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Evaluation q4 gvuyjh

  2. 2. TechnologyTechnology  The use of technology was very vital in the production process. Without using any form of technology It would have been impossible to produce quality products. The use of new and advanced media technology had allowed me to produce good quality products.
  3. 3. ConstructionConstruction Nikon Camera-Nikon Camera- Used to capture pictures for Magazine/poster. Used for voiceovers and the recording of my trailer. IMovie-IMovie- Used to edit my trailer and pitch. Vimeo-Vimeo- Used to upload videos PowerPoint-PowerPoint- Used to present my work
  4. 4. Construction Wordpress-Wordpress- Used to upload all my work on my blog. Photoshop –Photoshop – Used to edit my posters/magazines Prezi-Prezi- Used to make my presentations Youtube-Youtube- Used for the research of songs and trailers Mac Computers-Mac Computers- Used for the whole production process.
  5. 5. Construction Wordpress-Wordpress- This was used to upload all my work. I found this website very useful because it allowed me to organise my work and also made my teachers and fellow students to have easier access when assessing my work. I also enjoyed having all my work on my own blog. It also made me have easier access for instance I can go on my blog on my phone and upload a post. Nikon camera-Nikon camera- This helped me produce quality products. After experiencing poor quality with the Panasonic camcorder as shown in my first draft of my trailer, I was very pleased to with the outcome of the Nikon camera. Imovie-Imovie- This software was very effective and helpful during the production process. Imovie has varies effective editing which contributed to the success of my trailer. For instance the slow motion technique which I used on the swing. This effect added terror. In addition the sound effects on this software helped me a lot. For instance in the first sequence of the trailer, i used sound effects on Tracy’s voice so it sounded like she was in an empty room alone, whereas Alice and Ryan who were acting as the police (voiceovers) had a sound effect that sounded slightly distance to emphasize that this was a phone call conversation. Photoshop-Photoshop- I was able to manipulate images in order to produce quality posters and magazines, through effective editing in which Photoshop provides. Mac Computers-Mac Computers- The Mac computer was very efficient and reliable. I stored all of my work on it. Furthermore it’s fast and easy and also allowed me to access all these excellent software which helped me hugely in the production process. Youtube-Youtube- I explored and analyzed different horror trailers as well as songs and sound affects that would be best fitted for my trailer. I discovered the song ‘The innocence’ by Deborah Kerr, on youtube. Vimeo-Vimeo- I uploaded all my videos on to vimeo. This is another example of new media technology which benefited me hugely in terms of audience feedback. I had got many views on my videos and comments which supported me.
  6. 6. Research & PlanningResearch & Planning
  7. 7. Research & PlanningResearch & Planning Wordpress allowed me to have access to other blogs. I looked at previous A2 coursework and observed what they did well and what could of included. This helped me to reflect on my work. For instance if there was areas I could improve. Survey Monkey helped me a lot in terms of gaining audience feedback and reaching my target audience. I had created a survey for each of my products. As well as using survey Monkey to gain audience feedback, I also used Twitter because it is a very popular social networking site therefore will reach a large amount of people. This website was used to research existing horror movies in order to understand the concept of typical conventions of a horror trailer. I watched the Bay trailer on IMDB and was inspired by the introduction of this trailer, this is where I adopted the emergency phone call conversation however changed it, to make it my own. I used Wikipedia for some of my institutional research and film trailers. I also used this site when researching Saul Bass. I used Google for my main search engine. This search engine was very fast and efficient. For Example; I searched to look at narrative theories and film trailers and came up with various useful websites. Youtube allowed me to search for songs that sound childish and scary at the same time. This is where I discovered ‘The innocence’ by Deborah Kerr and I also searched existing horror trailers to give me ideas. When researching my genre, I created a mood board which I did on Photoshop. This helped me to visualise the genre.
  8. 8. Evaluation stagesEvaluation stages
  9. 9. EvaluationEvaluation Imovie was used to answer the first question which was ‘In what way does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media’ Using this software allowed me to talk through my presentation when answering this question. This is another software which had been very useful when presenting my work. It makes my work look appealing and organised. This was used to upload my presentation on, which allowed me to gain more audience feedback. I received lots of views. This was used to present all my work including my evaluation. This software allowed me to be creative with my presentations. Also allowed me to engage with my audience I used Vimeo to upload my work which also allowed me to reach a large audience and gain feedback.
  10. 10. ConclusionConclusion  Overall, in terms of how useful new media technology was in the construction research and planning and evaluation stages it was very helpful and beneficial.  It allowed me to experiment all different types of technologies and also allowed me to engage with all different types of people.  I can now confidently say that I am very skillful when using new media.