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Toastmasters Brand Awareness


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Toastmasters Brand Awareness - This slide deck explain the importance of toastmasters brand.

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Toastmasters Brand Awareness

  2. 2. Session Topics • What is Public Relations? • Why do we need a brand ? • Visual Guidelines • Where to find? • What are Brand violations? • TMI Brand Usage Summary • Knowledge Test • Connect with District 82 • Q&A
  3. 3. What is Public Relations? • Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.
  4. 4. Why do we need a brand ? The brand will: • Communicate a consistent look and message, in turn increasing understanding and global awareness of Toastmasters International . • Motivate prospective members to join, making district and club objectives easier to achieve. • Increase pride in being a member of Toastmasters.
  5. 5. Visual Guidelines All what you need to do – please read and understand 24D443A78451E8730B729CA6.ashx
  6. 6. Where to find?
  7. 7. What are Brand Violations? • Am I using it right? • All Don’ts in visual guidelines • What are “Not Allowed “?
  8. 8. * Can be downloaded from TMI website. ** Has to be bought from TMI. Cannot be custom made. TMI Brand Usage Summary Allowed* Not Allowed** Agenda Badges Flyers Pins Newsletters Trophies (with TMI Logo) Website Clothing Visiting Cards Stationary Items Letterhead Ribbons TMI Certificates Custom designed certificates with TMI logo
  9. 9. Knowledge Test 1 . Can we create a club logo ? Ans : NO 2. If the corporate has provided a logo for our TM club, can we use it ? Ans : Yes. But don’t use TI logo together with a corporate logo. Use only one of them. 3. Can we create a tagline for the club? Ans: NO
  10. 10. 4. Can Clubs print their own ribbons? Ans : Recommended that the club purchase ribbons from TI. Making replicas of TI ribbons is a serious Brand Violation 5. Can we print badges, create Pins or T shirts for the club without TI logo and other brand violations? Ans : NO. District 82 strongly recommends the clubs to purchase it from the TI shop. 6. Can I design & print Winner & participation certificates for contests ? Ans : D82 recommends the use of winner & participation certificates downloaded from TI website . Role player certificates can be designed and printed without TI Logo & brand violations .
  11. 11. 7. Can we make our own trophies for contests and other gatherings ? Ans : Yes . But do not use TI logo or any copyrighted material on the trophy 8. I am doing an Advanced Manual and my fellow TM has a hard copy. Since only 2 advanced manuals are free, can I do a photocopy his manual and use it ? Ans : NO . Using Photocopy materials of TI is a serious violation. Same applies for Speech craft and YLP manuals . It has to be purchased from TI shop
  12. 12. Connect with District 82
  13. 13. District 82 PR Team
  14. 14. Q & A
  15. 15. Thank You Vidiya Prasanth, ACB, ALB Public Relations Manager, District 82 Toastmasters International, +91-9789780295