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Hashim Ibnauf Resume


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Hashim Ibnauf Resume

  1. 1. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® 2023 Gracy Farms Ln, #1212, Austin, TX 78758 Phone: (919) 641-6581 Summary E-mail: Page 1) JOB TITLES:  Senior Architect  VDC Manager  Adjunct A. Professor  Senior A. Engineering Professional  Digital Design Specialist  Project Manager  Senior Designer  GIS/CAD Consultant  Designer Engineer   KFSHRC, KSA  SHoP Construction, NY  Columbia University, NY  SOM, NY  SOM, NY  Tricarico, NJ  MOP,KRT, SD  Lahmeyer Int. GmbH.  Adnan Safarini, Dubai   Jun 12– Present  Sep 10– May 12  Dec 09 – Jul 10  Jul 09 – Mar 10  Jul 08 – Jul 09  Jul 04 – Jul 08  Jan 03 – Jul 04  Jul 03 – Jul 04  Dec 98 – Jan 03  PROFILE:  16 years of experience in the USA and internationally in Architectural Sustainable Researches, BIM Implementation & Health Care Facility Design. SPECIALTIES:  Graduate Student Tutoring, Parametric Modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling), Computational Design for fabrication, Sustainability analysis, VDC, CNC, CAM & CAD Design Optimization. 3D applications. EDUCATION:  Masters of Engineering in Product Architecture Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. 2006-2009, (A - ) Courses include BIM technologies, parametric design, controlled variables and constraints; Structural and form optimization (Morphology and Topology). Sustainability focused environmental studies and digital analysis using Ecotect and IES for thermal, solar and CFD simulations. CAD Scripting and interactive design.  Bachelor of Science in Architecture Engineering (with Honor), Department of Architecture, Faculty of Eng. and Architecture, University of Khartoum, Sudan, June. 1998.  Cambridge, O’ Level, certified by U. of London Certificate (with Distinction), 1992.  Diploma in Computer programs, Bersicom, California U.S.A., 1992.  Diploma in Geographical Info. Sys. on ESRI Arc GIS, Arc View & Arc info. Geographical Information System Applications; digitizing satellite and aerial images into vector data, Lahmeyer Int. GmbH, 2003. COMPUTER SKILLS: Advanced knowledge and experience using BIM and CAD applications:  CATIA5 R 20 , Parametric Mechanical Engineering software developed by Dassault Systèmes.  Rhino 5, NURBS-based 3-D modeling tool developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.  Revit 10, Parametric BIM software developed by AutoDesk.  AutoCAD Architecture 2010, specially suited AutoCAD to architectural work.  AutoDesk Ecotect Analysis, IES environmental sustainability programs.  Navisworks 2011 3D coordination, 4D planning developed by AutoDesk.  Altair HyperMesh, Optistruct applications including Topology and Morphology Optimization.  Matlab, optimization simulator developed by The MathWorks.  Excel Solver Optimization numerical plotter.  3D Studio (VIZ) Rendering & Walkthrough Animation, developed by AutoDesk Media.  Adobe Design CS3 Suite (Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign) by Adobe Systems.  Word processing and spreadsheet programs including MS Word, Excel and Power Point. TEACHING PUBLICATION:  Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia University, NY:   Lecturer, Metal in Construction Workshop – Pratt Institute, Manhattan, NY: o PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION:  LEED AP® Accredited Professional - 2009. U.S. Green Building Council.  Licensed Architect - 1998. SOA/State of KRT, SD.  Professional Engineer (PE) – KSA - 98633 __________________________________________________________________________ This concludes the summary. Please flip to the full resume for break down list of experience.
  2. 2. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Page (2) May 12 to Pres Senior Architect at King Faisal Specialist Hospital RC, Riyadh, KSA. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is a 1290-bed tertiary/quaternary care and referral hospital based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the national referral center for oncology, organ transplantations, cardiac surgery, genetic diseases, and more. It is recognized as the largest cancer facilities in the Gulf region. SUMMARY: As Senior Architect, I Led and coordinated architectural design projects and construction drawings for King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center; served as lead architect and project manager for several projects including renovations, rehabilitation and ground-ups. Enhanced project management practices through Building Information Model (BIM) Platform. Advised on improving design quality, communication, construction scheduling, prefabrication, construction logistics, procurement, and building operation. Led research studies and implementation of green building systems and initiatives for integration of LEED processes associated with project management lifecycle. Directed CAD Quality Assurance and Productivity Improvement through technical development, support, and training on CAD/drawing standards, CAD/Digital Design tools, Project QA Program, Code Compliance and Data Management Systems for staff members. Sample Projects:  Blood-Donor-Center | (360m 2 ) | Designer & Model Manager.  Services Building | (77,000m 2 ) | Project Management & Code Compliance.  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) | (800m 2 ) Designer.  OR Extension-Design | (1200m 2 ) Designer.  OR Total Renovation | (600m 2 ) Designer.
  3. 3. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Page (3) Sep 10 to May 12 VDC Manager at SHoP Construction LLC, New York, USA. SHoP is an architectural and VDC firm based in Lower Manhattan. It won numerous awards, including the 2009 National Design Award for Architecture Design by Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The firm's work has been published and exhibited internationally, and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. SUMMARY: As VDC Manager I was responsible for formulating the 3d coordination project path between the design teams, construction managers, & subcontractors. Developed the preliminary work flow from mechanical modeling output to the contractual documentation between all parties. Training and tutoring of support teams. As Applied Technology Specialist and Head of Project Model Management, I was responsible for constructing and publishing SHoP Model Manual that defines the firm standards for typical model structuring and strategic work flow. NANO, PA - SECU, NC: (Unitized Curtain Wall fabrication) Project Management & Model Manager  Strong interpersonal skills to enable team-based working relationships with all members of a project team.  Mechanical, Parametric modeling and direct to fabrication.  4D construction sequencing model of the structural steel and curtain wall facade which enabled the project team to make informed decisions in real time. Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY: (Weathered Steel Panel Lattice Work fabrication) Technical Coordination  Provided virtual design & construction integration services for Barclay center design to the facade contractor optimizing mechanical sub-structures.  Accurately reproduced the lattice work through implementation of an integrated direct to fabrication process.
  4. 4. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Page (4) Dec 09 to Jul 10. Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, New York, USA. – Mechanical Engineering Design on Product Architecture Columbia is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York, and is the 5th oldest in the United States making it one of the country's nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution. More Nobel Prize winners (alumni and faculty combined) have been affiliated with Columbia than with any other institution in the world. It is ranked the seventh best in the world. GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation), Columbia University.  As a BIM Expert joined technical consulting team to the C-BIP (The Columbia Building Intelligence Project) studio.  Lead a unique experiment with the most sophisticated modeling and management software currently used by the building industry for its top advanced projects.  Deployed the use of Building Information Management (BIM) practices and parametric Mechanical modeling techniques on a level that is unprecedented in a school setting.  Took advantage of the unique opportunities of academia and trained students to contribute to cutting-edge research on the use of tools and techniques for information management, collaboration, and adaptive design. Lectures/Studio Topics:  BIM – Mechanical Sustainability.  Design Space and Digital modeling.  Production through Information Models. Disciplines and strategies:  Envelopes / skins  Roofs / rooftop profiles  Courtyards / inner courts Beginning with the design of generic building components, the work integrated to be on the component’s adaption to each other and to a series of selected buildings, urban conditions, infrastructures and scales. The goal was to invent architectural solutions to energy mitigation in existing buildings, which were speculative, experimental, innovative and technically feasible.
  5. 5. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (5) Dec 08 to Pres. *Research Study. Key Words: Sustainability, Mechanical Parametric Modeling, BIM attributes and scheduling, Structural Purity; Coordinating and Format Exchange. Collaboration: Stevens Institute of Technology. PAE lab. Columbia University. C-BIP Title record: “Triple Mesh Weave structure. Planar, Cylindrical, Conical and Parametric”.  CATIA.  Rhino Script.  Altair HyperMesh, OptiStruc.  Ecotect. The research studies design solutions for weave structures as an advanced approach extended from a study of a continuous surface by sculptor Erwin Hauer. The study reaches solutions for structural optimization using morphology under Altair software tools. *Reference: PAE810 – Stevens Institute of Technology Professor: Neil Katz/SOM, NY Architects. Professor: Ajmal Aqtash/SOM, NY Architects. Planar based application results in Tri-separate structure. Cylindrical based is a continuous flexible weave. Triple Mesh weave on double curved surface generated parametrically using Catia software. “Pockets” are integrated for high-rise structures to balance lateral forces, turbulence and shear lags by wind. Parametrically modeled Weave Structure exposed to express architectural features.
  6. 6. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (6) Jul 08 - Mar 10 Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, New York, NY USA. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) is one of the top leading architecture and urban-planning firms in the world, with a 75-year reputation for design excellence and a portfolio that includes some of the most important architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Burj (Dubai) Khalifa (2010), Sears Tower (1973). Freedom Tower (New World Trade Center, NY). The firm has been honored with more than 1100 awards. The American Institute of Architects has recognized SOM twice with its highest honor, the Architecture Firm Award—in 1962 and again in 1996. The firm maintains offices in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. SUMMARY: As a Digital Design Specialist/BIM manager, I had worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from high-end residential to large office and commercial projects. My experience included Mechanical Information Modeling, consultants’ coordination, programming, code analysis, design and fabrication documentation, industrial shop drawing review, and construction administration. In 2008, I was given the opportunity to assume the duties of BIM Manager for SOM’s New York office which includes coverage of the Washington, DC satellite office. In this role, I had developed and reconciled SOM’s firm-wide BIM Standards, established protocols for training and education, and developed a series of custom productivity tools for technical process. I was responsible for the implementation and development of Gehry Technology Digital Project at SOM. I developed the bases of training grassroots group of self-motivated individuals and carried this new building information modeling tool into prominence with SOM New York’s Technical Architecture group and had since become the reference for firm-wide implementation as well as template and content development. PROJECTS: o Qatar Petroleum Complex, Doha, Qatar. (707,000 sq. meters) o SEZ Office complex, Hyderabad, India. o Kuwait University, Al-Shaddadia, Kuwait. o Ministry of Defense, Paris, France. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provided direction on selecting the appropriate digital design tool to project teams based on mechanical objectives and case priorities.  Responsible for quality control technical support on BIM outputs to consultants and engineers.  Managed data exchange between various design and building performance analysis tools into the design process. Integrated the use of IFC format as the default shared file system.  Coordinated between all engineering consultants and lead a series of meetings to target periodic deadlines for each project.  Researched new Digital Design Tools and techniques and their integration into design processes.  Analyzed and evaluated new releases of DDTs and their implication and effectiveness in improving the quality and productivity.  Presented alternative basic training substances to the DDG Group and training team to better promote the use of BIM organization and parametric design.
  7. 7. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (7) Jul 08 to Mar 10 (Continued) Digital Design Specialist / Engineering Manager, Skidmore Merrill and Owings, New York, NY USA.  Directed and implemented the Digital Project technical and engineering design support for Qatar Petroleum project and successfully met IFA, IFC and IF0 (100%) deadlines for Tower (A); the key building in the complex accommodates the majority of the campus population and reflects the conceptual parametric design. It covers primarily the three office buildings but also includes the associated ground floor concourse amenities. That required direct coordination with technical coordinator and consultants.  Deployed the basic structure and script configuration for building (K) Ballroom and initiated the design coordination with consultants.  Assigned as reference designer for building (E) Central praying Space. Set up the complete structure and script configuration and handled the design and technical coordination with consultants.  Developed multiple templates in SOM partner-Google Doc to serve as shared responsibility tasks for all teams. The sheets became a basic tool simultaneously.  Presented and web published (5) "Best Practice Techniques" and set of "Definitions" in somddg.pbwiki as tips for Digital Project users and addition to SOM-DP Manual.  Published a chapter on "Basic DP Relational Design - Management of contextual links", now serves as a reference in Project Assembly.  Presented alternative basic training substances to the DDG DP group and training team to better promote the use of BIM organization and parametric design. Assisted in Training future users by direct involvement  Assured quality and content of design and construction documents through implementation of the Firm-wide CAD and Drawing Standards and use of the firm CAD tools; Data and Sheet Management Systems (DMS and SMS).  Digitally stimulated a full model daylight simulation to meet the Lux level design intend for the ballroom and auditorium.
  8. 8. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (8) Aug 06 - July 08 (Part Time) BIM Researcher (PT). Stevens Institute in collaboration with SOM Architects Advanced CAD programs: CATIA, Rhino, Ecotect and Altair HyperMesh, OptiStruc.  SEZ, Hyderabad, India: Office complex. Optimization of mechanical shading elements. Environmental sustainability.  Objective: Minimize direct sun penetration.  Variables to optimize: Fin size and angle for each orientation.  SEZ, Hyderabad, India: Office complex. Optimization of shading elements- structural support.  Objective: Minimize volume of steel wedges. Minimize Compliance.  Variable: 1. Morphology (Shape Optimization): Design space in within min and max shapes. 2. Topology: Element density. BIM Researcher (PT). Stevens Institute in collaboration with SHoP Architects and Nastasi Architects and Tricarico Architecture offices. Advanced CAD programs: CATIA, Rhino, Ecotect and IES.  Rector Street Foot Bridge; Parametric Modeling and Environmental digital analysis.  Project 70123; Retail prototypical design and fixture solution. Smart Rail System. Digital Manufacturing.  Hoboken- Kindergarten glazing project. Design and fabrication of glazing screen using (L) scripting and digital fabrication.
  9. 9. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (9) Jul -04 to Jun-08 Project Manager- Designer/ Graphic Manager, Tricarico Architecture PC, Wayne, NJ USA.  Retail designs, Restaurants, Kitchens, Offices, Shopping centers and residential. Projects for Chipotle, K&G, Men’s Wearhouse, Bride & Joy, Hang Ten, Manhattan Mini Storage, Eddie Rodriguez, Steve Madden, Michaels, Walgreens and Garmany to name some.  Developed innovative conceptual design of building interior and exterior, a departure from the created prototype designs of each client using AutoCAD 2007.  Designed Lifestyle shopping centers for Lerner-Heidenberg Properties in NJ, NY and PA.  Restaurants and Kitchens. Researched retail food service and hospitality fields. Design concept inspired by the “Googie Architecture” from the late 50’s California restaurants and coffee shops.  Supported regional construction managers in resolving issues during construction.  Conducted code analysis and review for projects.  Coordinated with different disciplines (MEP engineers and facility designers) and lead the production of construction documents; manage their follow and quality. This also involves responding to, building code review comments, review shop drawings and assist in the preparation of supporting documents like Energy Efficiency Standards required for permit applications.  Participated in training newly hired regional construction managers in understanding Tricarico development (design & construction) process and procedures.  Produced photorealistic quality, presentation renderings of interior and exterior spaces, starting usually from a CAD floor plan or basic sketch and finalizing using a combination of AutoCAD, 3d studio Viz. and Photoshop. Produced walk-through animation in avi format.
  10. 10. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (10) Jan 03 - Feb 04 Senior Designer, Project Manager, Ministry of Planning. KRT, Sudan.  Development of urban and rural planning projects.  Design of Mechanicall Sustainable Houses including building material modification researches.  Urban plans in Khartoum, Capital, including design of “33” commercial / residential towers. Jul 03 - Jul 04 (Part-Time) Cad Consultant, Lahmeyer Int. GmbH. Germany.  18 Kilometers Dam Project on the 4th cataract, the Nile River North-Sudan.  Geographical Information System Applications; digitizing satellite and aerial images into vector data. Dec 98 - Jan 03 Project Engineer, Al Abir Eng. & Consulting / Adnan Safarini Eng. & Consulting, Dubai, U.A.E.  Al-Abir / Adnan Safarini‘s primary architect and representative in relation to outside consultant engineering and architectural and construction firms.  Prepared and presented to A.A. Safarini the design drawings for all projects that of business or personal interest.  The design of mid-size residential: Villas, Swimming pools, Kitchens and Landscaping.  The design of commercial projects: Office Buildings, Towers (Member of the architectural team for Al-Batha Hotel & offices Tower in Sharjah- a 29 story building).  Restaurants in Sharjah and Dubai. Designed and study-researched restaurants within “al-Fayhaa” Shopping Mall in Sharjah and branches in Dubai.  Evaluated the conditions of A.A. Safarini existing, old real estate and propose new use alternatives. Conducted site observation and consultation of new and rehabilitation projects including Royal Palaces of Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi and Royal family. Jun 97 - Dec 98 Intern, Al-Muhandes Architecture & Design- A. Sabbar- Dubai, UAE.  The design of residential: Villas, Swimming pools and Landscaping.  3d perspectives and manual Airbrush renderings.
  11. 11. HASHIM SULIEMAN LEED AP® BD+C Breakdown Continues –Page (11) PORTOFOLIO: Publications:-   Reference to field of studies:-   CITIZENSHIP: USA REFERENCES: SHoP Construction:  Jonathan Mallie  Brian Sweeney   Partner, SHoP.  Project Manager, ShoP. , +1 212 889 9005, +1 212 889 9005 Columbia University:  David Benjamin  Scott Marble  Laura Kurgan   Partner, The Living, Columbia University.  Director of Fabrication Research, Columbia University.  Director, Spatial Information Lab, Columbia University , +1 212 854 3414 , +1 212 233 0653 , +1 212 854 3414 Pratt Institute:  Ajmal Aqtash  Jamie Stein  Principal, form-ula.  Coordinator of Environmental Systems Management , +1 718 399 4305  , +1 212 647 7538 Stevens Institute:  John Nastasi RA  Victor Keto  Neil Katz  Program Director.  Senior Automation Consultant, GT Global.  Associate, SOM Chicago.  , 201-653-2577 , +1 646 306 0717 , +1 3125549090 SOM, NY:  Stefano Paci RA  Christopher Olsen  Dr. Hassan Satti  Associate, SOM NY.  Associate Director, SOM NY.  Lusail CEO's Advisor, Qatari Diar.  , +1 212 298 9300 , +1 212 298 9300 , +974-4974444 Tricarico Architecture:  John Pandolfinio RA  President, John J.Pandolfino Architect. , +1 973 492 1605 Published Recommendations: