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Assessing Your Brand Needs


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Your new office location should vibe with your company's brand and culture. This SlideShare will guide you through what to consider.

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Assessing Your Brand Needs

  1. 1. GRASSHOPPER ACADEMY Assessing Your Brand Needs Learn how to choose an office location that matches your brand and meets your company culture requirements.
  2. 2. When looking for an office location, in addition to keeping the “business” in mind, you should also be thinking about your brand and company culture. You should think about how your office space will fit your company needs on the outside and inside.
  3. 3. The following points are a few brand & culture considerations to keep in mind as you browse office space.  Company Culture  Brand Image  Safety & Community What to assess
  4. 4. Company Culture
  5. 5. Company Culture No matter what industry you’re in, the first thing to decide is what type of culture your business will have. For instance, think about:  Team Structure  Dress Code: business formal vs. business casual  Flexibility: In-house workers vs. remote workers
  6. 6. Company Culture Example:  A business with large sales or customer service teams would most likely prefer individual workspaces to prevent other employees from disruptive conversations. Your company culture will ultimately influence your office layout. This same business might also enforce a business formal dress code because of client visits.
  7. 7. Company Culture However, if you want your company culture to encourage collaboration amongst different teams, an open floor plan would be a better idea.
  8. 8. Matching your company culture to your office layout will help you plan for the following:  Furniture  Office space requirements  Special rooms (conference rooms, nap rooms, etc.)  Amenities (kitchen, break room) Extra Reading Modern Workspace: Offices, Co-working, and What’s Right for You Company Culture
  9. 9. Brand Image
  10. 10. Brand Image Another point to consider is if the office space matches your brand image.
  11. 11. Brand Image For this, it’s important to ask landlords what renovations (if any) you’ll be able to make:  Selecting wall color schemes to match brand colors  Wallpaper  Lighting  Hanging pictures  In-office signage  Custom Furniture
  12. 12. Brand Image It’s also important to check with your landlord about the type of signage you’re allowed to put outside the office location.  Side Street Sidewalk Signs  Super-Sized Outdoor Signs  Multi-Tenant Signs  Digital Displays  Banners
  13. 13. Community & Safety
  14. 14. Community Choosing a business location close to a thriving community will benefit your business when it comes to recruiting employees.
  15. 15. Community Potential employees will be more interested in your business if it’s located near a community with the following:  Low crime rates  Good school systems  Daycare  Health facilities  Residential real-estate options This will raise your chances of recruiting and retaining employees.
  16. 16. Safety In addition to your office being located in a safe area, it’s important to research the building and office security as well.
  17. 17. Safety Be sure to ask the landlord about the following: • Security systems: what video surveillance and fire alarm systems are in place? What is the emergency evacuation plan for the building? • Access control systems: how will employees and visitors access the building and office? Will they be able to have 24/7 access? • Perimeter security: is there outdoor lighting and surveillance after work hours?
  18. 18. Review
  19. 19. Review Company Culture  Choose a business location that meets your business needs and company culture requirements.  Style of Operation  Office Layout  Dress code
  20. 20. Review Brand Image  Double-check that you’ll have flexibility to “brand” your office.  Indoor and outdoor signage  Color schemes  Office Decor
  21. 21. Review Safety & Community  Choose a business location in a thriving & safe community.  Low crime rate  Family amenities  Growing community
  22. 22. Next… Understanding State & Municipal Laws