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Ito yokado

  1. 1. Establishment : MASATOSHI ITO Founded : 1 March 1948 Head quartered in tOKYO, Japanone of the 15 largest in the world, in terms of sales.
  2. 2. One of Japans leading retailers, It operates about 175 superstores throughoutJapan.In addition to food (more than half of total sales), the stores apparel,household goods, and more.
  3. 3. Business name ITO-YOKADO &CO.,LTD.President NORIKAZU ITOHead office ICHINOMIYA CITY , JAPANDistribution centre KITANAGOYA, JAPANCapital ¥ 30MILLIONFounded MARCH 1948Nature of Business: Operation of superstores selling food , apparel and household products.Total sales: ¥1,487.4 billionNumber of employees: 44,299
  4. 4. MASATOSHI ITO founder and honorary chairman of ito YokadoChairman of Seven-Eleven Japan TOSHIFUMI SUZUKIPresident and COO: SAKAE ISAKA Chief Administrative Officer: NORITOSHI MURATA MaSatOSHi
  5. 5. 1958: Yokado Co., Ltd. is established, originally to operate departmentstores.1961: Yokado opens a new store, which is essentially a superstore—asupermarket also selling nonfood items.1965: Company name is changed to Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.; superstores arerenamed Ito-Yokado.1972: Ito Yokado goes public, with listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchangecompany, also expands into restaurants, with establishment of the Familchain.1973: Denny’s Japan is established to open Denny’s restaurants in Japanand Ito Yokado establishes Seven-Eleven Japan to open Seven Elevenconvenience stores throughout Japan.1975: York Mart supermarket chain is established.
  6. 6. 1978: Company launches MarY ann, a chain store specializingin fashionable in women’s clothing.1981: StepS , a chain of menswear stores, is established.1984: Company establishes the rObinSOn’S Japan departmentstore business and the OSHMan’S Japan sporting goodsbusiness.1991: Ito-Yokado acquires a 70 percent stake in SouthlandCorporation, owner of the 7-Eleven chain.1992: A scandal involved which leads to the resignation of Ito asPresident.1995: Shiba Park Publishing is formed as a magazine publisher. 1997: Company expands into China for the first time with theopening of a superstore in Sichuan.2001: IYBank begins its operations
  7. 7. 5399 Miscellaneous General Merchandise Store 5541 Gasoline Service Stations 5812 Eating Places 5411 Grocery Stores 5331 Variety Stores
  8. 8. • Retail stores•Financial Services•IT / Service
  9. 9. Yokado currently operates three formats i)Comprehensive Shopping Centers. ii)General Merchandizing Stores (GMSs). iii)Neighborhood Shopping Centers (NSCs).
  10. 10. COMpreHenSive SHOpping CenterSMall-styled stores featuring various retailing and amusementfacilities
  11. 11. Large-scale stores covering a full range of daily products,including food, apparel and household goods, to meetconsumer needs in highly populated urban areas
  12. 12. Food supermarkets and specialtystores to meet consumer needs insmaller commercial areas
  13. 13. STARTED IN 2001Offering wide range of varieties through online Ordered via PC / mobile phone Picking of ordered Pr o items on sales floor ce co ss e - e rc m in m e Items packed in back room Delivered to customer
  14. 14. Thank Ito Scholarship assistance to youngScholarship people who have "their ownFoundation learning" the willingness(Foundation)Http://Www.Ito-foundation.Or.Jp/ 
  15. 15. Installation of ice thermal storage systems andlight-adjusting facilities for reduced energy use inlarge stores Ice thermal storage system using nocturnal ice-making Accelerated installation of energy-efficient facilities to reduce CO2 emissions
  16. 16. EFFECTS OF AREA MARKET ONCENTRATION STRATEGY Greater familiarity with customersEfficient construction of production basesEffective sales promotionsEfficient construction of distribution structureImproved efficiency in guiding franchised storesPreventing entry by competitors
  17. 17. GLOBAL STRATEGYEstablishment of the supply structure required foroverseas expansion involving area licensees Promotion of Group wide joint procurement ofraw materials and productsSharing of information on global productionregionsDISTRIBUTION STRATEGY• Establishment of total optimization of distributionsystem• Systematizing the Group’s distribution section
  18. 18. DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Processing Centers and Perishables Distribution Centers Combined Delivery SystemGroup companies adopt a combined distribution system for greater efficiencyPerishables distribution center jointly operated by Ito-Yokado and York-Benimaru Ito-Yokado Perishables distribution centers 5 York-Benimaru Perishables distribution centers 10 Vegetables and fruits centers 4Seven-Eleven JapanMeat processing centers 6Seasonings packaging centers 8Vegetable processing centers 9
  19. 19. Ito follows different type of visual merchandising to attract customersThey will upgradev.m every week fornew look
  20. 20. Soft- drink display case Freezerinverter case
  21. 21. Group Card BusinessGroup companies have issued over 30million cards at presentMillennium 2.43 million CARDSCARD SAISON Member’s 1.58 million CardCLUB ON 2.41 millionCARD SAISONIto-Yokado 7.12 millionPoint CardSeven Card*1 3.11 million Nanaco 12.85 million
  22. 22. Multiple formats and solid market share in major metropolitan areas.Well known regional brandsDeveloped private label and loyalty marketing programsPricing imageVery strong organic growth (i.e., comparable and identical store sales)
  23. 23. consistent productivity and execution across divisionsWeak in own brand sales.Japan’s economy.Spending too much cost in transport.
  24. 24. Business expansion in North AmericaJoint ventures and acquisition for more expansion.Discount sales development.Improve sales performance.Reduce operating cost.
  25. 25. Fierce competition.Wal-Mart low prices is the biggest threat for YokadoNew player entering into the retail industry.Frequent changes in fashions