Answering Your Questions on Social Media Consulting (Alexis Grant)


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Webinar: Short presentation on how to land clients and how much to charge, then we'll go into your Q&A.

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  • I’ve been feeling kind of down over the last few days, probably like a lot of you, because of what happened in Boston. But I gotta tell you, what helped me rally tonight… Do things a little differently tonight… a lot of you have read one or both of my ebooks on this topic… if you hear us talking about an ebook… You’ll see to the left of your screen…
  • In addition to the chat box, we also have
  • No ONE right way, but this is what’s worked for me My goal during this webinar is to give you at least one AHA moment to take with you tonight.
  • Before we get into that… Then tell my brief story…
  • I say paying because a lot of us do volunteer work in this space before we move into paid work. Landing your first paying client is one of the BIG CHALLENGES…
  • How many of you got your first paying gig thru friends or family? CHAT INTO BOX SHARE LINK to tell how they landed their first client!
  • Share link with more details… So provide great value and ACT like you’re worth it, and you will be.
  • The short answer is yes. The long answer is, let me show you MY process for bringing on new clients… As I said earlier, this is just ONE way to do this – just because I’m sharing it doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY way or the RIGHT way
  • Before we go into questions… a lot of you have my two social media guides already, but if you don’t, they’re out there. I don’t like to use these webinars to try to sell you something, but I did want to mention these since they could be helpful resources for you. HAVE CARRIE SHARE LINKS
  • Answering Your Questions on Social Media Consulting (Alexis Grant)

    1. 1. Answering YOUR Questions about Social Media Consulting Alexis Grant
    2. 2. Connect with Your Peers #alexiswebinar
    3. 3. Top 3 Questions on SM Consulting1. What’s the best way to land your first client?2. How much should you charge?3. Do you need a proposal or contract?Then we’ll answer YOUR questions. #alexiswebinar
    4. 4. Why bother with a social media gig Demand = HUGE opportunity Make money Gain experience, contacts Give entrepreneurship a try Use as a stepping stone for running your own business full time #alexiswebinar
    5. 5. How Do You Land Your First(Paying) Client?
    6. 6. How I Landed My First 3 Clients1. Networking (Tip: Don’t overlook friends & family)2. Client found me (Tip: Be specific about what you offer)3. Long-forgotten LinkedIn contact (Tip: Stay in touch) #alexiswebinar
    7. 7. How Much Should You Charge? Socialmedia strategists charge anywhere from $15-$250/hour Some people will say you’re too expensive, others will say you’re too cheap Experiment! Aim for project/monthly rates Be CONFIDENT! You’re worth what you say you’re worth #alexiswebinar
    8. 8. Do You Need a Contract/Proposal?My process usually includes… Emails, price range Phone call to learn more about them PROPOSAL Serious interest, more emails CONTRACT Another phone call, emails STRATEGY $ #alexiswebinar
    9. 9. To Help You Get There… uesti ons? Q #alexiswebinar
    10. 10. To Help You Get There… uesti ons? Q #alexiswebinar