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#Caring4NHSPeople virtual wellbeing session 9th February 2022


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#Caring4NHSPeople virtual wellbeing session 9th February 2022

  1. 1. 1 | Wellbeing Wednesday Wednesday 9th February 4pm-5pm #Caring4NHSpeople # OurNHSPeople Welcome to the NHS England and NHS Improvement #WellbeingWednesday event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people Supporting our NHS people affected by Long Covid
  2. 2. 2 | Aims of today’s national health and wellbeing community event… • Offer support, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to those with a role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff • Share the range of wellbeing support activities that are available • Connect with each other and collectively build our community of those who support the health and wellbeing of our staff #Caring4NHSPeople #OurNHSPeople
  3. 3. 3 | Welcome! Speakers: • John Drew, Director of Staff Experience & Engagement, NHS England & NHS Improvement • Robanna Hussain-Mills, PCN Deputy Clinical Director and Senior Programme Lead, Primary Care Workforce • Sophie Evans, Nurse and Staff Member with Lived Experience • Kay Stephenson, Deputy Head of Health and Wellbeing, NHS England & NHS Improvement • Laura Habib, Health and Wellbeing Champion, South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust Facilitated and supported by: • Claire Parker & Elizabeth Nyawade #Caring4NHSPeople #OurNHSPeople
  4. 4. NHS England and NHS Improvement John Drew Director of Staff Experience & Engagement NHS England & NHS Improvement Welcome
  5. 5. 5 | What do you know about Long Covid? • Quiz time!
  6. 6. 3 Ways to join Menti: 1. Click on the link to the poll which has been shared in the chat box 2. Scan the QR code below on your phone 3. Go to and use the code 2531 5203 How many people in the UK are reportedly experiencing Long Covid symptoms? a) 520,000 b) 1.3 million c) 3.2 million
  7. 7. 3 Ways to join Menti: 1. Click on the link to the poll which has been shared in the chat box 2. Scan the QR code below on your phone 3. Go to and use the code 2531 5203 Which of these are considered common symptoms of Long Covid? a) Extreme tiredness, dizziness, problems with concentration, depression and anxiety b) High temperature, joint pain, changes to taste and smell, heart palpitations c) All of the above
  8. 8. 3 Ways to join Menti: 1. Click on the link to the poll which has been shared in the chat box 2. Scan the QR code below on your phone 3. Go to and use the code 2531 5203 Of those experiencing Long Covid, what percentage report that symptoms limit their daily activities? a) 65% b) 35% c) 5%
  9. 9. NHS England and NHS Improvement Understanding Long Covid, and how can it affect our colleagues Robana Hussain-Mills PCN Deputy Clinical Director Nurse and Staff Member with Lived Experience Sophie Evans
  10. 10. NHS England and NHS Improvement Kay Stephenson Deputy Head of Health and Wellbeing NHS England & NHS Improvement Supporting our NHS people affected by Long Covid
  11. 11. 11 | Newly drafted guidelines • We have published guidelines that offer best practice and practical advice in supporting staff affected by Long Covid. • They are aimed at line managers and HR colleagues, and aim to increase awareness on what Long Covid is, how it can present in our colleagues, and how we can support them at work.
  12. 12. 12 | What is in the guidelines? These guidelines have been drafted in support with a Task and Finish Group, that includes members from a range of teams and organisations such as the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Employers, Health Education England and NHS England and NHS Improvement. The Task and Finish Group also includes members of the NHS workforce who have lived experience of Long Covid. • What is Long Covid? An explanation of Long Covid, the potential symptoms and how many NHS colleagues we understand are experiencing symptoms of Long Covid. • Advice for line managers, including guidance on how to support staff through wellbeing conversations and reasonable adjustments, how to record sickness due to Long Covid on ESR, current sick pay regulations and advice on how to handle requests for early retirement due to Long Covid. • Signposting to relevant health and wellbeing offers, should your colleague need further support.
  13. 13. 13 | Support available for those affected by Long Covid • Colleagues can seek a referral to their local Post-Covid Assessment Clinic via their GP or a relevant clinical service, for example via assessment from one of the above staff mental health and wellbeing hubs. • Access to a range of health and wellbeing offers through the national support programme, including free access to a range of mental health and wellbeing apps, talking therapies through the Samaritans helpline and a range of coaching and counselling offers. All these offers can be accessed via • Access to online rehabilitation services at Your COVID Recovery (YCR). • NHS colleagues who are also experiencing mental health symptoms can seek a rapid clinical assessment through one of the 40 system-wide mental health and wellbeing hubs in place to provide proactive outreach and assessment services. • Many colleagues working across the NHS will also have access to Occupational Health and Wellbeing services and local Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) through their employing organisations.
  14. 14. Wellbeing Community Event Supporting Staff with Long Covid Speaker: Laura Habib Forensic Service Staff Wellbeing Lead/Advisor & Advisor Develop Team Wednesday 9th February 2022 16:00pm – 17:00pm Virtual (Microsoft Teams Live)
  15. 15. Workplace Wellbeing Supporting Staff with Long Covid
  16. 16. Guidance for Staff Wellbeing Advisors AKA: Champions/Guardians/Officers - Familiarise yourself with wellbeing offers that are available within and outside of your organisation (E.g., Occupational Health, Staff Networks, Guidance, Policies, ‘Your COVID Recovery’, support groups etc.). -Practice Active Listening (Doing this supports better understanding of an individuals needs and effective signposting)
  17. 17. Supporting Staff Living with Long Covid The 3 P’s Pace Plan Prioritise For detailed information about the 3 Ps, visit www.yourcovidrecovery Slow down and don’t put pressure on yourself Have a break before you think you need one Spread work, home & Social activities and tasks out throughout the week Take rest in-between Not all tasks need doing right away, look at what you can do and when, and do not be afraid to ask for some help
  18. 18. It’s not always about Long Covid Symptoms By-Product -Weight Gain Reason: E.g., Change in a physical activity / diet changes Support Offer: E.g., Weight Management Programmes / Healthy Living Groups -Smoking Reason: E.g., Increase in stress levels / Boredom Support Offer: E.g., Yorkshire Smoke Free Offer
  19. 19. Guidance for an Organisation Helping to Prevent Long Covid Related Sickness -Early interventions to help prevent worsening of Long Covid symptoms inc. Sickness Intervention example: Workplace adaptations that support individual and service needs e.g., adapted hours/duties and or early signposting / referral to support offers such as Occupational Health Your COVID Recovery
  20. 20. Guidance for an Organisation Supporting Staff whilst off Sick -Educate yourself about what Long Covid is and how it may affect people inc. what support offers are available, so you are better equipped to support, advice and signpost (one of the best recourses is the person living with it!!) -Stay connected/check in via Telephone, Microsoft Teams, text etc, be flexible with days times also, and be mindful not to do this too frequently, as this can be demoralising for those whose symptoms are longer lasting and would have to report no progress -Be mindful what language is used and try not to start a conversation with “are you better yet” or “when are you coming back” when checking in as staff may feel pressured to return to work when they aren’t well, causing a decline in their recovery and further sickness.
  21. 21. Guidance for an Organisation Supporting Staff Returning to Work (inc. Homeworking) -When planning a return to work with an individual living with Long Covid, consider what can be implemented and how -Some staff my not be able to return to their usual workplace and instead be working from home (wherever suitable/can be accommodated), so may need equipment e.g., keyboard, mouse etc -It is important to seek guidance from Human Recourses (HR), Occupational Health and any other recourses that are available that support you supporting colleagues. -Keep connected/check in, review progress and maintain support
  22. 22. Useful Contact Details Long Covid Advice & Support Offers Your COVID Recovery Live Well Wakefield 01924 255 363 South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Staff Wellbeing Advisor (Champion/Officer) Development Team Speaker: Laura Anisha Habib Forensic Service Staff Wellbeing Lead/Advisor & Advisor Develop Team 07964 310 454 Ashley Hambling SWYPFT HR Lead for Employee Wellbeing 07881 008 183 Shelle Richmond Kirklees Community Staff Wellbeing Lead/Advisor & Advisor Development Team 07948 615 647
  23. 23. 3 Ways to join Menti: 1. Click on the link to the poll which has been shared in the chat box 2. Scan the QR code below on your phone 3. Go to and use the code 2531 5203 To what extent has today's session been useful in your own role supporting staff health and wellbeing?
  24. 24. 25 | Thank you for joining!
  25. 25. #WinterWarmers-“Remember to reach out and connect with your #WinterWarmers partner – if you registered” Email for regular updates and to joiner invite. Tea and talk – 24h February- 4-5pm For team leaders and managers in health and care, this is an informal session to check in, chat and keep connected Lunch and learn – 17th February - 12:30-1:30pm- In conversation with Tim Keogh, The Value Of Kinder Conversations Tweetchat on Twitter follow @NHSLeadership #ProjectM – 1st March- 7-8pm Topic – TBC

Editor's Notes

  • ProjectM was established in November 2020 in recognition that our line managers and team leaders – the 300,000 mid-level leaders across the NHS – may need extra support through Winter.
    Using social collaboration test and learn approach, Managers and team leaders told us that to keep well to lead well that they valued keeping connected, sharing and learning together.
    To date nearly 30,000 unique users have accessed the inspirational learning available.
    We continue to run monthly Tweet chats where managers and team leaders across health and care share experience and tips on how they are leading their teams.
    For this Winter – we are enabling a way for managers to keep connected through being paired with another manager or team leader to check in and chat. We know that for some people connecting with someone you don’t know may feel daunting. However, we learnt from the International Women’s Day #CourageousCoffee that the majority of participants found the random matching and conversation to be inspirational and much needed.
    We have also carefully curated Ten, inspirational learning shorts – all 15minutes or under – to support managers to stay well to lead well this Winter.
    While the target audience is our mid-level managers, it is free for all.