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Power x new


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Published in: Food
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Power x new

  1. 1. POWER X GRANULES 3Kg/ acre
  2. 2. Power X Granules • Unique bold granules in 3Kg/ acre attractive pet jar • Power X has 100% Nutrients & no llers • These granules completely dissolve in water very fast – can be demonstrated at distributor shop
  3. 3. Key Features of Power X Better seedling establishment Made from unique plant extracts Balanced root & shoot development Enhance fertilizer uptake Triggers early owering & fruit setting 3Kg/ acre
  4. 4. Mode of Action • Power X is an organic product containing Protein Hydrolysates, Carbohydrates, Amino acids, Micro nutrients • Enhances root development, thus increase absorption of minerals and nutrients • Supplements organic matter to plants • Enhances soil microbial activity • Enhances plant chlorophyll content • Enhances Enzymatic activity & cell growth • Stimulates Protein synthesis • Induces hormones responsible for yield parameters such as Growth, owering, fruit setting etc. • Synergistic with Fertilisers and other granular pesticides
  5. 5. Effects on Plants Keeps crop healthy and lush green, and provides multiplier effect in favourable climate . Improves plant defence against disease incidence . Improves modulation in Pulses Balanced growth of shoot and root system in plant Higher owering and fruit set Better yield & better root development leads to more mineral absorption
  6. 6. Root Development Power X enhances root development, thus increases absorption of minerals and nutrients
  7. 7. Nutrient Uptake • Power X facilitates nodulation/symbiotic processes in root zone • Enhances formation of lateral roots and root hairs • Enhances uptake of nutrients
  8. 8. Power X Uptake by Plants Power-X when applied at root zone, 100% of it gets dissolved in soil moisture, and becomes available for uptake by plants Fast dissolution in soil moisture produces fast result
  9. 9. Power X Uptake by Plants Dissolved Power-X taken up by plant roots along with other nutrients, translocates to the leaves and enhances metabolism of the plants. Power-X also enhances microbial activities in root zone thus enhancing nutrients uptake.
  10. 10. THanKYOUENRICHING LIVES, YIELDS PROSPERITY HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.