How to 10x Your Traction with Cold Email: Sales Hacker Conference Berlin

Economist who bitches about cold emails 🐐 at SalesFolk
Nov. 20, 2014

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How to 10x Your Traction with Cold Email: Sales Hacker Conference Berlin

  1. How to 10x Your Traction with Cold Email Heather R Morgan| @HeatherReyhan|
  2. About Heather  7+ years of copywriting  Former economist  Clients:  Collaborated with Aaron Ross on sequel to Predictable Revenue  Written cold emails that get 38% response rates
  3. How do you write a cold email that generates dozens of warm leads?
  4. …Versus an email that no one opens?
  5. STEP #1 WHO? Understand Your Audience
  6. STEP #2: THE PROBLEM Learn your prospects’ pain points
  7. STEP #3: SOLUTION Solve their problems
  8. STEP #4 SOCIAL PROOF: Show your value, don’t tell
  9. STEP #5: CALL TO ACTION What’s their incentive?
  10. THE PROBLEM: Our inboxes are full of impersonal sales junk.
  11. THE CONSEQUENCE: We build walls to guard our time
  12. Your goal is to get past people’s walls.
  13. So how can you get past the wall and get a warm call?
  14. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Different Prospects Build Different Kinds of Walls
  15. OPTION 1: Social Engineering “The Trojan Horse
  16. OPTION 2: Just Knock “Intro Requests”/Permission
  17. OPTION 3: Offer Gold Give them what they desire.
  18. All walls are not the same! COMBINE & AB TEST EVERYTHING!
  19. Don’t write bad cold emails like these! ….PLEASE!
  20. Example of a Bad Cold Email
  21. Problem #1: SELFISH Focus more on your prospects!
  22. Problem #2: ALL FEATURES Transform features to benefits
  23. Problem #3: TOO SALESY “Taking Pants Off on First Date”
  24. The Email that Got 16 New Customers
  25. The First Sentence • Question/Bold Statement • Fear of Loss/Value
  26. The Value Story • Social Proof • Numbers/Stats • Show, don’t tell value
  27. The Call to Action • Incentivize • Specific time or “When”?
  28. Are you read to fill your pipeline with qualified leads? …Contact us! Heather R Morgan | Salesfolk CEO|