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Window task


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Setting out a window wall ready for Tiling

Published in: Education
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Window task

  1. 1. WALL&FLOOR TILING Window Task R Hammond / G Turner
  2. 2. Tools required for the task • Spirit level/Water level • Pencil • Length of wood • Measuring tape • Tile nippers • Notched trowel • Gauging trowel • Tile cutter • Chalk line R Hammond / G Turner2
  3. 3. R Hammond / G Turner3 Using a spirit level check the window reveals for plumb.
  4. 4. R Hammond / G Turner4 Again using a spirit level check the window sill and soffit for level.
  5. 5. R Hammond / G Turner5 Use a measuring tape to find the centre of the window sill and mark using a pencil.
  6. 6. R Hammond / G Turner6 Using a spirit level and pencil to transfer the centre line to the top and the bottom of the wall. Then transfer between the two points with a chalk line
  7. 7. R Hammond / G Turner7 Using the staff stick check the cuts to the reveals and both sides of the wall. Choose which method of centre works best for your wall centre of a tile or a centre of a joint
  8. 8. R Hammond / G Turner8 Using the staff stick check the cuts to the sill and soffit if the cuts are to small adjust the staff stick to suit.
  9. 9. R Hammond / G Turner9 Once position of tiles has been worked out mark the wall on top and bottom of the window using the staff stick with a pencil.
  10. 10. R Hammond / G Turner10 Using the staff stick you can now check the cutting at the ceiling and floor. If these are not suitable start again at the window.
  11. 11. R Hammond / G Turner11 Using water level transfer setting out height around room and mark with chalk line.
  12. 12. R Hammond / G Turner12 You can now use your staff stick to set the tile baton to the nearest whole tile from the floor.
  13. 13. R Hammond / G Turner13 After setting tile batons and plumb lines you are now ready to start tiling
  14. 14. R Hammond / G Turner14 Fix the tiles to window height you can now put plumb lines up both sides of the window this will help when you get to top of the window to ensure gap doesn't close or open up
  15. 15. R Hammond / G Turner15 Continue tiling up both sides of window ensuring tiles are kept plumb and level throughout
  16. 16. R Hammond / G Turner16 Use the staff stick to ensure tiles work in .
  17. 17. R Hammond / G Turner17 Finish cuts around outside of window
  18. 18. R Hammond / G Turner18 Complete tiling up to ceiling
  19. 19. R Hammond / G Turner19 Remove tile baton, cut and fix base tile.
  20. 20. R Hammond / G Turner20 Apply tile trim to window reveals soffit and sill mitred in each corner. Tile window reveals soffit and sill ensure all tiling is flush with tile trim and all the joints line through.