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M learning1

  1. 1. T E C H N O L O G YM-learningNick Cherkas looks at hen I first heard the current Recently, though, my Englishmobile learning from thestudents’ point of view. W buzz word m-learning (mobile learning), I was initially confused about how mobile phones and other devices could be used in the classroom. I didn’t understand teacher has been doing some really cool things with us in class. He actually lets us use our mobiles for activities! At first we couldn’t believe it, but we had a class discussion about using mobiles in the how they could help students, but later I lesson. Here are some of the things we realised their potential. I also realised decided: that students in my setting – Morocco – ● We all use our mobiles every day, so always had mobile phones with them. it’s useful for us to learn English Some lucky people had shiny using something that’s relevant to our smartphones, some had older, more lives outside the classroom. basic models. But they all brought their mobiles to class every lesson – some ● We can use our mobiles to have more students forgot to bring a pen, but they fun in class as they can be used as a always had their mobiles! I decided to camera and a recorder, as well as a view this as an opportunity rather than phone. an inconvenience, and I started to ● Sometimes we can use our mobiles encourage my students to use the cameras when we leave the classroom and go and voice recorders in their phones around the school grounds and the more and more. I incorporated the use neighbourhood: we’re still practising of mobiles into some of my existing English and it’s great to do this in classroom activities and developed some other places rather than the same old new activities using them as well. classroom. I though it best to write about m- learning from the students’ point of ● We need to have some rules. When view – the following words are mine, the teacher tells us to, we have to turn although the sentiments come from off our phones, for example if we’re students whom I’ve spoken to. (My own concentrating on something else, like comments are in blue.) writing or drama. ● We have to be respectful to each other. If we have each other’s numbers, we’re not allowed to send mean messages or take photos that they won’t want other people to see. This is a form of bullying and we My parents always tell me that I use my have strict rules in our class about mobile too much – I always have it on me this. If we break these rules, then we so I can check my Facebook page, take might not be able to use our mobiles photos (Why should I carry a camera in class anymore. (This is a with me like my mum does when I’ve got potentially tricky area – it’s best to a great camera on my phone?), check the be open and honest with the time (Who needs a watch?), listen to the students, and each school might radio and keep in touch with my friends. have its own policy about this. Think At school, teachers always tell us that about the cultural issues around we’re not allowed to use our mobiles in recording voices and taking photos class but it doesn’t stop anybody – isn’t as well. Individual students who that what ‘silent mode’ is for? don’t want to do this can still take ᮣᮣᮣ • www.etprofessional.com • ENGLISH TEACHING professional • Issue 81 July 2012 • 55