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Radiohms Agencies Ltd (RAL) is India's largest fast moving consumer goods company, with leadership in Portable Energy,Personal Grooming and Baby Care products .In Portable energy segment RAL leading in Battery,Torches,Dry Cell,Alkaline Cell,Pencil Cell,Big Cell,Medium Size Cell,Heavy Duty Cell,Battery Charger,Emergency light & Rechargeable light. RAL is also the market leader in Personal Grooming & Baby Care products segment - catering to diverse product range like Feeding Products,Sippers,Soother,Teether,Nipple,Bibs,Diapers,Toys,Spouts,Feeding Sets,BPA Free Products,Shaving Product,Shaving Razor,Shaving Brush,Shaving Cream,Shaving Foam,After Shave Lotion,Safety Razor,Disposable Razor & lot more.
With its extensive reach starting from small grocery shops to chain departmental stores,RAL caters to more than 10,00,000 Retail and Wholesale outlets across the country.

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Corporate Presentation of India's largest FMCG Company

  1. 1. At RAL… India’s largest Channel Distribution Company
  2. 2. Vision “To set new benchmarks in the FMCG industry, by offering world class products at affordable prices.”
  3. 3. Mission “To maximise synergy between reputed brands and market potential of the Indian sub-continent by offering the best product, distribution, support and overall value in all the segments that we represent.”
  4. 4. We promise… “TRUST OUR EXPERIENCE” 30 years of distribution in India and SAARC countries.
  5. 5. TRUST… of people in India for the past 3 decades. providing quality products at affordable prices. built brands like NIPPO, one of the market leaders in the Dry Cell markets in India. Market Share 32% Built brands like Nuby (Luv n Care) one of the market leaders in Infant feeding in India. Market Share 20% Built brands like Glide (ASR) one of the leading brands in shaving in modern trade in India. Market share 20% in modern trade.
  6. 6. OUR Strengths… Collaboration with International Brands - Matsushita (Japan), American Safety Razors(USA) and Luv’n’Care (USA). Reach - more than 10,00,000+ Retail Outlets covered through 3000 distributors across the country, covering the smallest village grocery shops to Mega Lifestyle Chains and Hyper Markets in Metros. Human Resources - a robust manpower of 625 field force. ERP - an online erp connecting all our 22 godowns with the head office to the distributor point to gather information for effective sales, inventory planning and execution.
  7. 7. EXPERIENCE… In building successful brands like Nippo, Nuby and Glide. Catering to diverse product categories like Portable Energy, Personal Grooming and Infant Care Products. Catering to diverse formats ranging from kirana outlets, pharmacies, modern trade, CSD and other institutional trade to exporting in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Srilanka. Innovation – No other company does this! Our own fleet of 250* Vans visit innermost part of the Rural India to sell our range of products. *Distrubutor owned vans are not included in this*
  8. 8. Business Verticals
  9. 9. Business Verticals Portable Energy Personal Grooming Infant Care
  10. 10. Nippo Batteries Nippo Batteries, today is a household name in India. First Indian dry battery company to have been certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 International Standards for Quality. Nippo batteries is a BSE listed company with an annual turnover of Rs.270 crores in 2008-09. Nippo is second largest dry battery player in India with 32% market share. It is a name that stands for quality, consistency, safety and value for money.
  11. 11. Glide Glide has established itself as a strong brand in the Personal Grooming product categories in a short span for 4 years. Today, Glide enjoys a 8% market share in the disposables. 20% market share in the organized retail sector of India.
  12. 12. Nuby With the focus clearly on bringing world class products to Indian customers, Nuby was brought to India by RAL. Nuby, World’s No. 1 infant care feeding and teething company with a presence in 155 countries. RAL has concerted efforts on developing this brand and today it has a presence among 3000 babyshop outlets across the country with a market share of 20%.
  13. 13. Purple Turtle With its in-house brand ‘PURPLE TURTLE’ designed to address infant care & baby feeding needs across the lower end price points across India. RAL has been able to provide a quality alternative, in infant care, especially in bottles nipples and wet wipes at very competitive prices to cater mass market in rural, semi urban India.
  14. 14. Business Partners
  15. 15. Business Partners Portable Energy Personal Grooming Infant Care
  16. 16. National Panasonic Matsushita Electric Works Matsushita and RAL are in collaboration for manufacturing and distribution of dry cell batteries and torches under the brand name “Nippo”. World’s largest electronic manufacturers, Matsushita has over 600 companies under it. The company manufactures and markets over 15,000 products under brands such as Panasonic and National. In fiscal 2007, Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. posted overseas sales of more than ¥234.3 billion, accounting for 14.1% of consolidated net sales. As of March 31, 2007, our overseas workforce totaled 17,888 employees.
  17. 17. American Safety Razor Company ASR (American Safety Razors) has been active for 134 years in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of personal care products. ASR deals in wet shaving razors, bladed hand tools, special industrial blades, medical scalpels, razors and blades with a turnover of $ 750 million dollars In India and SAARC countries, these are marketed by RAL under the brand name Glide. ASR is the second largest manufacturer of shaving products in the world and does private labelling for Walmart globally.
  18. 18. Luv n Care Luv n Care has been into manufacturing and distribution of products(under the brand name 'Nuby') of outstanding value and exceptional quality for almost four decades now. The company exports its products to 125 countries and generates 50% of its revenue from exports alone. The company prides itself for having a global monopoly in infant care products and boasts of an annual turnover of $250 million. Plus it has 18 patents to its credit.
  19. 19. Our Network
  20. 20. Extensive Reach Reaches 10,00,000 Retail and Wholesale outlets across the country. Reach ranges from small grocery shops to large format and multi-outlet chains. Extensive representation and warehouse facilities, in every state of India. Distribution to SAARC countries including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.
  21. 21. Overview of India Operations - North
  22. 22. Overview of India Operations - East
  23. 23. Overview of India Operations - West
  24. 24. Overview of India Operations - South
  25. 25. RAL Delivery Vans
  26. 26. RAL Mela Vans
  27. 27. RAL in Modern Retail Approx 50 Global and local retail formats present, out of which, 10 retail formats have national presence, rest are regional. RAL is registered in all Retail formats PAN India. Approx 2000 stores carry and display RAL range of products
  28. 28. Partnering Growth – Global Chains
  29. 29. Partnering Growth – India Chains
  30. 30. Eventful RAL
  31. 31. Eventful RAL Stockist Meet
  32. 32. Eventful RAL Exhibition – Photofair 2009
  33. 33. Eventful RAL Exhibition – Ganga Sagar Fair in West Bengal
  34. 34. Eventful RAL Exhibition – Glide at display
  35. 35. Eventful RAL Exhibition – Nuby at Display
  36. 36. Eventful RAL Display of Glide at Big Bazaar
  37. 37. Eventful RAL Display of Glide at a modern store
  38. 38. Eventful RAL Outdoor Promotion for Glide
  39. 39. RAL in Media
  40. 40. RAL in Media Nuby wins “Mother & Baby Award 2009”
  41. 41. RAL in Media Hon’ble Finance Minister of India giving away Award to Mr.R.P Khaitan, Our Chairman
  42. 42. RAL in Media Press Releases
  43. 43. RAL in Media Press Releases
  44. 44. RAL in Media Press Releases
  45. 45. India’s FMCG Scenario Forecast 2010
  46. 46. Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Abundant supply in metros. Distribution networks are being beefed up to penetrate the rural areas. Demand HLL expects the FMCG market to triple in market size by FY10, which highlights the potential. Huge investments in promoting brands, setting up distribution Barriers to Entry networks and intense competition, but the sector is not capital intensive. Bargaining Power Some of the companies are integrated backwards, which reduces of Suppliers the supplier's clout. Manufacturing is largely outsourced. In case of branded products, there is little that the consumer can Bargaining Power influence, but intense competition within the FMCG of Customers companies results in value for money deals for consumers (e.g. buy one, get one free concept). Competition is faced from both domestic, MNCs and also from Competition cheaper imports, which are increasingly visible in urban markets. Price wars are a common phenomenon.
  47. 47. Forecast 2010 Rural and semi-urban 128 million population thrice the urban Market size growth from 48k to 100k Crores (Growth of 50% at 10%CAGR) Increase penetration from the current less than 1% Problems in the rural sector Low per capita disposable incomes Large number of daily wage earners Acute dependence on vagaries of monsoon Seasonal consumption Poor infrastructure – roads and power supply Urban Market 16.5k to 35k Crores (Growth of 100% at 20%CAGR) Intense competition – severe pressure on margins – Focus on newer products, such as fruit juices Source: Assocham Report ‘Future Prospects of FMCG’
  48. 48. Thank You!