Why should i be listening to the voice of the people


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Why should i be listening to the voice of the people

  1. 1. Why should I be listening to the voice of the people? Hear me out! Can you listen?
  2. 2. About ME Social Media Manager What does my company ask of me? •Required Technical Assistance •A human face – What is brand: o logo or a perception? •Marketing and PR 2.0 – Making sure EVERYBODY knows •Generates Valuable Insights by LISTENING - Strategy, Monitoring, Training Asset What do I need? • ZEN patience • Commitment • Openness
  3. 3. Now Back to YOU
  4. 4. Why should I be listening to you? Define SM • a SMart thing • a SoMething • a SMoney • SMog “Common sense is genius dressed in his working clothes.” Ralph Emerson
  5. 5. Why should I be listening to you? Profile of the Social Media IT? • Who is he, where does he live, what does he do ? •Is he a an “online friend seeker”? • Which is his favorite book / movie / song? • You love tweeting? What about: this, that, anything? •Describe him/her/it in a single word. WHICH KIND OF TWITTER USER ARE YOU?
  6. 6. This is the cat of our CTO: Twitter profile
  7. 7. Why should I be listening to you? Have you joined in #CommunicationShutDown? WORLD’S* MOST POPULAR BRANDS ONLINE / April 2010 Brand % of World’s Internet Population visiting brand Time per person (hh:mm:ss ) Google 82% 1:21:51 MSN/WindowsLi ve/Bing 62% 2:41:49 Facebook 54% 6:00:00 Yahoo! 53% 1:50:16 Microsoft 48% 0:45:31 YouTube 47% 0:57:33 Wikipedia 35% 0:13:26 AOL Media Network 27% 2:01:02 eBay 26% 1:34:08 Apple 26% 1:00:28 Source: The Nielsen Company Reach and Usage by Country / Apr 2010 (Home & Work) Social Networking / Blog Sites Country % Reach of Active Users Time per Person (hh:mm:ss) Brazil 86% 5:03:37 Italy 78% 6:28:41 Spain 77% 5:11:44 Japan 75% 2:50:50 United States 74% 6:35:02 United Kingdom 74% 5:52:38 France 73% 4:10:27 Australia 72% 7:19:13 Germany 63% 4:13:05 Switzerland 59% 3:43:58 Source: The Nielsen Company Facebook Reach and Usage by Country / Apr 2010 (Home & Work) Country % Reach of Active Users Time per Person (hh:mm:ss) Italy 66% 7:00:21 Australia 63% 7:45:28 United States 62% 6:43:22 United Kingdom 62% 6:19:59 Spain 57% 4:04:53 France 57% 4:33:05 Switzerland 45% 4:18:47 Germany 27% 3:42:50 Brazil 26% 1:46:50 Japan 3% 0:31:38 Source: The Nielsen Company
  8. 8. Survey Groups – How much does Twitter help your brand? Why should I be listening to you? Study, 360i 2010: Twitter users – study market Why should I follow a brand on Twitter and Facebook?
  9. 9. Why should I be listening to you? If there are so many of us here, then anyone can do it, no? Fighting the MYTHS of SM •Social Media is for kids. •Social Media is not work. •Social Media what? • Social Media is ZAPPING.
  10. 10. Why should I be listening to you? I don’t have a business, if I don’t have a Twitter account!  Value – CHEAP  Proposed Objective – WE NEED THIS? It does not cost a dime.  Communication Strategy – Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page – 100 likes a day is a must  Measurement – how many likes I receive on Facebook, RTs on Twitter, views on YouTube
  11. 11. Why should I be listening to you? Answer me this • Do you check your platforms all day long? • Do you brush your teeth and check Twitter? • Has your business become successful with Twitter and Facebook? • All it takes is a Like, a RT and a Share?
  12. 12. Why should I be listening to you? ENGAGEMENT and PASSION MUCH MORE than 3 seconds, 6 posts, 7 likes and 4 share “This service is really bad!” What does it mean? When you go to the restaurant, do you order “more” fans?
  13. 13. It’s just as creative as ads Do you express yourself in 140 characters? That’s all? How much is it a status update and how much do you invest in each tweet? All your updates start with Hi? Do you actually mean Thanks / Thx / LMK / MI? 9 to 5 or whenever you remember you have a social account? No, it’s your way of life! Is the Dunbar Law still relevant? Do we have 150 or 5000 friends? 5 Ps with Social Media. People represent the brand: community voice the brands!
  14. 14. VENI, VIDI, VICI Social Man vs. Market Man • I learn. What have you learned from Social Media this week? • I feel; I see; I understand. • I share, I never get bored, I benefit, I find inspiration, I learn that it takes more than just a tweet. • Why are companies listening? To gain market share or increase awareness? Social Media is not business, it is a way of life!
  15. 15. How does one of my days look like? LEARN, SHARE, BELIEVE Answer YOU Listen to unlimited Stories KISM FEELING
  16. 16. Personally, what makes my day a happy one? Have Seesmic friends thanking us on Twitter  Have close friends create Social Media Accounts and now Facebook Groups Become Better, Wiser, More Considerate “To realize that you do not understand is a virtue; Not to realize that you do not understand is a defect. Lao Tzu”
  17. 17. That’s us! Seesmic Seesmic
  18. 18. A comprehensive product suite… More info and download on www.seesmic.com Mobile Desktop Web Ping.fm Look Seesmic
  19. 19. Featured Seesmic for Android Seesmic iPhone App Seesmic Desktop 2 Featured in LG Campaign
  20. 20. Featured Seesmic Desktop 2 Top ten Silverlight apps you must try •Zappos •SalesForce •Ning •HelpDesk •Formspring •Topsy •Klout •Socialcast •Yammer 52 plug-ins from companies that share value to those who seek it
  21. 21. FEEL IT How has a Start-Up become one of the most talked companies in Silicon Valley? • We believe. • We listen. • We have created a community: "Seesmic has an unparalleled ear to the ground and a tangible desire to engage with all users" • We don’t share app, we create an experience. We have not only a team, we have a Team Seesmic.
  22. 22. Show the EAR! • Have a Social Media Manager and train him the right way! • Don’t hide! Speak the truth, have a voice and actually mean it. •Buy or gain 1000 fans on Social Platforms? • Raise a Community and stay true to your people. Listen to their voice, they’ll listen back, too!
  23. 23. Find ME Twitter: @AlexOanaDumitru Facebook: Alexandra.dumitru Quora: Alexandra Dumitru Email: alexandra@seesmic.com A million other networks.