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Yesware Research: Email for Sales Open Rate Findings


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This talk presents research from over 6,000 salespeople and almost 20,000 sales emails about what works and what doesn't when sending sales emails

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  • This is a very comprehensive overview Matthew, great work. We've used Yesware for a few years (amazing tool) and also use for our friendly follow-up emails also, huge time saving, free tool and another awesome sales tool on the tool.
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Yesware Research: Email for Sales Open Rate Findings

  1. 1. Email Secrets of Sales All StarsMatthew Bellows
  2. 2. Data Collection MethodologyData pulled anonymously from 6,000+salespeople that use Yesware• 15 days between 12/8 and 12/23• Recipients in 132 countries• 79,989 emails sent in total / 19,146 opened• Looked at both averages and outlier performers• Gmail/Chrome users – maybe atypical
  3. 3. Overall – 23.9% Sales Email Open Rate• 24% underreports opens: no image load = no data• But we know a lot about that 24% (n=19,146 emails)
  4. 4. Getting Another Name Bumps Opens Opened email audiences Send to three if you can• Sending to 2+ increases your chance of opening• “Is there someone you want me to copy on this?”
  5. 5. Highest Open Rates on the WeekendSend your most important emails on Friday afternoon
  6. 6. But Your Open Rate Mileage May VaryTrack individual rates for benchmarking & performance
  7. 7. 12% of Sales Emails Get Forwarded• Knowing which helps in targeting efforts
  8. 8. Opened by Time Since SentDon’t waste days waiting for a reply…
  9. 9. Opened by Time Since Sent‘cause if the email doesn’t get opened soon, it’s done.
  10. 10. It’s a 24 hour Day for Business EmailSchedule your sends for very early in the morning
  11. 11. Shorter Subject Lines = More Opense.g. “NEW ZEALAND!” Sent to 2 people, forwarded to 6
  12. 12. Email as Data Collection Environment
  13. 13. As Reps use Yesware, They Create Data
  14. 14. Activity, Not Opinions
  15. 15. With Yesware for Teams, Usage = Data
  16. 16. Team Activity Report
  17. 17. 5 Tips for Your Sales Emails1. Sending to 2+ increases your chance of opening • “Is there someone you want me to copy on this?”2. Send emails on Friday afternoon • Weekend open rates are highest3. But don’t wait days for a reply • After 24 hours, your email is all but done4. Only 12% of emails get forwarded • Knowing which helps in targeting efforts5. Email reading happens 24x7 • Schedule your sends for very early in the morning
  18. 18. 4 Bonus Tips for Your Sales Emails1. Track individual rates for benchmarking • Open rates vary widely by reps2. Company name in your subject lines • Several leading openers do this3. Shorter Subject Lines are Better • >3 words = below average opens4. Promise to Add Value • “Free Boot Camp Marketing Ideas”
  19. 19. How to Get Yesware1. Go to Enter email address3. Install from Chrome store4. Refresh GmailInstalls in less than 30 secondsChrome browser & Gmail only (for now!)
  20. 20. please contact:Matthew Bellows 617 744 9120