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Some questions to be used as a guideline for students to write a personal profile.

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Writing 1

  1. 1. Writing 1 – My Profile<br />Answer the following questions as completely as possible to start your personal profile.<br />What is your name? (Full name)<br />How old are you?<br />Where are you from?<br />Where do you live?<br />How many brothers and sisters do you have?<br />Where do you go to school?<br />What’s your favorite subject at school? Why?<br />What are your hobbies?<br />What do you like to do in your free time?<br />Do you have a favorite actor/actress/singer? Write about him/her.<br />What are your plans for the future?<br />Have you ever been to another country? Would you like to? Where would you like to go? Why?<br />