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Mobile synthesis quest


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Mobile synthesis quest

  1. 1. Mobile Synthesis Quest Adrianne Manhart-Hickey Jenna Rudzwick
  2. 2. Personal Learning Prefrences• At the beginning of the class when I first took the learning preferences survey my scores were reflective: 5, sensory: 3, verbal: 5, and sequential: 3. At the end of the class my thoughts on my learning preferences have remained relatively the same. I still don’t have a strong preference for one style over another, and I don’t have too much difficulty in areas of learning that are not my preferred style. I know I am still a reflective learner because I like to go at my own pace and take time on my own to think about new information before talking about it. In all of my classes I benefit from verbal stimulation, by having teachers explaining orally to me directions.• (Jenna)• At the beginning of this course my scores for the learning preference test were for active, 9, for senses, 9, for visual, 11 and for sequential was 5. I have learned that the test results were accurate because I know that I do have a very strong preference for active, senses, and visual learning techniques. I believe that towards the beginning of the class I was very dependent using an active and visual style of learning. I found that I was unable to grasp concepts if I was not learning in either of those two styles. For example I had a hard time if the course was based solely off text and there were no hands on activities or pictures to refer to. After finding out that I had such a strong preference to certain learning styles, I tried to make myself become more aware and train myself to learn how to learn through different styles while using the preferences I felt stronger in. Towards the end of the class I began to realize that only being able to learn a specific way was holding me back in succeeding in other classes. As this semester evolved I noticed myself getting better at using learning styles such as, sequential preferences
  3. 3. Group Thoughts About Learning Prefreneces• After taking this course, we learned a great deal about learning preferences and how different styles of learning affects how you take in and understand information. We no were more aware of all the different styles of learning and the things we can do to become a better learner in a different style if our own preference is not an option. For example, in a classroom setting to simply ask the teacher if he or she can provide a visual while explaining something if we are visual learners to help us understand the material. (Jenna)• Knowing about other learning preferences is very important in our personal learning success because it is important to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. One reason being that you can focus hands on learning activity if that is your strength and because you know your specific learning preference you cannot focus on spending so much time on preferences that may not be so beneficial to your preference. Another reason that it is good to be aware of other learning styles is because one may be able to train themselves to become stronger in another area that your professor may prefer and you have no other option. For example if your professor gives lecture notes verbally then you must work on your verbal learning skills in order to become successful in the course. (Adrianne)
  4. 4. Learning Pathway• I chose learning warrior at the beginning of the class because I wanted to learn more about fewer technologies. I had just gotten an iPhone at the time and was hoping that I would get insightful information about all of its capabilities. I definitely broadened my knowledge of mobile technologies such as iPads and tablets. I learned how these technologies are being integrated into the classroom and all of their capabilities that can be used towards learning. I never changed my pathway because I was content with the one I chose. (Jenna)• I also chose the learning warrior because I also wanted to learn more about fewer technologies rather than abroad understanding of many technologies. I feel like I learned many useful tips about how to use an iPad as a tool other than to play games. I also did not change my pathway because i prefer to learn more and grasp overall knowledge of one technology, rather than know a little bit about many different technologies.• (Adrianne)
  5. 5. How The Activities Contributed to Our Learning Pathways• The quiz on mobile technology such iPads, and tablets provided useful information on how to use these technologies to learn because in order to answer the questions, we had to read the power point and additional materials that provided helpful information. The power point was helpful in giving an overview of each of the technologies and their basic functions, whereas the supplemental material including articles and studies provided examples of how these technologies are used and statistics about the. We got a broader understanding and deeper understanding by taking the quiz and answering specific questions.
  6. 6. Top Mobile Technologies• The technology quest on iPads and tablets helped me explore learning because they have similar apps to the iPhone. There are a wide range of apps available for learning that I researched and utilized throughout this semester that provided options for different styles of learning. Obviously a lot of these apps have a visual component with diagrams and pictures. But some of them also have an auditory component, where it uses either sound effects or simply reads the text on the screen. This is helpful for studying while driving or even playing it in my headphones on public transportation because I get motion sickness while I read in a moving vehicle. (Jenna)• The technology quest on iPads helped me to work better with my learning preference because I was able to find graphs and picture representations of things that I was actually studying in other classes.• (Adrianne )
  7. 7. Our experience investigating the use of different mobile technologies…• The mobile technology that interested us the most as a learning tool was iPods because we actually have iPods and were interested in how it functions as a learning tool. This was also the technology that surprised us the most, because like I said we both have iPods and never thought about using it as a mobile tool. Similarly, because of the iPods size it doesn’t seem as practical as maybe an iPad which is larger and has a keyboard. The iPod is convenient to take anywhere, however the size is not the most ideal as a device to learn on. We would like to explore iPhone further as a tool for learning because we also both have iPhone’s which are on us at all times and it would be convenient for on-the-go purposes.• We both agreed that the iPods worked for our learning preferences partly because we both do not have iPads as an option to use. The iPod has the capability to provide many recourses for learning depending on your individual learning style. For example, being apple to download a flashcard app was great for on the go memorizing. This particular app also had an audio option to say the words aloud which was great for verbal learners as well.
  8. 8. How We Will Use What We Learned…• This class provided many recourses for us to utilize after this class. Being able to use our iPads and iPhones while be helpful to access useful information at a job or outside of school. Now that we have a greater understanding of our learning preferences we can accommodate that in the work setting, as well as choose apps that are appropriate for our styles. There are a range of sites that offer information on an infinite amount of topics that can be accessed on-the-go with an iPod or iPhone.• There are multiple mobile technologies that can be used for non-learning purposes, such as games, and social networking sites. We will continue to use Facebook and Twitter on our phones because they serve many purposes such as connecting with friends. However, having these apps on our phones can be very distracting from school work, therefore we will try to use them less, rather than avoid them completely.