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Hinthora is a broad spectrum insecticide

Published in: Food
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  1. 1. H TM Target Pest “Power Of Hinthora , Brings-insect Free Tomato
  2. 2. Qualities Of Hinthora Hinthorais abroadspectruminsecticide. It is used for control of wide range of lepidopteron insecticide e.g. HelicoverpaarmigeraandSpodopteralituraintomato. It is a ground-breaking product with twin mode of action i.e. contact and stomach. It also affects on chitin synthesis inhibitor by restricting the moulting. Hinthora acts on nervous system of insect and paralyses the insect resultstodeath. Italsohasphytotoniceffectonthecrop.
  3. 3. Target Crop Tomato Binomial : Solanum lycopersicum name Order : Solanales Family : Solanaceae Genus : Solanum Species : S. lycopersicum
  4. 4. Harmful Insects Insect : Helicoverpa armigera Order : Lepidoptera Family : Noctuidae
  5. 5. Diseases Insect : Helicoverpaarmigera Disease: Fruit Borer Crop : Tomato Tomato fruit borer is one of the most destructive pests of tomato. The adults lay majority of the eggs on the upper and lower leaf surfaces of the rst four leaves in the top canopy. The larvae scrape the tomato foliage until early or late second instar stage. The larva bores into the fruit making it unt for marketing. In severe cases of infestation, more than 80 per cent fruitsgetdamaged.
  6. 6. Harmful Insects Kingdom: Animalia Phylum : Arthropoda Class : Insecta Order : Lepidoptera Family : Noctuidae Genus : Spodoptera Species : S.litura Insect : Spodopteralitura
  7. 7. Diseases Insect : Helicoverpa armigera Crop : Tomato These tomato caterpillars are also prey to braconid wasps. These tiny wasps lay their eggs on the tomato hornworms and the larva literally eat the caterpillar from the inside out. When the wasp larva becomes a pupa, the hornworm caterpillar becomes covered withwhitesacks. Dosages General recommendation is 330-350 ml /acre.
  8. 8. THanKYOU ENRICHING LIVES, YIELDS PROSPERITY HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.