the organisation they work for  Imo (2017) – Burnout is contagious (BJPsych Bull)  Yet, the wellbeing of healthcare staff is correlated with:  quality care  patient safety  organisational productivity  financial performance  staff retention  improved health outcomes for staff themselves
  18. 18. JD Wellbeing Strategy SWBH Culture of Connection Enhancing Awareness Caring for Carers Ordinary Human Needs
  19. 19. Ordinary Human Needs  Sleep  Breaks  Nutrition
  20. 20. UK Distributor Christopher Lindholst, Director Tel. 020 3129 9152 NHS Discounted Price: £8,995 plus delivery (ex-VAT) Short Hire and Long Lease options also available The EnergyPod® by MetroNaps® The world’s first chair designed specifically for short rest in the workplace. Used in hospitals in the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, United States and Australia. The EnergyPod® includes: - Gravity Neutral Contour - Powered Recline - Built-in Timer - Relaxation Music - Privacy Visor Requires 1x Power Outlet Learn more: For Further Details: Ask about the “Taking Care of Care Providers” Trial Program and Short Rest Solutions in Healthcare Settings White Paper
  21. 21. Culture of Connection  Three squares club  Wellbeing Wednesdays  Pizza and Peer support  Developing themes  Faculty facilitating Peer Support  Local Huddles
  22. 22. Enhancing Awareness  Wellbeing Document  Wellbeing video series  Signposting tool
  23. 23. Caring for Carers Need  Pastoral Lead Meet ups  Liaising with Program Directors / PSW  Inductions  Wellbeing Packs (children of staff)  Trust-wide initiatives:  Parking  Sanctuary
  24. 24. In relation to wellbeing how supportive do you think SWBH is? Initial Survey March 2020 (65% report supportive) Very Supportive 8% Supportive 33% Slightly Supportive 23% Neither Supportive or Unsupportive 20% Slightly Unsupportive 7% Unsupportive 7% Very Unsupportive 2% Very Supportive 28% Supportive 45%Slightly Supportive 15% Neither Supportive or Unsupportive 7% Slightly Unsupportive 1% Unsupportive 2% Very Unsupportive 2% Repeat Survey Aug 2020 (88% report supportive)
  25. 25. Trainee free text feedback “Thank you so so much! I would prioritise doing further training here at SWBH because of the wellbeing and support offered.” “In a time that could have been very isolating, coming to work has been the highlight of this pandemic due to the team work, high morale and support we have received” “Thank you immensely for all of your hard work, it has reflected across the whole Junior Doctor ethos and morale base. I hope that such positive initiatives can continue well beyond the pandemic period!” “I have felt very well supported during the last 12 months and will be sad to leave this week!” “Good but room for improvement”
  26. 26. What more is on horizon? Top tips for wellbeing in winter
  27. 27.  Ordinary human needs:  Rest area expansion Healthy nutrition  Culture of connection:  Cross-discipline Wellbeing Steering Group  Career Tutor Group  Enhancing awareness:  Development of Wellbeing Wednesdays – learning hub  Caring for carers:  Wellbeing Training Program  Wellbeing check-ins  Complaints support
  28. 28. Professor Em Wilkinson-Brice NHS Deputy Chief People Officer NHS England and Improvement #Caring4NHSpeople @EmBrice @BrummieHR @Mikeblaber @DoreEoin Reflections & Questions Raffaela Goodby Director of People – & HR Director of the Year 2020 Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust Dr Eoin Dore Junior Doctor Forum Chair ST3 Anaesthetics Trainee Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Dr Michael Blabar Palliative Care & Pastoral Junior Doctor Lead Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust
  29. 29. What is your main role in supporting the wellbeing of NHS people and/or people in partner organisations? Pick the MAIN one POLL If you are on YouTube or the poll doesn’t work for you on Zoom, write your number in the chatbox 1. Health and wellbeing lead 2. Occupational Health 3. Trade Union or Professional Association 4. Organisation Development (OD) 5. Diversity and Inclusion lead 6. Psychologist 7. Workforce/HR 8. Line manager/leader/non-exec 9. Coach 10. Other (please specify in the chatbox)
  30. 30. #Caring4NHSpeople @JacquelineLD A national network to support our NHS people to thrive in Winter Jacqueline Davies Director of Leadership Development and Lifelong Learning, NHSE&I
  31. 31. What knowledge, resources or support do you need to help you to help others thrive during Winter? #Caring4NHSpeople @JacquelineLD
  32. 32. What networks or groups are you aware of that could support this initiative? Add to the network to the chat box and/or email #Caring4NHSpeople @JacquelineLD
  33. 33. For more information about the initiative, join the Wellbeing newsletter… Design event: 4th November 11.00 – 12noon Next community event: Wednesday 11th November
  34. 34. Very helpfulNot helpful To what extent has today’s session been useful in your own role supporting staff health and wellbeing during and after Covid-19? POLL If you are on YouTube or the poll doesn’t work for you on Zoom, write your number in the chatbox
  35. 35. Next financial health and wellbeing conversation Thursday 15th October 4 to 5pm
  36. 36. Place2Be Place2Be’s programme offers resources and support to help our NHS working parents, carers and their families during COVID-19. Wednesday 14 October, 1.30pm – Wellbeing and Self Care: This webinar will explore recovery and self care, reflecting on the psychological and emotional impact of the pandemic. The session will share a framework and ideas to support your own and your families’ wellbeing Monday 19 October, 1pm – Holding supportive conversations: listening with empathy: This webinar will explore how to hold supportive conversations about difficult subjects (mental ill health, loss, anxiety, anger, grief). We cover common fears and share techniques to build confidence in your power to support others by listening with empathy; not finding the ‘right’ answer or action Wednesday 21 October, 10am – Understanding and managing anxiety in uncertain times: In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to explore the nature of anxiety and how it might impact on you and your family in these uncertain times. The session will also include healthy ways to cope and manage your own worries as well as ideas you can use with children and young people
  37. 37. For more information about the initiative, join the Wellbeing newsletter… Design event: 4th November 11.00 – 12noon Next community event: Wednesday 11th November