Gulliver general presentation ver 1-2


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Strategic Business Model

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Gulliver general presentation ver 1-2

  1. 1. 815-1-1 Oose Yashio City, Saitama, JapanThe Global Alliance for your Business Expansion Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  2. 2. The Potential Market….. - WORLD’S 3rd LARGEST ECONOMY - ASIA’S 2nd LARGEST RETAIL MARKET - WORLD’S 3rd LARGEST RETAIL MARKET The JAPANESE YEN (¥) - one of the most quoted and STABLE CURRENCIES - third of the worlds reserve currencies The JAPANESE MARKET 2011 Annual Retail Market Volume ¥174 Trillion Yen = $2.2 Trillion Dollars with 127 Million Population and the most Sophisticated Consumers who appreciate high quality and excellent service Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  3. 3. The Potential Market….. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  4. 4. The Target Market… MARKET HIATUS Where To Buy - LUXURY BRAND STORES HIGH END Market - Internet StoresTREND CONSCIOUS Market TREND CONSCIOUS Market - Major Select Shops - Department Stores - Internet Stores BASIC TREND - CONSCIOUS Market - Daily Casual Specialty Stores VOLUME Market - Clothing Specialty Stores in Suburban Areas - GMS (General Merchandise Stores) - Internet Stores In measuring the 2009 retail market size, Japan accounts for more than 55% of the whole Asian market. According to JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization, 2009), Japan consumes nearly 40% of all luxury goods worldwide sold every year i.e., 90% of Japanese Females own one or more high-brand luxury handbag. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  5. 5. The Target Market….. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  6. 6. Reaching Your Potentials…… Rakuten Sets New Records in 2011 Fiscal Year 2011 was a record year for Rakuten, not just in becoming the third largest fashion and apparel vendor in the country, It surpassed ¥1 trillion in gross merchandise sales on its portal for the first time and now has over 40,000 merchants. As well as having almost 95 million products, they have more SKUs than supermarkets, departments stores, home centers and convenience stores combined, it has also massively expanded its operations outside Japan and is well on track to become an English-speaking, global online shopping portal. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  7. 7. Reaching Your Potentials…… Gulliver Online Shopping is part of the 40,000 EXCLUSIVE retailers for RAKUTEN Ichiba which is the biggest E-Mall in Japan. We boast of 75 Million members at Rakuten with Gullivers 2 Million access a month. With our 10 years of relevant experience, we invite you to share in our success Through this BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP. 2 Million 75 Million Members Monthly Member Access Conquering the E-Commerce Market in Japan and taking advantage of the long term YEN APPRECIATION is OUR COMMITMENT as your GLOBAL BUSINESS PARTNER. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  8. 8. Strong Market Approach…. We assist BUSINESS PARTNERS by showcasing products and services to our DUAL STORE WEBSITE and gaining a wider reach of the Japanese Market. We are one of the best team of marketers that maximize the use of local Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM) placing GULLIVER at the TOP PAGE for ANY of our Products in RAKUTEN ICHIBA. Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  9. 9. We are here to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!  We reinforce your BRANDS to reach its growth potential in the Japanese market.  We strategically diminish the initial costs of setting up operations in Japan.  We bridge the gap between any potential cultural element.  We take pride in crafting and shaping the brightest ideas into definitive value.  Our multi-lingual and multi-cultural team guides our strategic approach  to promote any of our foreign brand partners to the Japanese market. YOUR PRODUCT may be the NEXT Top Selling Popular Brand in Japan Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  10. 10. Expanding in JAPAN? Physical RETAIL STOREan OFFICE Japanese Skilled Manpower Language Barrier and TRUST TRANSPORTATION Cultural Difference a Warehouse Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  11. 11. Our Strategic Partnership begins… Website Adaptation and TRANSLATION for Dual Store Branding and TRANSLATION Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  12. 12. … a minimum investment with a whole lot of benefits Image & TO Photo Edit Website Website Translation Design Development to Japanese Product Customer Detail Pages Service Help Desk Center Inventory & Pricing Update Back Office Management Brand Spec Website Content Research Maintenance Update Banner / Button Design Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  13. 13. Our BUSINESS MODELJapanese Consumer Orders Online Japanese Customer Help Desk Support •Order Confirmation including stock availability, final order amount and shipment date •Delivery Tracking Monthly Payment Advice •Complaints/Returns and Bank Wire Transfer A SMILE for SATISFACTION Deliver GUARANTEED DIRECTLY to the Japanese Order Advice with Consumer delivery instructions and validation shall be coordinated to the Brand Owner Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.
  14. 14. 815-1-1 Oose Yashio City, Saitama, JapanGulliver Integrated Outsourcing, Inc.4th Floor Sky Plaza, 6788 Oledan Square, MakatiLandline : +63-2-8876525                             +63-2-8876383Skype Phone: +1-650-4339014E-Commerce Solutions - Our Core Competence Strong Affiliation with Rakuten Ichiba Partner for I.T. Services Practical Choice for Outsourced Solutions Your PRODUCTS with make the world SMILE.