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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 12 May 2020


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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 12 May 2020

  1. 1. Creating a culture of inclusive health and wellbeing Virtual Community Meeting 12th May 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople # ProjectM Welcome to the NHS England and NHS Improvement monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  2. 2. Introduce yourself in the chat box Say: • Who you are • Where you are today • Send to “all participants” To join the wellbeing community list, click on the link at
  3. 3. To join the mailing list of people who get the information about this community: #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Staying in touch… #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM For all the wellbeing offers: All the #ProjectM offers:
  4. 4. Introduce yourself in the chat box Say: • Who you are? • Where you are today? • Send to “all participants” To join the wellbeing community list, click on the link at
  5. 5. Creating a culture of inclusive health and wellbeing Virtual Community Meeting 12th May 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople # ProjectM Welcome to the NHS England and NHS Improvement monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  6. 6. Aims of today’s national health and wellbeing community event… • Offer support, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to those with a role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff • Share the range of wellbeing support activities that are available • Connect with each other and collectively build our community of those who support the health and wellbeing of our staff #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM
  7. 7. • Welcome – Zoe Lord, Elizabeth Nyawade & John Drew • Wellbeing Overview & overview of inclusive health and wellbeing – Wazir Muhammad • #ProjectM – Nikki Squelch • Understanding spiritual health and wellbeing – Revd Dr Guy Harrison • Staff recovery plan focusing on inclusion – Mark Appleby • Closing Remarks – Zoe Lord & Elizabeth Nyawade #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM For all health and wellbeing support head to:
  8. 8. The team today Zoe Lord Contributors... Elizabeth Nyawade Social Media YouTube host Paul Woodley Technical host #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Ian Baines Mark Appleby Wazir Muhammad Nikki Squelch Neil Owen Dr. Guy Harrison Leigh Kendall John Drew
  9. 9. Wazir Muhammad Senior Programme Lead Health & Wellbeing Team People Directorate, Wellbeing overview & inclusive health and wellbeing For all health and wellbeing support head to:
  10. 10. 11 | The NHS People health and wellbeing programme • Health and Wellbeing Guardians are supported in their role and champion health and wellbeing consistently within organisations – we have developed a toolkit and identified senior health and wellbeing advocates who have offered to help us • Equip line managers and teams with the tools they need take ownership of health and wellbeing and that supportive, compassionate, Wellbeing conversations take place routinely • Occupational Health becoming an integral part of a preventative health and wellbeing management system to help organisations develop and own interventions • Inclusive Health and Wellbeing Support for staff from diverse backgrounds • Continue to deploy evidence-based mental health interventions via Staff mental health and wellbeing hubs that staff can access rapidly, while also promoting the current offer Purpose: To establish a culture of health and wellbeing and to look after our NHS people by developing and deploying interventions that are designed to reduce ill-health at source, to equip line manager and others with the skills they need to manage health and wellbeing and to support colleagues who need help
  11. 11. 12 | • Telephone Helplines – Samaritans – Hospice UK bereavement helpline – Shout text service – Filipino Staff helpline • Health and wellbeing guides, notes and blogs • Health and wellbeing webinars • Free access to health and wellbeing apps • Executive Suite – support for senior leaders • Coaching offer for primary care staff • REACT MH conversation training • Support for working parents (CityParents, Place2B) • Financial wellbeing support • #ProjectM for managers and leaders • 5 K Our Way The health and wellbeing support people/
  12. 12. 13 | BAME Communities were dispassionately affected by Covid 19 Factors why BAME communities were affected disproportionately • Being more likely to work in front-line or other high-risk jobs • Living in overcrowded or multi- generational housing • Living in more urban or built-up areas • Deprivation leading to poorer health • Biological or genetic health risks • Wider discrimination or unequal treatment in healthcare South Asian people at upto five-times greater risk of death with coronavirus compared with white British people Ranging from 4.8-fold increase in the risk of dying for Pakistani men to 1.6 times higher for Indian women. BAME Communities were hit the hardest Black African men almost five times higher than the rate for white British men. Wave 1 Jan- Aug 20 Wave 2 Sept- Dec20 Ethnic differences in COVID-19 mortality during the first two waves of the Coronavirus Pandemic: a nationwide cohort study of 29 million adults in England ONS preprint 5Feb 2021
  13. 13. 14 | Inclusive health and wellbeing support Inclusive Health and Wellbeing Support for staff from diverse backgrounds • Looking After You Too –One to one wellbeing coaching support for ethnic minority staff working in NHS and ambulance trusts • Faith Based Counselling Support • Mental Health First Aid training • Inclusive HWB ICS support programme: Supporting ICSs to develop bespoke support for diverse staff groups • Strength Based Coaching Support: Pool of ethnic minority coaches trained to provide coaching to staff • Psycho spiritual support • Supporting Integrated Care Systems to develop support for diverse staff groups Aim To support the development and delivery of an inclusive Health and Wellbeing support offer for our NHS people from diverse backgrounds considering Equality Diversity and Inclusion, policy drivers and the workforce data
  14. 14. 15 | Health and wellbeing overview 689,057 website sessions 203,218 app downloads Physical wellbeing with Invictus Games: 3,243 webpage views ‘5k Our Way’ videos viewed 8,500 times Promotion of Stress Awareness Week in April 15,337 contacts with our dedicated helplines Supporting BAME colleagues 600 coaching sessions 120 sign ups for MHFA 48 sign ups for strength coaching training 11,130 primary care coaching session bookings 22 wellbeing webinars with 15,000+ views Virtual events for Wellbeing Guardians, Primary care, enhanced HWB projects, wellbeing conversations – over 700 participants At 5 May 2021
  15. 15. #ProjectM Support for managers and team leaders to connect, share and learn together Offers & Top Tips #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Nikki Squelch Leadership and Lifelong learning @Squelchisms For all health and wellbeing support head to:
  16. 16. #ProjectM Update Date: 12 May 2021 #ProjectM Supporting and connecting leaders and managers in health and care
  17. 17. 18 | Presentation title Virtual community Offering regular peer-to-peer support Twitter: #ProjectM Online resources Inspirations, bite- sized learning & guides /projectm Peer Mentoring Twitter #ProjectMentor / Social collaborati on Community #ProjectM #ProjectM What is #ProjectM?
  18. 18. Coming up for #ProjectM? #ProjectM Our next #ProjectM Tweet Chat is Tuesday 1st June Twitter: #ProjectM I #OurNHSPeople @NHSLeadership Tea & Talk time: informal safe conversations about leading and managing from the middle Wednesday 19 May 4:30pm to 5:30pm E: Listen & Learn: Conversations that support teams to move from ruminating to reflection Thursday 27 May 12:30pm to 13:30pm E:
  19. 19. #ProjectM #ProjectM Peer Mentoring Support… #ProectMentor 120 #ProjectMentorMe 98
  20. 20. Understanding spiritual health and wellbeing #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Revd Dr Guy Harrison Head of Spiritual & Pastoral Care Consultant in Staff Support Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  21. 21. SPIRITUAL WELLBEING Revd Dr Guy Harrison Head of Spiritual & Pastoral Care, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust; Consultant in Staff Support; Director, Oxford Centre for Spirituality and Wellbeing
  22. 22. Ring the bell that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s where the light comes in (Leonard Cohen, Anthem (1992)
  23. 23. ‘Experiences that appear to “break” us (trauma) also “open” us to another dimension of experience which we are inclined to label as soulful or spiritual’ (Donald Kalshed, 2013:25 referring to the work of William James)  Pandemic?
  24. 24. Spirituality is part of health and wellbeing and not merely an influence. The WHO definition of health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" is now conventional wisdom. Health is no longer defined simply in physical terms, as the absence of disease or disability, but now includes spirituality.
  25. 25. Spirituality, which comes from the Latin, spiritus, meaning “breath of life,” is a way of being and experiencing that comes about through awareness of a transcendent dimension and that is characterised by certain identifiable values in regard to self, others, nature, life, and whatever one considers to be the ultimate.’ Elkins et al (1988)
  26. 26. Spirituality as an aspect of health and wellbeing includes 3 dimensions: Transcendent – beyond ourselves Relational - being with Personal - impacts us at a deep level Leads to action/ personal change/ transformation
  27. 27. RECOVERY In order for health care staff to flourish and to ‘recover well’, care (self, colleagues and organisation) needs to be person centred and holistic; NHS staff need to experience that it is not only the physical or psychological symptoms of their distress that are being addressed but that they are being cared for with compassion and respect as a person;
  28. 28. This includes their spiritual and religious needs within a diverse context i.e. different faiths and beliefs, ethnically and culturally diverse groups of staff where spirituality matters Spirituality can be a source of support, inspiration, hope and recovery
  29. 29. The opposite of wellbeing is not illness, but dis – ease, in the sense of unease – being ill-at-ease with ourselves. Wellbeing is not the result of ‘cure’ but of the incremental building of networks of relationships and human connection, self esteem, self belief, purpose, meaning, value and good relationships. These tasks must be undertaken corporately, as well as individually. Health and wellbeing are not commodities to be bought, as we are popularly encouraged to believe; they are the fruits, for individuals and communities, of living well. (Alison Webster, Wellbeing 2002)
  30. 30. OXFORD CENTRE FOR SPIRITUALITY & WELLBEING (OCSW)  LiSHoRE is a NHSE & I funded consultation project to understand the psycho-spiritual experiences and support needs of BAME NHS staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Concurrently, an evaluation and adaptation of existing psycho-spiritual supportive interventions (recovery and renewal days/webinars) provided by (OHFT) and (OCSW) to underpin development of a psycho-spiritual toolkit to meet the needs of NHS staff across the UK  Online supportive consultations will be run with a diverse, representative sample of BAME staff in acute and mental health NHS settings (Oxford, Coventry, Worcester, Leicester, Manchester). These co-facilitated groups will explore people’s pandemic experiences and their psycho-spiritual needs.
  31. 31. Based upon 1 and 2 above we will produce recommendations to optimise the implementation of our existing psycho- spiritual resources and to enhance support for NHS BAME staff Recommendations for the development of additional resources to add to the existing R&R day and webinar spirituality toolkit will also be produced. A final report will be submitted to NHSE/I, detailing the consultation process and including the recommendations for policy and practice; Publication of at least one paper reporting on the project findings in a peer reviewed academic journal.
  32. 32. Our staff recovery plan Yeovil District Hospital #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Mark Appleby Director, HR Yeovil District Hospital Trust For all health and wellbeing support head to:
  33. 33. In the chat box… Share one thing that you're going to do as a result of joining the session today... Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash
  34. 34. Very helpful Not helpful To what extent has today’s session been useful in your own role supporting staff health and wellbeing during and after Covid-19? POLL If you are on YouTube or the poll doesn’t work for you on Zoom, write your number in the chatbox
  35. 35. National Civility and Respect Event… Civility and Respect Programme's virtual and interactive event on 13th May at 1-2.45pm. Focus on Promoting Cultures of Civility and Respect (reducing bullying and harassment) in the NHS. respect-programme For all health and wellbeing support head to:
  36. 36. Health and Wellbeing support for all our NHS people For all health and wellbeing support head to: